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by: Rick Johnson
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These are the characters and places in my writings. The reference code is as follows:
A1 = Adaption. Part I
A2 = Adaption. Part II
A3 = Adaption. Part III
A4 = Adaption. Part IIII
A5 = Adaption. Part V
A6 = Adaption. Part VI
C1 = Collections, Part I
C2 = Collections, Part II
C3 = Collections, Part III
Cv = Conversion
DAP = Diary of Ayiesha Panaut
DHW = Drying Out in a Humid World
DHW2 = Drying Out in a Humid World, part 2
ERB = Any of the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs
H = Homecoming
JAD = Journey Among the Don
JoG = Journal of the Grace
JT = A Journey in Time
MOB = A Maiden on Barsoom
Rt = Retrieval
S1 = The Spy, part 1
S2 = The Spy, Part 2
S3 = The Spy, Part 3
T = Tokaido
V = The Valley
Vi = The Visitor
WoC =Weir-Lu of Caspak

A-Ad-Ro – A Ho-Don from As-Lur in the 22nd Century. She is Yo-Bal-Lee’s mother. (DHW)

A-Lur – A city in Pal-ul-Don and capital of the Ho-Don. (Tarzan the Terrible by ERB, JAD, DHW)

Abara – A Lanai on Ayiesha’s fire team. She helped Ayiesha and defended her against an arrogant Mon. (DAP)

Abraham – A Jewish Merchant in Ploiesti, Wallachia and Ruth’s father. (A4)

Aden-Ho-Jato – A Ho-Don from As-Lur in the 22nd Century. She is Yo-Bal-Lee’s sister. (DHW)

Airaig – Fermented Mares milk drunk by Mongols and Sarmatians.

Aktau – A town on the Caspian Sea north of Georgia. It borders the amazon territory. (Cv, A1)

Ali – Ayiesha’s maternal grandfather. He is a Bedouin Arab from Saudi Arabia and probably a thief and slave trader who was driven into the Rub al Kali to die when Colonial found him. (JAD)

Ali – Ayiesha’s Gaean-Human maternal uncle. (JAD)

Alpha’s – An alien race that resemble the ‘grays’ from the movie Communion or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. They were originally abducted from Earth about 150,000 to 200,000 years ago but are suffering from the limited gene pool of the original abductees. Thus they wander the galaxy seeking other human races with which they attempt inter-breeding experiments to save their race. They abducted some farmers from Gaea and when captured, they refused to change and so were piked. Their homeworld sent a fleet to Drakonis which was destroyed in the Alpha War which also decimated their homeworld in revenge.

Amazons – Originally a Greek people, they killed their husbands for some forgotten reason then fled to the Aegean Sea to escape punishment. After being discovered, they fled to northern Turkey then when the Ottoman Empire expanded, they fled to the Caspian north of Georgia where they adopted the Russian language. They are often confused with the Sarmatians. (Cv, Rt, A1)

Amber Hope - A 200 year old D-Class Freighter. Owned by a Mon captain when George Wagner crewed aboard, he sold it to George after the 3rd Shitai War. (H)

Amman- A city in Jordan named after the Egyptian God Amon who was the protector of the Pharoahs.

An-At - Gund of the Kor-ul-Sad. He is very conservative and drove In-Un out after an unsucessful Gund-Bar. (JAD)

An-Tan – A Waz-Don and co-Gund of Bu-Lur in the 22nd century. (DHW)

Anaba 224 – A Lanai Group Captain who enlisted Ayiesha Penaut into Star Fleet. (DAP)

Andrei- The first Bulgarian attacked by the werewolf. His leg was bitten but he drove the attacker off with his walking stick. (A6)

Andromeda 1 - The first Lanai. She was created by the Baron as a companion and bed-mate when he discovered that Mon and human can’t have sex because of size differences. She retains her blonde hair and human features and is currently a Field-Marshall for the Barony. (DAP)

Anton – A hunter Janice Obrien meets in 15th century Bulgaria. (A6)

Ardane- A small city in the Toonolian Marshes on Barsoom. It is a subject to the Toonol Empire. (S1, S2, S3)

Aria – A Lanai and member of Ayiesha’s fire team. (DAP)

As-Tan - A Waz-Don from Kor-ul-Lul. He has 3 brothers and 4 sisters (Vi)
A Waz-Don from Pal-ul-Don who is pilot on Amber Hope. (H)

Ashyeria- The Lanai who rescued 180 Jews from the Nazi’s during WWII. (C1)

Aton- a Ga-Lu injured by the Smilodon and saved by Myra and Obrien. (WoC)

Atria 55 – One of the Lanai who died in the Morgor Invasion. (DAP)

Ayiesha – Ayiesha’s maternal grandmother. She was a slave of Arab-African descent on Earth when Colonial found her. (DAP, MOB)

Ayiesha Maria Ruth Mahmoud Villmer Penaut - A young Weir Girl born on Gaea of Arab and French and German parents. She is a farm girl living near Caer Bridget in Talic Sector and is of the Peasant Class who became dissatisfied with farm life and enlisted in Star Fleet at age 18 to become a Warrior. She was born a couple weeks before Yule and has dark skin and blue hair. (MOB, DAP/WOC)

Barbara Chin - A Weir Historian. She is 17. (JAD, C1)

Barney & Mabel - A British couple who sail the Lifesong. (WoC)

Barney Holtzman - A Weir Professor and Historian. He is married to Hillory and has three children. He is 35. (JAD, C1)

Baron, the – The Supreme Military Leader of the Barony of Drakonis. He has no legal or political power so can choose to war or avoid war as he wishes. His only task is to ensure the safety of the Barony but he is unable to invade another nation unless that nation has invaded Drakonis first, then he may only retaliate. The current Baron was, among other things: an IRA terrorist on Earth, a veteran of the Vietnam war, a pirate, pirate hunter, mercenary and treasure hunter.

Barsoom – A mid-sized dying planet which is inhabited by a number of native races. See any of the Mars novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs for more details.

Batoria, Princess Erzsebat of Acejthe - Daughter of Prince Steven Bathory of Hungary who helped replace Vlad Dracula on the throne of Wallachia in 1546. She has raven-black hair, milk-white skin and amber eyes. She was taught lesbianism and the arts of torture by her aunt Klara and magick by her servant Thorko. She prefers young beautiful girls with large breasts and is obsessed with youth and beauty. (A5)

Bayezit II – The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in the late 15th Century.

Beamer - A tube-weapon that fires a beam of intense EM-energy that cuts through anything.

Belle View = The first ketch owned by Vance and Grace Edwards. (JoG)

Belle II = A 450 Hunter with US registry owned by Vance and Grace Edwards. (JoG)

Ben-Den – A Ho-Don and Gund of As-Lur in the 22n’d century. (DHW)

Ben-Sar – A Ho-Don from As-Lur in the 22nd century. He is Yo-Bal-Lee’s brother. (DHW, DHW2)

Ben-Un – A Ho-Don from As-Lur in the 22nd Century. He is Yo-Bal-Lee’s father. (DHW)

Birkita 74 – A Lanai who trained Ayiesha Penaut when she joined Star Fleet. (DAP)

Blaster – A laser weapon that comes in many sizes but is less powerful than a beamer but easier to repair in the field.

Bogdana- The Seventh attack by the werewolf in Bulgaria. She was raped, killed and partially eaten. (A6)

Brian Hewett- A Witch from Los Angles who discovered the Stargate to Barsoom that was used by John Carter. (Princess of Mars by ERB, JT)

Bruno – Janice Obrien’s ivory phallus that she bought in Japan in the 15th century. (Rt)

Bu-Lur – A city in Pal-ul-Don inhabited by both Ho-Don and Waz-Don. (Tarzan the Terrible by ERB, JAD, DHW)

Bucharesti – One of the largest Cities in Wallachia. Later to become the capital of Romania.

Caer - The Spanglic word for City

Caer Bridget - A city in Talic Sector. It has about 500 people with another thousand supporting farmers and herders.

Caer Cyprian - The Capital of the Barony of Drakonis. It is on the coast in Erie Sector and has a population of about 5000 people, half of whom are usually tourists and off-world business people.

Caer Hel – A small city of 500 people in Nordic Sector. George and Michael are from there. (H)

Carol- A Wiccan HPS from California. She has a reputation for not being too selective in her Initiates and is Jean’s current Priestess. She is 50ish (WoC)

Carol – Jason Obrien’s friend in the 20th century. She supported him during his divorce from Jean. (Rt)

Caroline Macgregor - A young Gaean-Human and best friend and ‘adopted sister’ of Ayiesha Penaut. She is of the Merchant Class and lives in the city of Caer Bridget in Talic Sector on Gaea. (DAP)

Case Coopersmith - A Mon and Load-Master aboard Amber Hope. (H)

Cassaeopea 2 – The second Lanai created by the Baron as a companion. She retains her red hair and human features and is currently a Field-Marshall for the Barony. (DAP)

Ceti 23 – One of the Lanai who died in the Morgor Invasion. (DAP)

Cho Fat - An Earth-Human from China, he became a famous explorer in and around Drakonis. His journals are read in schools all over the Barony. (DAP)

Chrysiese- A S’tyr who served aboard a Demon ship as a telepathic translator. (S1)

Class IV Freighter – A large star ship that can carry massive amounts of cargo and personal. Though of moderate cost, they are very popular because of their dependability.

Class-M planet – Any Stony planet that can support human life. They generally orbit G-Type stars.

Cloak – A device that renders the wearer effectively invisible to sight, radar, infra-red and other forms of detection. They can be small enough for personal use or large enough to hide a planet.

Colonial Service – Originally an arm of Star Fleet dedicated to colonizing Drakonis, it was taken over by the Devil because of it’s lack of military use. Colonial sends a Ram-Jet Star Ship to visit Earth and earth-colonies, depending on the relativity curve, and once there, scans the planet for suitable people. These are then offered a chance to leave Earth and make a new life on Drakonis. Those who agree are brought aboard the Ram-Jet and taught the language, customs, history, religion and everything else they will need to know to survive. Those who are rejected or change their mind are placed into cold-sleep and returned to earth. Colonial has no fear of discovery by Earth’s people as any failed colonist who tells about their experiences are usually considered insane and are committed or drugged by their own government.

Combine – Jason Obrien’s katana, Diane and Fiona named it in a gladiatorial arena in Ankara because he cut through a Turkish army like a farmers combine through wheat to rescue Diane and Fiona

Commonwealth - A loose association of twelve human-descended nations and empires who have formed a league for mutual defense, trade and communication. Drakonis, S’tyr and a few other nations are not members but Drakonis still defends the Commonwealth borders from invasion.

D-class Freighter- A slow egg-shaped starship that follows the same design as the original from 800 years ago. They are inexpensive and dependable and so very popular with low income companies.

Daniil Mihia – see Mihia, Daniil.

Darseen – A large chamelion like reptile on Barsoom. (The Mars novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs).

Darthis – a Thoat dealer on the Street of the Red Moon in Dusar on Barsoom. (MOB)

David- Diane Winter’s date and possible boy friend in Los Angeles in the 21st Century. (DHW)

Dazhbog – The Russian Sun-God. (A1)

Demon – An ancient reptilian race with six limbs and warm blood. They achieved intelligence 50,000,000 years ago but technological innovation was hampered by their pacifism, vegetarian diet and socialistic society. To the Demon, only the Swarm matters and anything else, including the lives and freedoms of individuals of any race are secondary. During the Kris Wars, the Demons were forced to engineer themselves into aggressive, carnivorous fighting versions to survive. Although they dislike space travel, they see its value and force themselves into that role. However, whenever they can, they will hire or abduct aliens and engineer these to work their starships for them.

Desiree Whitewater – See Whitewater, Desiree

Devil at Drakonis – The political leader of the Barony. They are elected for life by popular vote and can be either impeached, recalled or assassinated as the people wish. The Devil has no legal or military authority but almost unlimited political power in the relations with other nations, sectors or races.

Diane Winters - Blonde writer from Chicago. She became an adventurer after her husband, Paul, was killed in Viet-Nam in 1972. She has an IQ of 115, is a Black Belt inAikido, a Brown Belt in Judo and was considered for the Olympics for the Archery and Fencing teams. She is Fiona O’Neill’s best friend and former lover to Jason Obrien.(DHW, Rt, T, DHW)

Dimitri Kostanopolis – See Kostanopolis, Dimitri.

Dragon – A large intelligent reptilian that originated on Earth. They immigrated to Drakonis and took over isolated areas where they generally ignore human and Weir. Occasionally, someone will try to hunt a Dragon for sport and when the dragon eats them, it is considered a good thing someone that stupid was eliminated from the gene pool. Dragons come in many sizes and shapes from sea to land to air and sometimes they are subject to hoarding fever or go on an eating binge before they sleep for decades. Most Draconians prefer to ignore the existence of the dragons which makes everyone happier.

Dragomir and Ana- The Fifth and Sixth attack by the Bulgarian werewolf. It killed them and ate their unborn child. (A6)

Dragonets – A small flying warm-blooded reptile native to Gaea. They are playful and prefer to eat lebellallies. A group of dragonets is called a fair.

Drakonis, Barony of – A large area formerly of Kos, which was given negotiated independence at the request of the Baron. Originally only a dozen star systems, after the Second Shitai War, it was allowed to expand to cover another three dozen systems solely to provide a buffer between the Shitai and the Commonwealth. Because it is under-populated, it encourages immigration from Earth.

Drop Ship - A small fast combat ship that can easily travel from ground to orbit or the reverse and provide air support. It normally can transport 3 fire teams and a strider and is very well armed and armoured.

Earth-Human - A human who was born on Earth but came to Drakonis as a Colonist or immigrant. Most Earth-Humans birth Gaean-Human children. About 1/3 of the population of Drakonis are Earth-Humans. Earth-Humans spend a year aboard a Ram-jet starship learning Drakonian language, customs, religion and when they arrive, are mixed with the local population to prevent enclaves such as ‘china town’ and so become Drakonian by necessity.

Edwards, Grace and Vance – Owners of the Grace II and early tourists to Gaea. (JoG)

El-Bal-Ro - The name used by Barbara Chin as she traveled across Pal-ul-Don. It refers to her yellowish skin tone. (JAD)

Elena – A pastry cook and lover to Janice Obrien in 15th century Bucharesti. (A5)

Eric Penaut – Ayiesha’s eldest Weir brother. He will inherit the farm from his parents. (MOB, DAP)

Erzsebet Batoria of Scejthe – See Batoria, Erzsebet.

Evil Pocks – Syphillis.

Exterality - Sexual relations with a sentient species with little or no DNA in common. This could be human-Barsomian or maybe human-Don.

Falanx – A Gaean preditor that resembles a greyhound. They hunt in packs but can be tamed if captured young enough.

Fermented Mares Milk – A popular drink among nomadic peoples. The Russians call it Kumys, the Mongols and Sarmatians call it Airag, in Krygyzstan they call it Koumiss.

Fiona O’Neill- Singer, Dancer and Actress from Chicago. She became an adventurer to protect her best friend Diane Winters. She has an IQ if 112, a Black Belt in Aikaido, a Brown Belt in Judo, awards for horsewomanship and was ocnsidered for the olympics for the Archery and Fencing teams. She is divorced with two children. (DHW, Rt, T, DoHW)

First Speaker – On Drakonis, every ten adults choose one of their own to represent them and to arbitrate disputes. Each ten of these choose one to represent the next level until the top level representatives for the Sector are chosen. The public then votes on one of these to be First Speaker for the legislative council. This system continues to the top of the Barony.

Flavian – A medium class cruiser of the Drakonian Star Fleet. They carry shuttle, drop ships, snub fighters and are capable of destroying most planets. Ayiesha is assigned to the Flavian.

Flitter-fly – A bird similar to a hummingbird but carnivorous. They prefer to eat flies and mosquitoes but will sometimes decimate a bee-hive.

Florina- Red woman slave girl. Originally from Amhor but captured by Toonolian slavers. (S1, S2, S3)

Fransua Penaut – Ayiesha’s Weir brother. He is older by her by two years. (DAP)

Fred – Another companion to Brian to Barsoom in the early 1970s. (JT)

Frenmch Disease – Syphillis.

Fuck you - On Drakonis, an invitation. Refers to unemotional physical sex as compared to love-making which is emotional sex with someone that you care for.

G-Type star - Any medium mass star that exists on the main sequence of the H-R Diagram. Sol is a G-type star.

Gaea – A Class-M planet orbiting the binary-star Lucifer about 10,000 light years from Earth. It was colonized about 60 years ago and became independent from Kos a few years after first colonization. At any time, about 1/3 of the total population is composed of Earth-Human immigrants, 1/3 of Gaean-Human and 1/3 Weir.

Gaean-Human - A Human who was born in Drakonis. All Gaean-Humans will birth Weir children. About 1/3 of the population of Drakonis is Gaean-Human.

Gan Kanar – Jed of Ardane and subject of Toonol. (S1, S2)

Gavril & Marta- The Fourth attack by the werewolf in Bulgaria. It killed them and ate their child. (A6)

George Wagner - An Earth-Human brought to Gaea. He lost his legs in Vietnam, fought in the Pirate War and 3rd Shitai War and owns Amber Hope, an old D-Class freighter. (H)

Geraldo – An Earth-Human from Mexico. His family was killed in an earthquake and he was taken as a child by Colonial to Gaea where he was adopted by a local family and became Ayiesha’s boyfriend. (DAP)

Gheeyat – A Phundahl soldier who fought a duel with Jason Obrien. (S2)

Gina – A Spanglic word for artificial vagina which is used by sexually frustrated men when there are no willing females.

Green Men – Large 15’ tall humanoids native to Barsoom. They are six-limbed nomads who wander the dead sea bottoms of Barsoom. (ERB)

Green Pirates – Large 15 foot humanoids with six limbs. It is obvious that they are descended from the Green Men described by Edgar Rice Burroughs in his Mars series. However, whomever abducted the Green Men from Barsoom gave them advanced technology and they quickly abandoned their swords and honour in favor of localized piracy and kidnapping for torture. (DAP)

Greystoke, Lord – John Clayton, an English Viscount was born on the west coast of Africa in the late 19th century after his parents had been marooned by mutineers. After the death of his parents, he was raised by the ape-like mangani until he reached adulthood, at which time he was rescued and returned to Europe. Unlike his movie-counterpart (which was loosely based on his life) Greystoke was a linguist, speaking dozens of languages fluently, a Colonel in the RAF, a spy for the French Secret Service, very wealthy and one of the greatest of all African explorers. (ERB)

Hansel & Gretel – Former Turkish Slaves, they were purchased by Janice Obrien on a whim, freed and hired to become her servants. (A3, A4, A5)

Hashishin – A devoutly religious man who believes that Sulieman (or any of a number of others) is chosen by Allah and so kills for him. (DHW)

Heinrich – Ayiesha’s paternal cousin by Ruth. He is the youngest of Ruth’s children and still nursing. (DAP)

Heinrich Schmidt – A Historian. He was born in Germany in the 1800s. (C3)

Hell – The first planet where the original human abductees were brought. It was the first world destroyed by the Kris during the Kris Wars.

Hewett, Brian – LA Witch who had been to Barsoom in the early 1970’s and was returning to that place. (JT)

Hillory Holtzman- Barney Holtzman’s human wife. (C1)

Ho-Don – A race of humans who live in Pal-ul-Don in Africa. They have white skin, are relatively hairless with a prehensile tail, ape-like feet and an extended thumb. (Tarzan the Terrible by ERB)

Ho-Sat - The name used by Barney Holtman as he traveled across Pal-ul-Don. He chose it as homage to Greystoke who first explored that land. It is Greystokes' Mangani name translated into Donian. (JAD)

Ho-Tan – A Ho-Don fisherman from As-Lur in the 22nd century. (DHW)

Hornhead- A large moose-like bovine that is occasionally hunted for food on Gaea.

Hüsamettin- A Turkish Caravan master who hires Jason Obrioen, Diane Winters, Fiona O’Nerill and Tears of the Moon. (T)

Iarillio – The Russian Horned God of sex and fertility. He is another form of Cernunnos. Janice Obrien accidently invoked Him while searching for a temple of golden phalli in Amazon lands and so was ‘relieved’ of her virginity by the God. (Cv, A1)

Ibn Ahmen- An Arab trader who lives in Kananga, Africa in the 22nd century. (DHW)

Ichi – A blind masseur in 15th century Japan. Tears of the Moon talked him into moving to Aktau so she would always have a massage. (Rt)

In-Un - A Waz-Don who traveled with Barney Holtzman and Barbara Chin in Pal-ul-Don. He sought to be Gund of Kor-ul-Sad. (JAD)

Irina- The Third attack by the werewolf in Bulgaria. She was raped and bit but survived. (A6)

Ja-Don- A Ho-Don who was Gund of Ja-Lur (during WWI) then helped defeat Ko-Tan and Lu-Don and thus became king of A-Lur. (Tarzan the Terrible by ERB, JAD, DHW)

Janice Obrien – An adventurer cursed by the Sarmation God/dess for profaning his/her temple in the 15th century. (Cv, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, Rt)

Janice of the Caravan – Daughter of Stars in the Sky and one of the raiders who gang-raped her and adopted daughter of Janice Obrien.(Cv, Rt)

Janissaries - Christian boys drafted into the armies of the Ottoman Turks who fight for the Ottoman Empire. Most conquered nations were required to give one son from every family to the Janissaries.

Jason Obrien- An adventurer from Ireland. His mother was Irish nobility, his father an American Cowboy. He became an adventurer by accident, was abducted by Demons and became Baron Drakonis. He was also changed by the Demons into a Weir. (DAP, JT, S, V, WoC)

Jean - Jason Obriens ex-wife. She cheated on him and became pregnant by her lover. She is 40ish and gave Jason their three children after their divorce. (WoC)

Josh – the married man who stole Jean from Richard Obrien then ruined her life. (WoC)

Jump Ship – Any star ship that warps space and thus appears to ‘jump’ from one place to another without traveling the intervening space. Jumping is but one of the many ways to travel between the stars.

Kananga – An Town on the south coast of the Congo Lake in 22nd Century Africa. (DHW)

Kanton – A Panthan who serves the Morgors. (S2)

Karalovo- A town in Bulgaria where a werewolf attacked and killed a number of people in the 15th century. (A6).

Kenneth- Barbara Chin’s human boyfriend. (C1)

Kentaurus – A star system and planet with little iron forcing the people to be Demon-engineered to copper-based green blood. Other than this and their olive skin, Kentaurans resemble their Celtic-human ancestors in size and form.

Kimama – An Earth-Human Commanche woman born in Texas c. 1850. Her tribe was deliberately given blankets infected with smallpox by the US Army as a part of America’s “Final Solution” to the Indian problem. Kimama and her brother were the only survivors and were rescued and brought to Gaea by the Colonial Service. She eventually became ‘de-facto’ leader of the movement to impeach the Second Devil at Drakonis and after his assassination, she was elected by popular vote to become the Third Devil at Drakonis. (DAP)

Kitty – A perky blonde woman who had an affair with both Jason Obrien and his wife, Jean. She is 30ish but looks younger. (WoC)

Klara – Aunt to Princess Erzsebet Barotia who taught her the joys of torture and lesbianism. (A5)

Ko-Lul – A Ho-Don fisherman from As-Lur in the 22nd century. (DHW)

Kol Fias – A merchant of Ptarth on Barsoom and father to Taria Kolos. He tried to kill Tor Tal and later Ayiesha Penaut. (MOB)

Kor-ul-Sad - the home of In-Un in Pal-ul-Don. It lies on the southern mountains on the stream that feeds into Jad-Ben-Lul. (JAD)

Kore- Jason Obriens wife in Ireland. The British police burned their house with Kore and their two children locked inside.

Kos – A large star empire on the edge of the Commonwealth. It once owned Drakonis but found it advantageous to grant Drakonis freedom so if anything stupid happened, Kos would be blameless.

Kostanopolis, Dimitri – A Greek Mercenary who partners with Abdul, a Turk in 15th century Georgia. (A1)

Kovyetshaya, Natalya – A dressmaker in Ordzonikdza, Georgia in the 15th Century. (A1)

Kura River – A river in Georgia that flows from east of Tbilisi westward into the Black Sea. (A1)

K’ut’aisi – The man Janice Obrien is hired to deliver a box to. (A1)

Kyra- An engineer Lanai stationed on SummerIsle. She has red hair and 2 of her sisters died in the Morgor (Atria) and Shitai (Naomi) wars. (JoG)

Larry- A man from Los Angeles who visited Barsoom with Brian Hewett. (JT)

Leballalley – A small rodent of Gaea. It is highly sexual and will attempt to mate with anything regardless of if it is alive or dead, has multiple large litters every year and is tolerated only because it eats animal manure. When attacked, they tend to cripple their nearest neighbor or young so that they can escape danger. Dragonets eat them and to call someone a leballalley is a grave insult.

Lacaille 258 – A Lanai who died fighting in the Morgor invasion. (DAP)

Lanai - A series of artificial people created by the Baron as super-soldiers. The first Lanai were created from a combination of Demon and Barsoomian technology as companions to the Baron and so were of female design, thus all later Lanai followed this pattern. Lanai are grown in bio-vats and are ‘born’ as adults and programmed with language and basic scientific and historical knowledge and a base personality but each quickly diverges into an individual. Lanai come in all colours from white to brown, red, green, yellow and blue. They can change their hair and skin colour at will and shift from human to Weir form. After three years, Lanai can apply for citizenship like every other adult human and Weir in the Barony and so have equal rights under law. Lanai may possibly live forever if not killed in battle. Lanai are given a name and a number which represents their vat sequence number, thus the first Lanai was #1, the second was #2 and so on. Lanai from the same vat group (12 to a group) are considered sisters. Occasionally a Lanai will contribute tissue samples and grow a ‘daughter’ though they do not raise these ‘daughters’. Lanai do not date or marry, rarely wear make-up or jewelry and cannot be pierced or tattoo’d because they heal too fast.

Larry – One of the original visitors to Barsoom with Brian in the early 1970’s. He is an astronomy student. (JT)

Leah – One of Jason Obrien’s few friends who supported him during his divorce from Jean. (Rt)

Leolil – A Lanai who died in the Third Shitai War. She wrote poetry. (DAP)

Leonivich, Michael – A Gaean human and immigration official on Gaea. He is married to Olga and has two Weir children: a son Vasily, and a daughter Kimberly. (JoG)

Liberatory - A Spanglic word for a combination of Library, news media and school. The Media is called the Fourth Pillar to the Triad Government of Drakonis but most people simply refer to them as the Watchdogs of the people. It is the task of the Media to give out information and to report on any activities of the Government to the people. It is considered useful for a reporter to be paranoid and to believe that the government is hiding something.

Lifesong – A British sailboat owned by Barney & Mabel. (JoG)

Liviu – An assistant to Anton in 15th century Bulgaria. (A6)

Lori - An Earth woman who served with Jason Obrien in the Air Force. (WoC)

Lucifer – A binary star about 10,000 light years from Earth. The companion star is Crom Calleach and orbits at the edge of the corona of Lucifer so is usually unseen from Gaea.

Lues – Syphillis.

Lul-Don – A Ho-Don and co-Gind of Bu-Lur in the 22n century. (DHW)

Malcolm Chong - A Gaean-Human, he is an actor who is best known for his role in Starship for Hire. (DAP)

Marcus Aurilius – A Roman Legionary, he was brought to Gaea by Colonial and enlisted in Star Fleet. He was a hero during the First Shitai War. (DAP)

Marica- A Gaean-human girl, She had an unwed pregnancy and left the city in disgrace. (C1)

Mary- George Wagner’s ex-girlfriend. She broke with him after the Viet Nam War. (H)

Marinescu, Petre – The man who first slept with Ruth. He was trampled to death by his own horse in 15th century Wallachia. (A4, A5)

Michael Wagner - A Gaean-Human and oldest son of George Wagner. He is the pilot of Amber Hope. (H)

Mihiia, Daniil – A self-proclaimed Adventurer who sought to seduce Janice Obrien and Ruth in Bucharesti. (A5)

Mohammad – Ayiesha’s Gaean-Human maternal uncle. He herds sheep and rundi’s and raises Arabian horses. (DAP, MOB)

Mon – Descended from the first humans abducted from Earth shortly after the Norman Conquest, these people were cured of disease and released into the Demon systems. They proliferated and separated with the christians separating themselves to form the Holy Empire of God in Jesus as a reaction to what they saw as god punishing them for allowing pagans to live or testing their faith. 500 years ago, the Holy Empire sent a dozen Battlestars to destroy a number of Demon and human worlds and thus started the Kris Wars that lasted 500 years. To combat the Kris, the Demons engineered the pagan humans into super soldiers called Mon. These were humans who were nine feet tall and had enhanced strength, intelligence and reflexes. The Mon currently occupy eleven of the twelve Nations of the Commonwealth, the Kentaurans occupying the twelfth.

Moorouk – A tree-dwelling animal that lives in the Toonol Marshes on Barsoom. It has six-legs and a prehensile tail. (S2)

Morgor – A Savator from Sassoom. They are arrogant and warlike. For more information refer to The Skeleton Men of Jupiter by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Morgor War – The invasion of Drakonis by a Morgor fleet of overwhelming numbers. It is believed that as Morgors use Ion drive in their ships and are thus restricted to sub-light speeds (about 350,000 miles/hr), they reached Drakonis via an unknown Stargate.

Mu-Lot – A Ho-Don from As-Lur in the 22nd century. He is Yo-Bal-Lee’s brother. (DHW, DHW2)

Murat the Great – The Ottoman Caliph of Silistrio in the 15th century. (A4)

Mycheya- a Lanai stationed on SummerIsle. (JoG)

Myra- A Lanai who assisted Obrien to rescue Ga-lu women on Oo-Oh. She is 5 yrs old but looks 17 (WoC)

Myrmadon - A Lanai who was trapped underground with Ayiesha on Sothis. She was wounded in the hip. Later she assists Obrien to rescue Ga-lu women form Oo-Oh. She is 20 but looks 25. (DAP/WoC)

Nanihi – A Lanai and leader of Ayiesha’s fire team. (DAP)

Natalya Kovyetskaya- see Kovyetskaya, Natalia.

Neomi – A Lanai who died in the Third Shitai War. She liked to sketch flowers. (DAP)

Obrien, Jason- Baron Drakonis, An Irish terrorist abducted by the Demons and engineered into the first Weir. He is almost 200 years old. (S1, S2, S3, WoC, DAP)

Olga – A hooker in Ordzonikdze, Georgia in the 15th century. (A1)

Om-Tan - Son of Pan-at-Lee and Om-At and Gund of Kor-ul-Ja. (JAD)

Ophir – An ancient city in central Africa. It once sold gold to Egypt and King Solomon but later fell into degeneracy as the local population intermarried with the mangani (?) thus creating a degenerate race which is contrasted by a marked sexual dimorphism where the men resemble early ‘ape-men’ but the women are beautiful and human.
It was discovered by the Waziri (one of the many Watusi tribes) in the early 20th century then shown to their adopted king, Greystoke who used the wealth of Ophir to recover much of his lost fortunes. Later it was discovered by Jason Obrien. (ERB, V, DHW)

Ordzonikdze – A city in Georgia near the northern opening to the Pankisi Pass that crosses the Cacausus Mountains. (A1)

Pal-ul-Don – The land of Man in Africa which is inhabited by Ho-Don and Waz-Don. (Tarzan the Terrible by ERB)

Pan-Lot - A Ho-Don and castrated High Priest of the outlawed religion of Pal-ul-Don. (JAD)

Pan-Sad-Bu – A Waz-Don from Bu-Lur in the 22nd century. She is Yo-Bal-Lee’s best friend. (DHW, DHW2)

Patti – a member of Carol’s coven. She is 40ish and heavy. (WoC)

Paul- Diane Winters’ dead husband. He was drafted and died in Vietnam in 1972. (T)

Pauline – A Weir who enlisted in Star Fleet and still is serving after ten years of service. (DAP)

Pele-Sad – A Ho-Don from Bu-Lur in the 22nd century. He is Yo-Bal-Lee’s husband. (DHW)

Petre Marinescu – see Marinescu, Petre

Phallus – A Spanglic word for dildo. These are used by both men and women who are tired of using their tails to relieve sexual tension. It should be noted that Weir tend to be bi-sexual and, by human terms, over-sexed and see nothing wrong with experimentation and casual sex.

Phillip Marlow – A historian. He is Gaean-Human. (C3)

Phylea- a Lanai medic on SummerIsle. She has Green hair. (JoG)

Pike, to – Every Drakonian city is built around a central plaza where festivals are held. These plazas also hold monuments to the various wars fought and pikes upon which are placed the heads of enemies killed in battle, criminals and government officials and police who have ‘betrayed the public trust’.

Pirate War – A series of battles fought by Star Fleet to end piracy in the Commonwealth. The last organized pirates were driven to the frontier of Drakonis where they were killed by Lanai and Demon forces on Paradys.

Ploiesti – A town in Wallachia near the Transylvanian Mountains. (A4)

Professor Duncan – An Earth-Human who worked for NASA when the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up. He was brought to Gaea by Colonial and became a teacher at Caer Bridget. (DAP)

Ptarth – A powerful city on Barsoom. (ERB/MOB)


Rabbuck – A large rodent-like animal used for riding. The Gaean version of the horse.

Ram-Jet, Ram-ship – An ancient design of star ship which is little more than a fusion reactor drive at the stern, a mile-long accelerator tube with a magnetic scoop at the bow. It has hydrogen tanks to start it moving then it sucks interstellar hydrogen to fuel the engines. Around the middle are living quarters. Ram-Jets are very slow often taking six months to accelerate to proper speeds and an equal time to decelerate. This makes them perfect as colony ships as this time is used to train the potential colonists in Gaean ways, customs, language etc.

Ramses – One of the three Ramjet starships used by Colonial to bring colonists from Earth the Gaea. (C3)

Ras Thavas – The mastermind of Mars. A brilliant surgeon who lives in a ‘castle’ near Toonol. (Mastermind of Mars by ERB, S3)

Ras Tho – A magistrate in Ptarth on Barsoom. (MOB)

Ravine – A cat-like animal of Gaea. It resembles a wildcat but can be tamed.

Red Men – The main race of Barsoom. Details can be found in the Mars books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Red Men are adapted to a desert world and are oviporous.

Rice Wine – A alcoholic drink made from rice. Chinese cal it Shaoxing Wine after the first city to produce it. Japanese call it Saki.

Rundi – A large bovine-like ruminant. They are 6’ at the rump and 9’ at the shoulder with massive horns. The cows produce a very rich milk in quantity that is used to supplement mother’s milk, especially when a human mother attempts to nurse a Weir baby. Normally aggressive in the wild, when raised from infancy, they tame easily and become very gentle. They have two valuable Winter furs, the long outer shag and the under wool. When combed in the Spring, the shag makes excellent rugs and the wool makes blankets and cold-weather clothing. Their only down aspects are that they dump massive amounts of manure at a time which makes excellent fertilizer but must be shoveled. And bulls which are normally passive become aggressive towards each other when around mature cows.

Rus – Swedish Vikings who settled in Russia. Many of these moved south to hire out to the Byzantine Empire as Verangian Mercenaries.

Ruth – Ayiesha’s Paternal Aunt, daughter of William Vilmer and mother of Heinrich. She is Gaean-Human and has four Weir children. (DAP)

Ruth – A beastmaster who Janice Obrien was hired to return to her family. (A4, A5)

Sad-ul-To - As-Tan’s desired girl-friend. (Vi)

Sarmatians – A nomadic race who wandered the steppes from Eastern Europe to Asia. The were so successful at raiding and warring on horseback that the Huns and Mongols and Turks copied their tactics. By the 10th century they were mostly absorbed by the Mongol Khanates. They were noted for giving their women almost total equality in war and culture thus giving rise to the legends that they were amazons. Sarmatian men, after a life on horseback, would find their prostate and testicles destroyed and the lack of testosterone would cause them to grow effeminate. At this point the Sarmatian castrati would put on a dress and marry a man who liked men or anal sex. (Cv)

Sasha – Ayiesha’s pet rundi. (DAP)

Sefarades – Spanish Jews who sought asylum and religious freedom in other nations from Ferdinand and Isabella. They moved to the Balkains and were welcomed by the Ottomans.

Shield - A device that deflects matter and energy, and is this used as a defense in war and to deflect meteors and stellar radiation. They can be small enough to protect a single person or large enough to protect a planet.

Shitai – A large alien race that is obsessed with conquest of the Commonwealth. They periodically invade Drakonis as a jump-point to the Commonwealth. They have a hive culture and mentality and are technically average so are easily beaten back.

Shitai Wars – Any of the three invasion attempts by the Shitai to conquer Drakonis.

Shukaria – A town in Abkhazia, Georgia near the coast of the Black Sea. (A1)

Shyhria- A Lanai Harbour Master for SummerIsle Kastlow (castle = military base) She is blonde and prefers Hawaiian-style clothes. (JoG)

The Sight- Psychic ability, precognition.

Silistria – A town on the Danube within the Ottoman Empire and bordering Wallachia (A3, A4)

Silk Road – a series of trade routes from China to Europe. Safe and effective sea travel caused them to be abandoned by 1500.

Sir Harold Thimes – See Thimes, Sir Harold.

Siria 174 – One of the Lanai who dies in the Morgor Invasion. (DAP)

Skree – A highly advanced race that are near the Commonwealth. Skree tend to lay their eggs on the back of any nearby animals or person that remains facing away long enough. Skree have a mentality that is very similar to Earth Human.

Sothis - A Class-M planet on the frontier that was the basis of the Third Shitai War.

Spanglic – The official language of the Commonwealth and Drakonis. It is descended from Norman-Saxon and heavily influenced by Demon.

Speaker – An elected representative of Drakonis. They are elected by popular vote and serve up to 3 three year terms. The speakers are responsible for passing laws, interpreting laws, revoking laws and arbitrating disputes.

Spica 144 – One of the Lanai who died in the Morgor Invasion. (DAP)

Star Fleet – The military forces formed b y the Baron to defend the Barony from invasion. In times of peace it assists the Speaker as search & rescue and the Devil as Colonial operatives.

StarGate – Any of the natural warps in space that allow one to travel across time and space. The Demons learned to harness the Stargates and many were planted at areas of popular use to reduce travel time.

Stars in the Sky - An Amazon captured by raiders. She was rescued by Janice Obrien and became her lover. She named her daughter Janice of the Caravan. (Cv, A1, Rt)

Stefan- The second attack in Bulgaria by the werewolf. He died later of his wounds. (A6)

Strider - A multi-legged military vehicle. It is heavily armed and armored and provides armor ground support for fire teams.

S’tyr – Originally the Fairy Folk of England (refer to the works of Gerald Gardner and Margaret Murray), 4-5’ tall, broad shoulders and hairy, they separated during the post-abduction Diaspora c. 1100c.e., and settled on S’tyr. The limited gene pool and new environment caused them to adapt and change. They have long toes, moth-like antennae, pointed ears and a tail similar to a horse. Their hair continues down their spine to connect their cranial hair with their tail. S’tyr possess a very strong ESP and are a protectorate of the Demons so long as they draft and assign one of their kind to every Demon starship as a translator. S’tyr never wear clothing and are built like young boys and girls. S’tyr society is matriarchal and polyandrous. The Demons took some of their anatomy and added it to human DNA when they created the Weir race. (S)

Suleiman – An Islamic warlord who built a fortress at Masyaf in Syria. He created the assassins who were religious fanatics who believed that Suleiman was the earthly representative of Allah in the 15th century. (DHW)

Syphillis – A sexually transmitted disease that was restricted to sheep until a shepherd (Jewish or Palistinean) performed beastiality with an infected yew. This form was fairly mild as compared to the American version brought to Europe by the sailors of Columbus. It was first called Lues or the Evil Pocks then The French Disease as Columbus’ sailors gave it to the prostitutes in Naples who then gave it to French Soldiers in that city. Most priests insisted that it was a scourge sent by god that should be treated by prayer. Doctors treated it with mercury which caused as much damage as the disease which it did not cure.

Tail - As a noun, the prehensile appendage that Weir use as a third hand. As a verb, a euphamism for masturbation.

Talic Sector – One of the warmer and rockier areas on Gaea. Similar to a state or province.

Taria Kolos – A woman of Ptarth on Barsoom and daughter of Kol Fias. She is the lover and wife of Tor Tal and ‘adopted sister’ of Ayiesha Penaut. (MOB)

Tbilisi – A town in Georgia near the sound opening to the Pankisi Pass. (A1)

Tears of the Moon – An amazon who traveled with Jason Obrien, Fiona O’Neill and Diane Winters in the 1480s. (DHW, Cv, Rt)

Ted Halor – Jed of a small city state that possesses an oasis on the dead sea on Barsoom. (MOB)

Teodore the Bright – Anton’s asistant in 15th Century Bulgaria. (A6)

Teoman- Trusted soldier of Husamettin. (T)

Terran - Any Human that lives on Earth or one of it’s Colonies.

Thoat – An eight-legged beast of Barsoom used as a riding animal similar to a horse. (The Mars novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs).

Thimes, Sir Harold. An Officer in Military Intelligence c. 2150. Jason Obrien’s boss who sent him to Barsoom. (S1)

Thorko – A Witch and servant to Klara and Erzsebet Batoria who taught both magick and necromancy. (A5)

Thorpe - A Warrior-Monk who is a paid passenger aboard Amber Hope. He is a bi-ped alien with a boar's head, short elephant trunk, three padded toes on each foot and three fingers. He is on a pilgrimage and spends most of his time practicing swordplay or in meditation. (H)

Tithian – A Warrior of Ptarth on Barsoom and a friend of Tor Tal. (MOB)

Tobruk Khan – The man who hired Janice Obrien to deliver a box to K’ut’aisi. (A1)

Tor Tal – A warrior of Ptarth on Barsoom. Once in the employ of Kol Fias, he was betrayed for his love for Taria Kolas. (MOB)

Tulan – a Warrior in the service of Ted Halor. He was defeated and captured by Ayiesha Penaut and later became her lover. (MOB)


Vasily Markovich – Ship-Captain of the Ramship Ramses. He was born in Yugoslavia.

Wallachia – The old name for Transylvania. It was ruled by Vlad Dracula in the 15th Century.

Wasp-eater – A small reptile with thick scales and a fused jaw. They live on wasp or bee larvae and eggs though if hungry enough , they will eat the adults also.

Waz-Don – A race of humans who live in Pal-ul-Don in Africa. They have black skin, straight black fur, a prehensile tail, ape-like feet and extended thumbs. (Tarzan the Terrible by ERB)

Weir – Descended from Earth humans, the Weir were engineered by Demons to provide workers for their star ships. These adaptions include: tarsial thumbs to grip with feet, a prehensile tail, the small finger converted to a second thumb, expanded hearing into higher and lower tones with pointed ears, ‘cat’s eyes’ for light control, expanded vision into IR & UV, extended lifespan, greater strength and reflexes, additional ‘hearts’ at important points, moth-like antennae to estann psi and many others.
These adaptions came with a price, Weir are born after four months almost helpless and unable to do much beside eat. As their nutritional demands are so high, female weir breasts are larger than human and contain an intensively nutritious fat which is attached to the milk glands. It takes years for enough of this fat to grow to feed a Weir baby and human mothers are unable to provide enough milk for a Weir baby. Weir begin puberty around 15-16 years then become sexually active shortly after. They are unable to bear or produce babies until the mature around 25 years.
Weir are born without maidenhead or foreskin and their enhanced bodies also include enhanced hormones thus condemning Weir to a physical need for regular sex and a passion for all that they do. Weir skin colour ranges from white to brown to black and their hair from blonde to red to brown to green to blue to black. Weir have hair only on their head and pubes and do not have any hair on chest, face, armpits or legs. See Weir Anatomy for details.

Whitewater, Desiree - a Senator from Montmeet, California, c. 2150. Her resume includes: model, PhD in Physics and computers with MS in math and astronomy. She was a Montmeet senator for many years and owns half of the remains of ‘silicon valley’. Her husband was killed by the Mormons of Hialulah as they expanded their empire south into Arizona and found her studying the Dutchman Stargate that connected Earth with Barsoom. She was a former lover of Jason Obrien who got him a job with British Intelligence. (S1)

William Wilmer – an Earth-Human German Jew. He fought in WW-I, earning the Iron Cross and was rescued by Colonial as he was being taken to a Concentration Camp by the Nazi’s. He is Ayiesha’s paternal Grandfather, her Clan Head and her Papay. (DAP)

Wing Fat - A Weir who is Engineer on Amber Hope. He is married to Wing Nguyen and has three children. (H)

Wing Kim - One of the Weir children of Wing Fat and Wing Nguyen. She is 12 years old. (H)

Wing Man - One of the Weir children of Wing Fat and Wing Nguyen. He is 7 years old. (H)

Wing Nguyen - A Weir who is Engineer on Amber Hope. She is married to Wing Fat and has three children. (H)

Xiangqi – Chinese Chess

Yamdor – A male servant to Ras Thavas. Possibly he has a woman’s brain. (Mastermind of Mars by ERB S3)

Yo-At - a Waz-Don who lives in Kor-ul-a. (JAD)

Yo-Bal-Lee – A Ho-Don from Bu-Lur in the 22nd Century. She is Pan-Sad-Bu’s best friend and married to Pele-Sad. (DHW, DHW2)

Yo-Ta-Lee - A Ho-Don and High Priestess of A-Lur. She started out as a witch in the back streets of A-Lur then became High Priestess because she was ruthless and possesses The Sight. (JAD)

Yu – A Chinese caravan master and friend of Janice Obrien with whom he fell hopelessly in love in the 15th century. (Cv)


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