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Notes from a theology lecture by noted Inman Abdul Ibn Mohammed at the Caer Cyprian Liberatory during a religious conference in the year 54 Dr.

Islam originated in Arabia on Terra about 1400 years ago depending on the Relativity Curve.
Note: time is a function of mass and velocity. With Ramships so large and traveling at the edge of light speed, time is warped. A ramship leaving Drakonis for Earth may arrive at any time from thousands of years in the past to hundreds of years in the future. Thus a shipload of colonists might be from any time in history. A survey of any population on Gaea will reveal people from a hundred nations and centuries. This makes it difficult to agree on what the current date on Earth is.

Originally, the Arabians followed a pagan religion centering around the Triple Moon Goddess, a Sun or Moon God called Al-Allah and containing numerous other gods, goddesses and nature spirits. Mohammad himself was born into such a religion. At the age of forty, Mohammad had a series of visions that prompted him to write The Koran, which decreed monotheism and submission and within three years he was preaching his new religion. He was eventually persecuted (some say for being intolorent of his previous religion) and driven from Mecca.
He later rose an army of fanatics and captured the city that drove him out. This resulted in a number of actions, the main ones being:

  1. The start date of Islam marking the conquest of Mecca
  2. Mohammad’s destruction of all illustrations of any god other than Allah.
  3. The change of the Kabba from a pagan shrine to an Islamic holy place.
Over the years Mohammad then persecuted any religion that disagreed with Islam though many of his followers felt that this was a personal view and not a requirement of the faith.

Eventually Mohammad died, leaving the religion in the hands of his son-in-law and Heir, Ali. Many of his followers refused to follow this and declared Abu Bakr as Heir instead, thus dividing Islam into the major Sunni and Shiite factions. It is also noteworthy that the existing versions of The Koran was not written by Mohammad but collected from various sources by his friend, Omar long after the death of Mohammad. It is this last and conveniently forgotten historical fact that has produced so many conflicting versions of The Koran.

Over the next centuries Islam conquered many nations and imposed Islam onto the conquered then simply stopped fighting and settled into more peaceful ways. (throughout the next few centuries fanatics would initiate violence but these were individuals and often condemned by Islam as a whole).

Early on, the Drakonian Ramships would visit Earth, collect colonists and spend the next year taking them across the galaxy, educating them into Drakonian ways. It should be noted that overly conservative or fanatical members of any religion were never taken, thus all Islamic, Christian, or members of any other religion who were taken were very liberal and willing to listen to Colonial views. This liberality of the chosen Colonists encouraged members to adopt the local Drakonian religion over their own or to merge the two into one.

By the year 20 Dr, it was clear that Islam as practiced on earth did not work on Gaea and so the next Prophet Ali Ahmed revised the faith into al-Islam or Circle-Islam.

Ali, a Gaean-Human, grew up in a Shiite household and saw that Islam would die out without drastic changes. He then went into the desert and prayed for 40 days (most agree 3 days though some cynics insist that he went on a drunkin binge) until he had a vision of the Triple Moon Goddesses: Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat who told him a number of things that included:

  1. Mohammad was not the ‘last’ prophet, but simply the ‘latest’ prophet. There were prophets before and would be prophets after as the universe and life changed. Change was the will of Allah.
  2. That Mohammed and the Koran was biased towards Mohammad’s personal desires, irrelevant of the words of the Gods. All prophets, including Jesus, Abraham and Ali Ahmed himesef suffered this same delusion.
  3. That the Koran was written by men who lived in an ancient life on another world and thus it applied only to that time and place and so was no longer, if ever relevant to later centuries or other nations.
They then encouraged him to gather together intelligent holy people and adapt Islam into something that would give spiritual comfort to people and help them to be better people. They also reminded him that the Koran was not written by Mohammad but collected from various sources by Omar into seven (some say 14) separate versions on Terra alone and so is of questionable authenticity, so never to insist that any ‘holy book’ is involate.

Ali then traveled for three years (some say he searched the Liberatory records then visited those he thought were holy, others said he visited only those who agreed with him) collecting “The Twelve” which then met and modified Islam to current conditions. (some argue the validity of this as Ali chose historians and sociologists in addition to holy men). The major arguments against al-Islam are two: 1) It rejects the Koran and Traditional Islamic beliefs and customs and 2) it is accused of being a logical creation and not a divine revelation.

Although some Moslems argue the validity of his visions, most accept the freedom of individuals to follow this form and the creation and advancement of this sect occurred without violence.

Currently, most Earth-Humans follow either liberal views of Sunni or Shiite Islam but almost every Weir Moslem follows al-Islam. Gaean-Humans tend to be Shiite or Sunni IF their parents are conservative but al-Islam if their parents are liberal. To date, the only Sunni or Shiite Moslems on Gaea are those who followed this while on Earth. Islam, like Christianity, Judiasm and Buddhism are dying out on Drakonis due to their irrelevance to Drakonian life and the vitality of the local Pagan faith.


Al-Islam worships the triple Moon Goddess; Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat and their Consort the Sun God Al-Ullah (Allah) who, like the prophet Moses, is often shown as horned.
Originally, Islam recognized only Allah as a god with the Triple Goddesses being his daughters (the various versions of the Koran are confusing and conflicting as to these relations). Ali recognized that These were actually his consorts and al-Islam is polytheistic with members praying to the Triple Moon Goddesses and the Sun/Horned God. The Gods and Goddesses Themselves are mostly silent on this subject, admitting only that They all exist.

The dietary restrictions of the Koran are now followed during holy times only. This is mainly because the foods on each Drakonian world are different from those on Earth, even imported pigs changing to new conditions and so are no longer unclean. Lamb is encouraged after Ramadan and alcohol is allowed though drunkiness is condemned.

The Five Pillars of Islam
Originally these were a series of requirements for all Moslems to follow, they have been modified due to Drakonian influence.

  1. *The first pillar is the recitation (preferably in Arabic) of the creed, or shahada: "There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet."
    With the acceptance of the existence of other gods and goddesses, this was first amended to: “I pray to no god but Allah, and Mohammed and Ali are his prophets” which is retained by the Sunni Moslems. This was then dropped completely by al-Islam which recognizes the validity of other faiths who now give individual prayers from the heart and soul.
  2. *The second pillar of Islam, salat, is daily ritual prayer. This is mandatory only five times per day (at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and nighttime). Prayer requires a person to face Mecca and the Ka‘aba.
    Al-Islam modified this to three times a day though some continue to pray five times.
    With Mecca some 10,000 light years away and with the turning of Gaea and Terra upon their axis, it is simply impossible to know the location or direction of Mecca, thus the morning prayer is to the rising sun, the evening prayer is to the setting sun and the mid-day or nighttime prayer (whichever the follower does) is to the north or to the Sun or Moon, whichever is in sight or chosen by the individual. Others choose their favorite Holy Place and pray in that direction or to the family Shrine.
    In addition, though most kneel to pray, the touching of the head to the earth is no longer expected as the prayer faces the direction of prayer.
  3. *The third pillar of Islam is zakat, the giving of a fixed percentage of one's property to the poor and the homeless.
    With the total absence of poverty in Drakonis, this has been changed to donations to holy places of any religion. Al-Islam preaches that a Holy Place is still Holy regardless of the god it is dedicated to.
  4. *The fourth pillar is the fasting required during the lunar month of Ramadan, which can occur at any season of the year because the Islamic Lunar Calendar is out of sequence with the Solar year.
    As there is no agreement as to when Ramadan occurs because of the unknowability of the dates between Earth and Gaea. Shiite and Sunni celebrate this at different times, the Sunni date is two months earlier than the Shiite, both moving with the Gaean Lunar Calendar. Al-Islam celebrates this for the three or seven days before the Spring Equinox, ending in a feast that usually includes lamb.
  5. *The fifth and final pillar of Islam is the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca
    Considering the impossible expense of travel to Earth, this has been changed to a pilgrimage to any holy place followed by a week of volunteer work at that holy place.

    Family has always been the center of Islamic life and this is retained though equality between the sexes in all matters is normal in al-Islam and the state of a woman’s virginity is considered to be irrelevant. Polygyny and polyandry are accepted as well though all spouses must agree to any new spouse.
    All men and women are expected to dress ‘modestly’ as stated in The Koran, but ‘modesty’ is accepted as specific to the location and conditions. What is modest at a party may be immodest at work.

    Holy Places
    Al-Islam recognizes the sacredness of many holy places and so members often visit and pray in any temple or shrines that appeal to them regardless of the faith to which that place has been dedicated.
    On Drakonis, the custom of placing a Japanese Tori Gate before temples and holy places of any religion is almost universal though this Gate will often carry some symbol to show to which god or religion the place has been dedicated.

    Islam forbids the illustration of any living being, believing that this takes creation from Allah.
    Al-Islam insists that as humans create life from themselves, this was another of Mohammed’s personal views. Al-Islam is free to indulge themselves in art of various forms. The symbol of al-Islam being a crescent moon and pentagram.

    All public meetings or temples of any religion other than the official state religion is forbidden on Drakonis. Therefore there are no mosques or churches. Attempts at converting others and missionaries of any religion are punished by law. Therefore any group meeting must happen on private property and in private.
    The law does not arrest or persecute other religions, it simply banishes those who do so to Earth.

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