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by: Rick Johnson
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Is there anyone in the world who has not thrilled to the writings of the master of adventure, Edgar Rice Burroughs?
Burroughs turned to writings for one reason, he was a failure at every other job he attempted. US Cavalryman, railroad cop, whatever he tried, he failed. So in desperation he turned to writing. There is a story, I don�t know how true, of Burroughs in bed reading a books and exclaiming to his wife, �I can do better than this!� to which she replied, �So do it and let me sleep.�
Thus was born Under the Moons of Mars by Normal Bean in 1912.

Now you may notice that I mis-spelled his pen name but really, he called himself NormaL Bean to indicate that he was of sound mind. For ERB was afraid that once this first novel was read, he�d be locked away in a padded room.

He need not have worried for even today his works have been translated into hundreds of languages in every country in the world. Television series and movies have been made based on his works and people like myself find ourselves looking for more.
Thus was this site born.

I have been collecting ERB facts for decades and have notebooks filled with maps, vocabularies etc all to be used a reference books for I find a work to be more enjoyable if I can trace the hero�s journey on a map and understand a bit more of the world in which he strives. Obviously others feel the same as the internet is filled with sites detailing the maps of Barsoom, the anatomy of the Green Man, the evolution of Caspak and the physics of Pellucudar. In addition to this are the many gazeeters you can find on mythical places from Pern to Middle Earth to the Star Trek Universe.

All I am doing here is to collect the links and papers detailing the best writings on the worlds of ERB.
Be warned that I follow the philosophy that if these worlds did exist, then they must make some sense and so my personal opinions are included liberally throughout. Feel free to submit your own.

I must interject here that there are three main references to the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs and if you read no others, these are a must. These are:, and the writings of Den Valdron and a couple others listed herein. ERBzine is THE source for anything dealing with the Master, ERBlist is THE source for Fan-Fic and related articles and Den Valdron is one of the best analysists of the worlds described by the Master.

Me in Saudi Arabia
So draw your sword or camera and prepare to see the worlds of the Master through the eyes of other explorers.



FAN FICTION. Mostly my own writings concerning the ERB-Universe but with links to other sites. last updated: Whenever I get inspired.

Humans in Space by Rick Johnson. Article
Medieval Demographics by S. Ross. Article
Some notes on Anatomy by Rick Johnson. Article
ERB Fan Profile of Rick Johnson. My bio at


RICK JOHNSON'S BARSOOM ATLAS. I am a map-freak and draw maps of Barsoom. This is my own work based on Fan-Fic, other people's thoughts and input and the recent findings by NASA. Some of the BIG Name Burroughs scholars are beginning to reference this site.

RICK JOHNSON'S FICTION WEBSITE My own non-Burroughs writings Web Page where I have my writings. Some of these stories reference Burroughs, others do not.

RICK JOHNSON My personal Web Page, still in progress after my ex got the original closed down. She didn't mind doing the bad stuff, she just didn't want people to know what she did.

DESERT HENGE My page on Gardnerian Witchcraft and Desert Henge Coven.

TUCSON PAGAN PADDLERS My kayak E-List and message board.

BABES, BOOBS AND BROADSWORDS For people who like that sort of thing.

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by: Rick Johnson
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