Note:  Several of the sources were found online or in digital form and therefore did not always give complete information such as page number or publisher.  I have attempted to supply as much information as I can.  I really did not expect this writing to reach this size, and therefore I was not as careful as I needed to be in making citations.  I would like to mention a few of the online/digital sources that contained within them many of the works cited:


1.  The Blue Letter Bible Online located at:

2.  Bill Burkett’s Website, Actsion, located at:

3.  The Master Christian Library on two CD’s:  AGES Software, Inc.,  P.O. Box 216, Rio, WI 53960

            Ph. 1-800-297-4307 (  Cost:  Around $60

4.  Bible Explorer on CD.  Can be found at: 

            I used the 30 day trial which can be found at:

            Cost of Deluxe Edition:  Around $350 



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