If the outside is easy, and I have spent numerous hours arguing that it is, and some do not even attempt to master the outside, I am very concerned about their inside.  “If we cannot cleanse that which we and others can see, then it will be even harder to cleanse that which no one else can see” (What is Holiness?, William F. Hill, pg 47). 

            I hope you have not misunderstood my intentions in this writing.  I believe the outside is the easy part.  I have not made much mention of the inside.  This could cause someone to think I have given precedence to the outside.  This is not so.  I agree with this statement taken from The Works of Jonathan Edwards, “However fair and pure an outside there may be, that may be very pleasing to men, yet if there be not purity of heart; the man is not at all the more acceptable to God.” 

            I have neglected to address the “inside” in this writing because the “outside” was my targeted topic.  However, I pray you have not neglected the “inside” in your pursuit of God.  I hope that as you have invested the time to read this booklet that you have not done so possessing religion only.  Though I have focused primarily on the externals, it is of utmost importance that you truly have a heart that is fixed upon the Savior. 

            Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?  Have you really repented of your sins?  Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He was the perfect sinless sacrifice for our sins?  Do you accept the fact that He arose from the grave and now sits on the right hand of God the Father making intercession for you and me right now?  If not, I pray that you would believe, repent, and accept Him now as your personal Savior. 

            Then, continue your pursuit of God by Bible reading, praying, fasting, and saturating yourself with conservative, anointed, Holiness preaching, teaching and reading.  As you do, keep these words of wisdom from William F. Hill in mind:  “Holiness without love will cause a person to become a very bitter individual.  Love, without holiness, will cause a person to be very giddy and shallow.  There must be the two of these, holiness and love, together” (What is Holiness? pg 103).

            In closing, I want to incorporate this final quote from Barnes’ Notes:  “The praise of God can be bestowed only on those who conform really, and not externally only, to His requirements.” 

            The “outside” is the easy part.