by: Rick Johnson
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Tucson, Az.

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This story contains explicit sex, violence, politics, religion, nudity, blood, and everything you don’t want your children to read.
So if you are of faint heart or character or under the age of consent in the state or nation in which you live, turn the computer off and go outside to play in the sun!!!


I was swearing which I rarely do but this time I was pissed off and trying to relieve stress by screaming profanity. And when you speak a dozen languages, you learn a LOT of profanity! I was running through some of the expressions a second time, most of which had no relation to me or my condition, for example, go mbeadh cosa gloine fut agus go mbrise an ghloine! is common in my native Gaelic but it translates as ‘may you have glass legs and may the glass break’ which just doesn’t do it or Allah Yela'an! is stupid when you aren’t Mohammedan but are Pagan. Plus fuck my cunt! is, to my adoptive people, an invitation. So despite my efforts, I was still angry and didn’t even have the ability to break anything to release tension.

At least this time I was clothed and armed. Usually when this happens, I arrive naked or the Transfer happens when I am asleep or reading and so have nothing but my clothes and ID card. This time I had bought a new Tanto and wanted to see how it felt so had gone for a walk carrying my Katana, Wakazashi, Tanto and hip-pack (with survival kit and water bottles) and was wearing a shirt and old pants which I had cut into short shorts and a hat so I was mostly ready for trouble (read getting lost). My swords were not the antiques I normally carried but something modern made from the leaf spring of a truck. Still excellent steel though and well made and I wouldn’t cry if I damaged them as I would were my Masamune blade to be nicked.

Unfortunately, the Transfer changed me. That’s the problem with being a Shifter. The Demons who abducted me some centuries ago changed my DNA to be more active so they would have an easier time making physical changes to me (they found junk DNA from my ancestry which gave me many of my current physical attributes) and I’d heal faster without medical aid but hard physical stress (like getting shot or run over by a car or falling off a building) caused my DNA to get confused and you never know which form I’d take. Fortunately, I only had a few based on how I was born, what the Demons changed me into, what that werewolf infection did and what that Sarmatian God did to me when s/he cursed me in Russia so I never had to worry about waking up a fish or with three heads or such, just whether I could pee standing or sitting or see just visible or into the UV & IR or how much body hair I’d have. People are plastic but not that plastic.

So my feet and ass hurt, I was in a sparse woods and didn’t even know what planet or time this was. But the trees appeared to be Terran so I was on Earth or an Earth-Clone or a Terra-formed world which narrowed things a bit.

Well, may as well get on with it. I pulled my shoes and pants off and used my tanto to cut a seam in my pants for my tail. Then I took a needle from the survival kit and anchored the ends of the seams to keep the seam from continuing to rip. There’s a word for that, basting? No. Well, it’d come to me, probably at 3am when I was asleep. When I got dressed again, I saw my legs were hairless which was a fashion statement in Europe but I never liked hairy legs or armpits on women anyway. I did check and saw my pubic hair went all the way back so that was normal, though gay-girls seemed to like their female lovers shaved. Something about hair in teeth? My waist was narrower, probably 22 or 24 inches which would go well with my 34 inch hips though my full-D chest made me look a bit top-heavy by human standards since I had a 39-D chest on a 36-C body. I never did understand how bras were measured, my ribs were the same regardless of how large my boobs were so why did that 36" measurement change to 39"? Regardless, I had no bra so I unbuttoned my shirt, hiked it up and tied it high under my breasts to give some support. I didn’t need it being so firm teen-aged girls were jealous and I enjoyed the freedom but after running from that Sarmatian Khan naked and bouncing, I liked them confined when I moved.

My feet, however, were a loss. These hiking shoes weren’t made for feet that had been designed as second hands or, as humans mentioned in their derogatory manner, ‘monkey-tail, monkey-feet!’ So I was barefoot for awhile. Good thing I was that way most of the time and had a decent callous layer but would need more soon. I once dated a girl who was into feet and made me spend half a day getting a pedicure. Now THAT was a waste of a good day and the pedicurist kept talking the entire time so I couldn’t even read, though my girlfriend kept getting more and more excited watching her play with my tootsies. I don’t mind working for sex but not that hard so we broke up.

I swore a bit more, still no relief, then wandered off in a random direction as, lacking any signs right now, any was as good as another, and singing Waltzing Matilda, the older Queensland version of course, as I went. Being bored I set my katana on my head and practiced walking with my back straight and feet in front of each other as if I were walking a line. Women used to do this years ago when pumps and full-skirts were in fashion but with the woman’s movement, girls stopped caring and learned to walk like boys which sucked for why have a nice ass if it doesn’t sway as you walk? Plus the sun was setting and I needed a place to stay the night, plus dinner so I wanted to attract attention.

I was on the third verse:

Down came the squatter
a-riding on his thoroughbred
Down came the policemen- one, two, three
“Whose is the jumbuck
You’ve got in your tuckerbag?
You’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me!”

fortunately, my change had repaired my voice which was once a decent tenor though I sometimes thought, incorrectly, that I could sing Soprano, when I heard the screams and so broke out running.

A number of things were running through my head as I ran towards the sounds.
-two voices, both female.
-the screams were real terror, not faked.
-maybe they know where I am.
-my breasts are going to ache if I keep running like this.
-I hope they are cute. Maybe I can get laid in appreciation.
-how many men are attacking them? One or a dozen, better plan my tactics.
-maybe it’s a bear chasing them for playing with her cubs. People are so stupid.
-hope I don’t hit a rock with my bare feet.
-they are screaming ‘help’ in English. Probably Yank or Brit or Aussie or Kiwi.
Then I ran full into the two. Immediately I pushed them aside and confronted their chaser. Goddess! The thing looked like it came from a werewolf movie, half man, half wolf and a foot or more taller than me.

Since I couldn’t estann any em-fields and being dark now there were no lights save the rising almost full moon, I knew this wasn’t a movie set, plus the IR radiated from the thing was natural and not stifled by a costume. I knew the thing was a real wolfman and I could estann the violent need for rape and food that was radiating from it. Vampires are the ultimate in seduction and werewolves the ultimate in rape but I preferred werewolf fiction because I liked my own sex rough. But here, I drew and cut on the run, ducking it’s clawed arm as I passed then turned on guard to see it fall in two pieces. Cold Steel makes excellent swords and this one just passed it’s maiden test!

I turned slowly, seeking other enemies for there is a saying in Japan, “When the battle is over, tighten up your helmet cords” but continued to sing to relax the girls and to draw any more attackers to me and not them.

Who’ll come a-waltzing Matilda, me darling?
Who’ll come Waltzing Matilda with me?

Another monster, this one a minotaur attacked and I dropped, turned away, let it run up to my back then I drew overhand, cutting him near in half as I tossed it overhead.

Waltzing Matilda and leading a waterbag-
Who’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?

Two more, these more like giant wolves came from the side. I leapt to the side and cut upward, removing the head of one then spun and hamstrung the other.

But the Swagman he got up
and he leaped into the waterhole
Drowning himself by the coolibah tree
The second wolf was crawling forward on two legs. A simple leap to it’s side and a downward cut removed it’s head as it turned to snap.
And his ghost may be heard
as it sings in the billibong,
“Who’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?”

I turned slowly, on guard, but no more potential dead things appeared so I finished the final chorus. Still nothing save the two women huddling together in terror and the bodies of a few monsters. “Gods! What wimpy monsters. I’ve faced worse during the holiday sales at the mall!” It wasn’t true, well, not really because nothing is nastier than a woman digging through a pile of shoes on the first day of a 75% off sale. But I needed to say something to flush my system of the adrenaline I had produced.

A quick glance revealed no serious injury to either, then I looked again. I knew these women. To hide my emotions, I cleaned my blade on the fur of one of the things, then taking my tanto and multi-tool, cut free the fangs from the dead monsters and placed them in a pocket of my hip-pack.

By then the two were standing and came around the things I had killed and began to say, ‘thank you’ when they saw my form. “Have I changed that much?” I asked. Receiving no answer, I added, “Had I known who it was I was saving, I wonder if I would have been so aggressive with my actions?” Then I turned and strode away, my hips and tail swaying and my breasts bouncing in anger.

I wanted to swear, scream and kill something for the brunette was Jean, my ex and the blonde was Kitty, one of the many people, male and female, with whom she had cheated. Jean I hadn’t seen in at least ten years, maybe more and she looked old. Kitty in maybe five but she still looked the youthful teen that made her so much money on the dance stage. I aged well, Jean aged poorly and Kitty aged not at all.

“Wait!” they called to my back. “We want to thank you for saving us. Where are we? Who are you? Wait up dammit!”

‘Where are we?’ Well they obviously didn’t know any more than did I. Another fact to file away. So how did I/we come here and where was here? Anger warred with logic which warred with emotion for despite all that she had done to me, I still loved her and seeing her here, older, fatter, grayer, her body wracked by bastard childbirth, abusive men and disease, I still wanted to throw her to the ground and rape her, make love to her, kiss and hold her.

Finally, angry, I turned, “What! You don’t recognize me? Has ten years made that much difference? You once said that you memorized my body and now…” I felt anger melting away for desire for despite her body, which had once attracted both men and women, it was her smile that made me love her.

Kitty was holding her hand. Kitty was mostly gay but would bed anyone who paid her attention, she was that co-dependant. Jean was straight but curious and all those times she offered me a three-some with another woman, I thought it was for me and so I had always turned her down for I believed in fidelity. But it turned out, she wanted to experiment and was embarrassed at her desires so offering me the woman and joining in was her way of saving face and still exploring the female aspect of love.

Jean did have a temper and demanded, “Who the hell are you? What the hell are you? I never saw you in my life and you act like I did something to you.”

I took a deep breath, Kitty watching my chest in fascination for she always was a breast-woman, something we both had in common and something we both liked in Jean whose chest was admirable… until it fell to the floor. “Fine! Call me Janice Obrien if you must.” I couldn’t use my former name and although I should use the feminine patronymic of 'Ui Bhriain', I had reasons for taking the masculine 'Obrien'. It’s complicated and I found using a different name with a different form to be, unfortunately, necessary to prevent androgynous and species bleed-over. That’s what a wolfman was, a werewolf that got stuck in the middle, neither man nor wolf but both and neither and after seeing the inside of that Sarmatian Temple, I wanted to avoid getting stuck there so forced myself to go fully whatever form I had no matter how distasteful it was.

“Janice, I’m so very happy to meet you,” Kitty offered holding her hand to me, a hand I ignored. Kitty and I had been lovers for a very brief time after my break-up from Jean. I guess that’s one thing we had in common, we both screwed and were screwed over by Jean. But Kitty never quit. She had a talent for letting anger go and for making those she hurt forgive her. If I weren’t careful, I’d be crying ‘I’m sorry’ in her arms asking for her kisses and touch. I could see both easily in the darkness for they glowed with infra-red, though to them I was now a shadow in the moonlight. Kitty’s aura showed the drugs she was, again, using, for she had the personality that didn’t like drugs, but she needed to be liked and if her friends did drugs, so did she. Well, she'd soon de-tox here. And Jean never did any but never let that stop her from being with someone who did them for like Kitty, Jean was co-dependent. Me, I was just crazy. Depressed. Mildly manic. And maybe even Schizoid. But, unlike my lunatic mother and every other woman in my family, I recognized it and tried to take steps. Obrien women shared three things in common, large breasts, mental illness and very thick maidenheads. Fuck! I was probably a virgin again and would bleed like a pig when I had sex. I was not looking forward to that overly painful and messy experience but my hormones were going crazy with the Change and I was as horny as a bitch in heat now. I crossed my arms and knew that there were inches between my arms and breasts. Jean could do the same but she’d have to rest hers on her arms they sagged so much.

Kitty never stopped smiling for she clearly wanted my body but she did drop her hand. “I’m sorry if we angered you but we are ever so grateful for your saving our lives. Could you please tell us where we are though and how we angered you?”

“No, I suppose you don’t recognize me since I’ve changed a bit. But we were all ... close at one time. Then you both screwed me over and left me to die.” Then I turned and walked away. I didn’t need to open that door again. What I did need was something to eat other than the few snack-bars I had, someplace safe to sleep and someone to fuck my brains out and I didn’t need them in that order. And I did NOT want to explain myself to these two. If I did, they’d plaster my personal life all over the internet and I’d be a laughing stock again.

They were running after me, “Wait! I’ve never seen you before in my life. So how could we have been close?” I turned, shoved them apart, drew and cut as they screamed!

The thing I had just killed was flopping in it’s death-throes. It was the size of a man but it’s arms had wings attacked to it’s body and blood was flowing from it’s too-human head. Unlike the others, this one had pulled up as I cut and so my blade hadn’t bisected it but opened it up and it spewed it’s entrails as it passed overhead.

I knew it wouldn’t talk with that much damage and it was dead anyway so I looked around, seeking infra-red in the sky like red fireflies. Nothing, the thing was alone. I flipped it over and swore, “A Baitel! This must be the Mid-East or SW Asia.” I looked around again then cut it’s fangs free and added them to my stash. When faced with a monster infested land, tossing a handful of fangs on the table of a nearby town always got you a free room and meals and sometimes the barmaid.

Jean was still sitting, staring at the trail of intestines and the thing and managed to stammer, “What the hell is a Baitel?”

“A vampire. They live in Persia and India and sometimes Arabia. Sir Richard Burton wrote about them.”

“Richard Burton, the actor who married Elizabeth Taylor?”

Exasperated, I snapped, “No you idiot! Richard Burton the explorer! He came across one in India or Pakistan, I don’t remember which. They drink human blood, can animate the dead and tell stories to lure their victims into their clutches. There must be a nest around somewhere.” Now shelter was mandatory. The Baitel slept during the day but I had hours before sunrise and wasn’t willing to stay awake all night to stop the things from killing me.

Unwilling to build a fire that would destroy my night vision or reveal us to the vampires, I had to keep on in the dark. However, trees and grass didn’t radiate IR so I had to rely on my normal vision which, as my eye-slits opened under the nearly full moon, was almost as good as it would be under an overcast day. The Demons did well when they created this body. Too bad they couldn’t repress the sex drive for my breasts bouncing as I walked were rubbing on my shirt and their erect sensitiveness was making me too wet to think. Fuck! Every time I Changed my body went crazy and I really need a good lay! I’d have to FORCE my mind onto survival or I wouldn’t.

I did see a road in the distance and made for that, the two women following close, looking around for the next terror to appear from the night.

The road was narrow, maybe enough for two cars to pass if they were very careful, and paved with asphalt. That meant modern times, Twentieth Century or later. Neither direction showed anything so I turned to the right and walked, exposed to anything but with katana loose in it’s sheath. At least the whores who followed me had the sense to not hang from my arms. I’d need freedom and room if attacked again.

Voices! We soon met a group of people radiating no body-heat so they were dead. Probably slaves of the Baitel seeking victims for their masters. Well, nothing to do now for they had sighted us. I strode in and immediately started to cut, removing the head of two with one long cut, cutting a third in half at the waist and then the last from shoulder to hip. Unlike the movies, these stayed dead when I killed them again. But why take chances and I removed each head before I stripped the bodies.

None of them had anything of value for with their heart’s first stopping, their brains began to decay and so there weren’t that many cells still alive when they had been re-animated. Thus they never bothered to collect anything of value and had only what was on their person when they died. I did find money, one wallet, a pocket-knife, some very old mints and a rag that may have once been a kerchief. I left the kerchief, most of the wallet and the mints and continued on.

The women avoided the bodies and still followed, discussing me and my anatomy but concluding that they were safer with me than alone even if I disliked them. Dislike? No. Angry? Yes! Both had betrayed my love and friendship. I would gladly have died for either back then. But not now.

Soon I found a small house off the road. It was dark but also close to midnight so could be inhabited so I walked around it and saw the windows boarded up which was always a bad sign. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained so I threw a rock against the door and called out, “Hello! Is anyone there?” Then repeated it in Arabic and Hindi, assuming that I was in SW Asia. No answer so I approached the door, which was risky for if anyone were there, they’d probably shoot me as just another monster. “I’m alive and safe. Can we talk? I need a place to sleep and will pay for my bed!” I repeated this in the previous languages and added Chinese and Farsi. Still nothing.

I touched the door which swung open easily then jumped to the side in case a bullet sought the opening but still nothing. It was probably empty but… Ok, I made a loose double fist and visualized and blew into my hands until the ball took form and glowed red. Then I released it into the building and looked as it illuminated the interior. Nothing but some trash as if the owner had packed everything and left or maybe had nothing to pack. There were two doors so I sent the ball through one, a bathroom, dirty from lack of cleaning for when the water is turned off, you cannot flush. The other was a bedroom with broken bed and moldy mattress. Well that answered my question.

I backed out and saw the two waiting on the porch then I continued to add energy as I backed away. If the sluts died, it was not my concern. But they followed, quickly and when I was back on the road, I covered my eyes with my arms, turned away, crouched down and pushed my breath with an explosive whoosh. I could feel the heat on my back as the ball exploded like a supernova, killing everything inside the house be it monster or flea or roach. Then I stood, seeing that the two had followed my example, thus saving their eyesight. The building itself was unharmed for the ball had been keyed to kill, not destroy. The Americans and Russians had spent billions on a neutron-bomb that would do that and I did it with magick far more easily and cheaper. It just took a couple minutes of relaxed visualization and breathing to make one so in combat they were useless.

I re-entered, checked the rooms again with my led flash-light (for making those balls took too much from me) and found a blanket in the dresser. All the mold had been killed in the blast so I lay it out in the cleanest corner of the front room, then barred the door to prevent unwanted entry, lay down and tried to sleep.

The two women again questioned me, preventing sleep so, “Will you shut up! I need my sleep. Be quiet for once and I’ll answer some of your questions tomorrow!”

They agreed and huddled together under another blanket. I’d prefer the blanket padding my ass, not roasting underneath but my mind kept running all over the place with unanswered questions. Finally, unable to sleep, I untied my shirt and removed my pants now naked but for my underpants and rubbed my breasts, feeling my nipples ache under my fingers. I needed release and wasn’t about to ask Kitty to service me, though I know she’d run to lap at my clit. Instead, I moved my underpants aside, licked my finger and rubbed my clit as my tail sought my vagina. With my maidenhead back, I couldn’t enter as I wanted so contented with using the end to tease my opening as I brought myself to climax after climax with finger and tail. Nice thing about this body was that I was one of those 20% of women who could easily climax vaginally just by being entered and with minimal thrusting. If I didn’t like women so much, I could really have fun but if I wanted a hairy, smelly male doing me, I’d go to a zoo.

Both were watching and I could see Kitty jilling herself off under her blanket as she watched, Jean pushing her hands away from her as she also watched in fascinated shock at my antics. I didn’t care. Let them watch. I needed release and knowing that I was turning them both on and they’d not be able to have me made my excitement all the stronger until I screamed with my dozenth(?) climax and then rolled over to fall asleep relaxed.

I would have thought Jean would have submitted to Kitty but maybe she got her lez-curiosity out of her system years ago and had returned to being straight.

The next morning I awoke, cold and wrapped in my blanket but alone so jilled again, this climax being gentler and not the ‘scream my head off’ kind I liked in the afternoon and evening. Then I decided to explore the house in the daylight. The Demons had given me enhanced vision so I could see into the Ultra-violet and Infra-Red and in near darkness but at night, my vision was monochromatic and lacked any color or depth. The bathroom was filthy. Even after the water had ceased to flow, the inhabitant used the toilet as their feces filled the bowl. Sterile now after my flare, it was still filth so I peed in the tub, arching my hips and pressing my labia with my fingers to aim and force the stream away. I had no desire to squat there and wiped what ran down my legs with a bit of toilet paper from my hip-pack. I never leave home without toilet paper and a clean credit card! Then I examined the room to find nothing but some old razors and empty cans.

The bedroom was little better, holding a dresser and broken bed, lying on three legs. The pillow showed dried blood stains, obviously not, from their location, indications of wedding or menses. Probably a Baitel had killed someone as they slept, ripping their throat and drinking the flowing liquid.

The dresser held nothing useful but rags and the closet had some hangers, a few more rags that may have once been a dress and on the shelf, a box. I stood on some drawers I stacked for now I was but 5’5” or maybe an inch taller so I could reach the thing. I opened it, peeked inside and took it to my blanket where I examined my new-found treasures. Photos, mostly of a woman, decent looking but not attractive but then, love makes anyone beautiful to someone. Jewelry and a case of cosmetics were also there. Perhaps that blood were hers and the husband, unable to bear looking at her but unwilling to loose her memory, had sealed her treasures and hidden them away to be forgotten when he abandoned their house.

I lay the jewelry out then placed the bracelets on my wrists, admiring their look. They weren’t cheap and probably had been her dowry, passed down from mother to daughter for generations and now that ended for the photos showed no children.

Most of the earrings were too heavy to wear in everyday life so must be for parties only but some were simple hoops and light chains. I touched my own lobes and found no holes. Well, I did heal easy. On impulse I pulled my hip-pack and removed the leather needle and rolled my socks as a stop and jabbed my left ear. “FUCK! OWOWOW!” Damn I had forgotten how much that hurt. I waited a moment for the pain to fade and readied the chosen ring. Then pushed the heavy needle through (Ouch, damn) and followed with the earring which I left alone until it stopped hurting. I did rub some saliva onto the wound for mine was antiseptic and analgesic, another benefit from the Demons. Then I fastened the ring and prepared for the second.

I marked the position in the mirror I held in my tail, readied and stabbed, “FUCKIN SHIT!! Shitshitshit!!!!!!” How do women get anything else pierced. The bitches must get off on pain. I sat there with that steel spike sticking in my ear when Kitty asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m piercing my ears,” resisting to urge to add ‘bitch’.

She smiled and started to stand, “I can do that for you.”

“I’ll not trust you near me with anything sharp.” I replied. She sat back shocked and saddened. Kitty hated being rejected.

I moistened my finger and rubbed the new wound and readied my jewelry as I pushed the needle through and forced the earring in. “SHITSHITSGIT!!!! How the fuck did you ever stand to have your labia pierced?” I snapped at her.

“How did you know about that?”

“Everyone knows about that. The pics are on the internet. Probably put there by the slut you dumped your kids for.”

She started to cry at that but I took pleasure in my petty revenge. She had screwed me over and lied to my friends about me behind my back, screwed my love and helped her cheat on me so I had no complications about hurting her now.

I ignored her and dressed in the nicest necklace I found, a pendant that would draw the gaze to my breasts then another choker and some rings. I was looking at one that was too small to wear, probably for her child that never was when Kitty sniffed, “It’s a toe ring.” So I looked at it, held out my feet and slipped it on one, Nice.

I opened the compact and looked at myself in the mirror, liking what I saw. My ears were pointed but I wasn’t going to pierce the tips. I may enjoy my sex rough and be a professional fighter but I’m not really into pain. So instead I opened the lipsticks and chose a reddish one and applied it overly thick to my lips. Then I blotted with some more toilet paper, a trick I used to watch my mother do, and considered the mascara. No, my eyes weren’t too pale though my strawberry-blonde hair did make my blue eyes look nice. Normally I had green eyes but then, normally I don’t have a tail and antennae either.

I then put the remaining jewelry and cosmetics into my hip-pack, the lipstick in my shirt pocket, and replaced the photos in their box. Then with everything packed, I returned the box to it’s shelf for I’d rob her of her jewelry and make-up but not her image. Then I returned, dressed in my shorts and began to roll my blanket into a tight roll, using a bootlace to tie it to my hip-pack.

“What are you doing?” asked Kitty.

“Leaving to find something to eat. Bye.” And I unbarred the door.

“You promised…!” she cried.

“Then you’d better wake up Jean and hurry or be left behind.”

She was shoving and calling to my ex as I left and I was maybe a hundred feet down the road when they caught with me. “Damn you!” called Jean to my back.

“You are always welcome to go on your own.”

She radiated frustration and anger but controlled herself. “You promised to answer questions last night before your.. show.”

“So ask.” I didn’t care. They’d not understand the truth.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Call me Janice Leah Obrien.”

“Janice O’Brien, I never heard of you.”

“Not Janice O’Brien, Janice Obrien. Goddess, no wonder Eithne calls herself Enya. You Americans can’t pronounce anything correctly.”

“Ok, JAWH-nish! Is that right? I’ve never met you before in my life. So who are you?”

“I was… we were close and you forgot me so easily. Well, you never did really care for me I guess.”

“What! I’ve been married three times and had as many lovers and none looked like you.”

Three times? She was really forgetting most of her men and women. She goes through men faster than Kitty does bur thinks a one-night-stand isn't worth remembering or counting. That hurt me and I wanted to hurt her again.

“Then perhaps you should have paid more attention to your husbands and lovers, of all genders and species.”

Further argument was halted by Kitty, “Later Jean. Where are we and how did we get here?”

“I don’t know. I think we are in Pakistan or India from the Baitel and the pictures I found but the other monsters say Eastern Europe. We’ll know when I find a map. And no, I don’t know how we got here. I was out for a walk and then was in the forest, looking like I do now.”

“So you don’t look like that normally?” Jean asked this. She caught that slip so I’d have to be more careful.

“I was human when I was born. I got abducted by aliens and changed into… this, mostly. (I had to hesitate and think before I said too much) The rest of this body is fairly new to me.” There, let them wonder. I’ll tell them the truth but not the whole truth. Goddess, I’m a bitch sometimes. Maybe a good roll in the hay will calm me down? Last time it took three months to settle into the body. Three months with these two? I’ll either fall back in love or kill them. I relaxed, enjoying the sensations of my new earrings swinging my lobes, my breasts moving under my shirt and my hair on my neck and shoulders. There are definite advantages to being a woman. Ben-Wa balls and vibrators! I wonder how those would feel? Getting past my new maidenhead would be tricky though. My sisters had to have theirs surgically removed and it took a God to break my first one.

Kitty interrupted Jean again then, “So how do we get back home?”

“I don’t know. Find a Stargate I suppose.”

“What’s a stargate?”

“A portal between two places and times. They are all over, you just have to find one and figure out how to use it.”

“You’re not making much sense.”

“Perhaps you are asking the wrong questions in the wrong way. I am answering your questions truthfully and honestly, just not in the way you want.”

“You are such a bitch!” snapped Jean.

I turned, grabbed her by her shoulders for she was two inches shorter than me and kissed her hard, forcing my tongue deep into her mouth, forcing memories of sexual pleasure into her mind, pressing my hard breasts against hers and caressing her crotch and inner thighs through her pants with my tail and smearing my lipstick too. Then I let her go. “Yes I am.” And then continued on, wiping my mouth and reapplying my lips as I walked. I could feel Kitty staring in astonishment as Jean breathed hard with induced passion.

I refused to answer any other questions, instead singing a Moody Blues song, I Know You’re Out There Somewhere as I walked. I hated listening to music as I hiked or sailed but loved to sing even though few appreciated my voice which was not nearly as wonderful as Jean’s who could have been a professional had she been less self-centered.

Up ahead I saw a sign and quickened my pace to find a service station. Solitary on the road I could almost see the sign, ‘last gas for 300 miles’ but the writing was in Arabic. Although I could speak the language, reading it was always difficult as was reading Chinese and Japanese. It looked like it said “Amritsar 20km” but where Amritsar was, I had no clue.

The pumps had been vandalized and destroyed and the autos in the lot and field were beyond repair with windows broken and doors damaged and tires flat. Some had bloodstains on the seats, brown from age. Inside there was almost nothing, the cash register was empty, the refrigerator empty, the shelves bare. But there was a map on the wall over which someone had scrawled in Hindi “two feet to hell” with an ‘x’ marking what I took to be this place. “We are in India near Pakistan. Looks like maybe… 1395 Islamic.. that places this note at 2027c.e. So we are about twenty years in the future. We are probably the last people alive on the planet.”

I was searching for anything useful as they demanded, “What the hell do you mean?”

“Simple, my dearest love. Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Asatru all have one thing in common, they are dedicated to the end of the world. God will send his son, or return himself to Earth to destroy the world. Read Revelations sometime. It’s not the redemption of christ that is the center of christianity, it’s the final judgment when god destroys the world with fire and sends everyone to hell but a few select few who will be chosen by christ. (it helps to have a half dozen priests and nuns in the family when you want to talk religion and we Irish give half our kids to the Church) The churches have been looking forward to that for the past four thousand years and finally they got tired of waiting. A bunch of very religious people decided to prime-the-pump so to speak by initiating a religious revival and forcing god to return. Islamic fundamentalism in Iran, Arabia and Pakistan and the christian fundamentalism movement in America and Europe was just the outward manifestation of it all.

“Then, boom! Someone decided that destruction by fire meant nuclear fire and the fundies set off a few nukes. No one knows who started it. Maybe Bush invaded North Korea who retaliated with nuclear weapons. Maybe Pakistan used nukes to stop the US from moving from Afghanistan south. Maybe the US used nukes to force China to back off. What we do know is that the US decided to fire every nuke they had and Russia saw the missiles heading for Moscow and fired their own in defense. I guess someone forgot to re-program the missiles after the Cold War ended.

“90% of the Earth’s population died in the first 24 hours. 90% of the survivors died over the next year. Then just as the last humans on Earth were trying to get their lives together, Jennifer, remember her?, united the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialists and the Baptist churches to form the Chicago Imperium which was a base to enforce her own views on religious and racial purity. Then she found the Terminator Robots at some army base and set them free and humanity became extinct.

“Ah, here it is!” I had been climbing into the loft. My feet and tail had been designed to crawl around a starship but worked just as well crawling around rafters and if I wanted to hide something, I’d bury it or hide it high where people wouldn’t look. I lowered the boxes to the ground by the ropes I found and jumped the distance to the floor.

“But, but, but… how can you be so casual about it!”

“Because I tried to stop it. I was sent here to stop you all from destroying the world. But I failed and you two turned everyone against me so I lost my support. So I gave up and went home.”

“We did no such thing! We never even met you before tonight.” They were so angry this was almost fun.

“Remember, my dears, I looked different back then. I’m a Shape-Shifter. I can be a lot of things so think back to someone you both knew who tried to help people and who got disgusted with people because you two were so bitchy you destroyed their life.”

The cans were mostly still labeled but the bags had been long eaten by bugs. Strange how the lowly roach had survived 500 million years of dinosaurs and humanity and still managed to survive a global thermo-nuclear war. The knives I tossed aside as cheap Pakistani stainless steel, one bending as I drove it through one can to see what was inside. Well it wasn’t the best but it would keep me alive so I opened a few cans and started to eat with the flatware I found in the box. The two stared, angry then joined me, their hunger overcoming their anger.

Finally, Jean looked at me, comprehension dawning like the cartoon light bulb. “You’re… you’re…. I see it now. Your eyes, the shape of your head, your mouth. But you were …! And human! What the hell are you!” Now horror warred with curiosity.

“You mean what the hell was I, don’t you?” I knew she wanted to know what she had loved then for she was always a racist and the thought of bedding anything other than a straight white human man freaked her out. She even had to find an excuse when she allowed Kitty to love her.

“This, my love,” I said spreading my arms, “is what happens when you piss off the wrong god. After you left me, after my breakdown, I went to Japan and got lost. Stargates are so unpredictable at times. I ended up in Russia and was pressured into rescuing some kid that had been kidnapped by a Sarmatian temple. So I rescued him and found out later that he had NOT been kidnapped but had run away and my entering the temple armed to rescue him was seen by the Sarmatian god to be desecration.” I laughed at that memory. “So that god changed me as punishment. I had to live like … well much like this for three years until it was satisfied and changed me back. But the damage was done and sometimes, I Shift back and forth. Somehow, crossing from my home to here reactivated the change and I Shifted again. So I deal.”

She was laughing now. “You were so … and now you are …. At least you can play with your own breasts. I got so tired of you always trying to play with mine.” Half her sentences were unintelligible from her laughter but she was having fun at my expense. Or maybe this was her way of relieving stress. I didn’t know or care.

Now this was becoming unpleasant. I didn’t like the tables being turned on me. I was hoping to guilt them into changing so when I got them back to their time, they could repair the damage and maybe I could get the support I needed to stop the Rapture and save the world.

Kitty had no clue but then, she never had to learn to think for there was always a man or woman willing to run her life for her. Jean, however, as stupid as she was, did have a high IQ. So as she started to explain, I took my dinner and left them alone.

I was sitting on the rusted hulk of a car eating and playing with the bent radio antenna with my tail when she came out. “So, why Janice? Why not your real name or what was your real name?”

“Janice! It’s pronounced Janice." then I sighed. She never did understand my accent. "When you Change, you need to keep your lives separate. It’s like a pendulum. Start it moving and it never returns to exactly the same place it started. Leave it alone and eventually it stops in the middle. If you are a human and turn into a wolf and try to act human, then when you turn back you are never fully human. You’ll be mostly human with some wolf traits like body hair, longer canines, a bad attitude. Then when you change back into a wolf, you won’t be fully a wolf either. Eventually after a few changes, you’d be stuck looking and acting like some bad combination of both, neither human nor wolf but something from a bad movie with cheap effects. So when I Shift, I go all the way, take a new name, dress and attitude. Be what I became. It gives the pendulum a push so when I change back, I can be normal again.”

“Dear, you were never all that much ‘normal’ to start with. You had too much of a woman and man, human and animal fighting in you. It made you a wonderful parent and lover and partner. Well, I always wondered about you. But now, you look totally a woman, aside from that tail and feet and hands and, well I wish I had that body? So, which is better?”

“They all have advantages depending if I need to fight or fuck!’

“You always did think with your dick!” she called as she walked back inside.

“Remember, the only way you have to get home is by my good graces,” I yelled back. “Start kissing ass or get used to living in a world with monsters and vampires.”

“You mean start licking pussy,” she yelled back. Jean would never have spoken like that when we were together. I guess she was still angry with me for not fighting hard enough to keep her. The guy she left me for had pretty much ruined her life.

I made some back-packs from canvas I found and packed everything useful into them and we headed for Amritsar. I did hope to find a safe place to stay the night though. I didn’t think I’d find any horses or camels as the Terminators would have killed them too. No, I wasn’t talking about human-looking robots like in the movie. These are machines, but they were designed after a TV show about remote-control robots battling each other in an arena. Most were the size of a large lawn-mower and had saws and claws and most were dome or wedge shaped. The army thought that was a good idea and made a bunch of mini-tanks that could operate by remote or computer control that they could send into a battlefield as advance shock-troops. But the Rapture stopped that until Jennifer found them.

The closer we got, the more houses we found, all empty. A few were boarded up but most burned or broken into and I searched every one at first then stopped looking. There was nothing of value for the survivors of the Rapture had stripped them all in the years following the end of the world. Even the cosmetics had been taken. “Well, I found in the Third World and during America’s many depressions that women wanted to look good at the worst of times and would sacrifice food for appearance.”

“Are you any different. You wear lipstick now and keep the rest of that make-up kit with you. For someone who laughed at women who wore too much make-up, you are well on the way to being one.” Jean was just getting nasty with her new information. Kitty just flirted with me, always touching me and asking if I needed anything. Possessing tail and clit and breasts, I was her perfect lover.

Finally as I started to look for a place to stay, I snapped, “The person I was would have died for you, done anything for you and made certain that you returned home and survived the Rapture. The woman I am now wants to stake you to a utility pole and watch the vampires eat you.” That quieted her.

I chose the cleanest and best defended house for the night and carried into it a large cooking pot with a lid and a pile of dirt. Then as Jean and Kitty prepared their bedrolls, I removed the toilet seat and set it next to the pot. “What’s that for?” Kitty asked.

“Chamber pot. Toilets don’t work anymore so we go here.”

I was doing a recon around the house when some zombies arrived. I could tell they were dead only because of their auras. Otherwise they looked exactly as did a living man save a few holes in their shirt surrounded by dried blood. After deciding I could easily take them, and deciding that I didn’t want them reporting our position to their master, I moved in and within seconds they were, again, dead. Strange how the Baitel not only brought them back to ‘life’ but prevented them from decaying, but once I re-killed them, time caught up and they rotted away within minutes.

Inside Kitty announced, “My husband was always jealous of your fighting ability. He’d tell me that he could take you and I pretended to agree but I knew that you could stop him so easily. What now?”

“Now we wait out the night.”

Jean asked then, “If humanity is extinct, why are these still alive? And why didn’t the robots kill them too?”

“Terminators detect prey by Infra-Red. Body heat, camp-fires, heaters in the winter attract them. Vampires are too cold to register and Zombies are room temperature and so are ignored. I don’t know about the rest of the monsters or where they came from.”

“Will they come here?” Kitty was worried. She was always a wimp. After a dozen abusive men, Jean had learned guts. She still was attracted to anyone who gave her attention but eventually she wised up and screwed around so they’d throw her out and not drag her back. She took the abuse until eventually she wised up and then repeated the cycle but she could stand up for herself. Kitty just cried in a corner until someone rescued her.

“Shouldn’t we be armed or something?” Jean asked.

“You’ve had all day to find a weapon. If you didn’t, it’s your fault.” I made a flare to kil the indiginous bugs abd then, reentering, hung my flash-light from the ceiling light knowing that the LEDs wouldn't drain the batteries very fast. Jean asked, “Why didn’t you teach me that magick?” to which I replied, “Every time I gave you a task, you fought me. You wouldn’t even do your basic visualizations without an argument. If you won’t crawl, I can’t teach you to run. And considering your life after me, I’m glad I didn’t.”

She sulked then and I made my bed, this time on a real mattress and stripped for sleep. I opened the chamber-pot, set the toilet seat on it and peed as Kitty watched. She was fascinated by me, my tail and ears so I spread my legs a bit so she could see the stream then wiped and deliberately didn’t replace my underpants as I walked past her, my shirt now unbuttoned and revealing a glimpse of my breasts. I wanted to tease her, to make her want me. I had watched her make love to my love and she had watched me with Jean because Jean wanted it that way. I tended to give in to her and maybe had I stood up to her occasionally, we’d still be together and we’d be saving the world. But now I wanted to hurt them both and sex was a woman’s weapon.

I checked every window and door, my tail swinging between my naked ass cheeks, my breasts showing whenever I bent over. When I met Jean, her breasts had been as large and firm as were mine but within a couple of years, they had fallen to her waist. Kitty’s were much smaller than ours but firmer than Jean’s and she loved Jean’s breasts regardless of their shape and would play with her own every time she got a bit drunk. Kitty loved to be a slave in bed and I made certain that I was offering something she couldn’t have.

When satisfied, I sat in the living room with a chess-board I had found, pondering some obscure move I had made up for this purpose. My legs were crossed, revealing my genitals which were, if I say so myself, quite attractive. Pink with tiny lips, unlike Jean whose were blackened and bruised like a porn star with dangly lips. I always hoped that came from riding a horse and not from acting in her boy-friend’s porn flicks. She always saw herself as deformed and Kitty complained that she ‘stank’ down there but I never cared. Like I said, to someone in love, you are always beautiful.

Every once in a while I’d sit upright and toss my hair back, making certain that my shirt fell free to reveal my perfect breasts. The nice thing about this body was that every time I Shifted, it reverted to perfect health. My breasts firmed up perfectly, my teeth regrew perfectly, my eyesight was perfect and any scars vanished and I looked 25 again. The only downside was that my maidenhead regrew and I had to go through that miserable painful and horribly bloody experience again. At least for some reason, I never had periods or got pregnant. But then, it’s easy to never get pregnant if you never have sex with men. Jean got pregnant every time a man looked at her and Kitty had to have her tubes tied to stop popping out babies. Strange, I glanced up, for a woman with such a large family, she showed no signs of it. Round belly with no stretch marks, no fat and though her breasts were small, they were still firm and showed no signs of nursing. And I knew she never had any plastic surgery either. She was what? 30ish but looked sixteen.

Jean just looked at me with jealousy for her body hadn’t looked like mine since she was sixteen and maybe she resented Kitty for wanting me as she used to want her. Like Kitty, Jean enjoyed attention.

Kitty sat opposite me, her blouse open and without her bra as she pretended to watch me play chess with myself but I saw she was staring only at my body. Good. I leaned over to reveal my breasts again as I pretended to move a piece then changed my mind and straightened up, making sure my breasts were exposed as I looked at a piece and pretended to move it around. Kitty’s breaths were coming faster and faster and I saw her unconsciously playing with her own breasts. She had that habit of toying with her own nipples when she was a bit drunk or excited and I could see she was really excited. Unlike me she loved women to be rough with her breasts but gentle with her body. I was the opposite, demanding a gentle touch on my chest but rough everywhere else.

I casually moved my tail around and used it to caress my vagina, pretending that it was also unconscious though in my case, I was already wet and my self-caress was getting me too excited. Finally I set the pieces down and said, “It’s quiet outside, let me know of we are attacked by anything. I’m going to bed and masturbating for an hour or so before I fall asleep.” Then I walked away, one foot before then other to make my hips sway and ‘forgot’ to close my door. “By the way, keep your bedroom doors open in case we have to escape in a hurry.” Then I lay down and caressed myself.

I climaxed almost immediately but wasn’t done yet. So turning over and resting on my knees, I brought my tail around my hips and between my legs to caress myself and I fondled my own breasts until I climaxed again. I could see both at my door watching so I sat up, combed my hair with my fingers and shook my tresses free as I asked, “Something?”

Jean whispered ‘bitch’ and I got no other answer save Kitty now with one hand between her legs, the other twisting a nipple like it was a radio dial and so lay back and enjoyed myself again and again. Finally, I felt hands on my thighs then lips and I reached down for a handful of hair. “What makes you think you can do that?” I demanded as I pulled her head to look at me. Being forceful made her want me more. Of course, my tail was between her legs, working it’s way inside as I spoke and she moaned instead of speaking, so I shoved her head between my legs and found that she was quite good at that. I suppose all those years of straight lesbian sex with a demanding owner paid off and I climaxed a half dozen time or so with her tongue and fingers. Once I pulled her up and ordered, “I’m a virgin so leave the maidenhead alone” then shoved her back down.

I don’t know how far I had worked my tail inside her but I did notice Jean at the door watching the entire event, angry and yet a voyeur. Knowing that she was there got me even more excited and if there were any vampires outside, they must have thought I was being murdered. Finally I was finished and pushed her away. “Enough! More tomorrow.” And shoved her back. She sat up in shock, grasping my tail and using it as a dildo as she fingered herself and cried, “What about me?”

“What about you?” I asked as I wiggled my tail tip seeking her g-spot. I never found mine but I know many women have them.

“I.. I….” Then she began to scream and I pulled out instantly as she cried, ‘God! Not yet!”

I pushed her away and said, “I said maybe tomorrow. Now go to sleep!”

Jean was gone now and Kitty in pain. Good! I wanted to be the bitch they thought me to be. So Kitty begged and I just rolled over and pretended to sleep as she fingered herself to her cheated climax as she watched my back.

I fell asleep smiling. Lots of good sex and a bit of revenge on my ex. Maybe if there was a man she liked, I’d break my woman-only rule and force myself into het-sex with him to show her what it was like to watch her love be with someone else.

The next morning I used fingers and tail to climax and after using the chamber-pot, dressed and woke everyone else. Over breakfast I wanted to explain that I’m normally not like this. That I love sex but that for the first months after my Shift, my emotions were crazy and I wanted sex all the time, wanted to cry and scream and fuck anything, man, woman or animal and hack them into dog-meat as I did. That it took a few months to get used to the new body and if they took every menstrual cycle, every mood-swing, every emotion they had felt since puberty to today and packed them ALL into one day, then maybe they’d see what I felt right now. That they just need to help me through this very rough time or try to ignore every bad thing I said or did because it’s the hormones talking, not me.

Instead, I felt that if they cared, they’d know. The former me inside laughed and remembered that it wasn’t like that and I needed to tell them that but the woman outside just wanted to be held and loved and felt angry and resentful that these two women who had meant so much to me before couldn’t see that. Fuck! I wanted to make love to them both because I loved them so much it hurt and I wanted to take my swords and kill them both for being so stupid they didn’t see how much I loved them.

So I compromised and hid in the bathroom doing my make-up. My lips and my eyes and my nipples that neither would see on the march but I wanted them to see. Even if I knew how to do more, even if I wanted to do more (even I hated those women who plastered make-up on with a trowel) I couldn’t because I didn’t have anything other than lipstick and liner. Someplace there HAD to be nail polish in this miserable country.

We left soon after, Jean not looking at me and Kitty being so clingy I wanted to slap her silly. Ok, I was careless, worrying about my own emotions to such an extent that I didn’t see the giant wolves until too late.

They hit us in the open, they were smart or controlled and we had nowhere to run, though Kitty tried. Jean fell to the ground and huddled as Kitty ran. In hindsight it was good tactics for the wolves ignored Jean and their instincts were to attack me as upright and chase Kitty who was moving. So I killed the ones around me and chased the ones after Kitty, slashing their tails and hind legs until they turned and faced me. After that, it was easy. As a human woman, I was two-thirds as strong as a human man but with this Weir body, I was easily twice as strong as any human male and much faster than the wolves. I was a blur and within too short of a time, they were all dead. Jean stood and ran to Kitty who had fallen and was screaming in fright.

I looked around, my tail twitching as I sought more to kill then forced myself to calm and clean and sheath my blade. Then I cut their fangs free and added them to my collection. I didn’t need to, but I needed something and this was the only option. What I wanted was for some big man to throw me to my knees and grab handfuls of hair as she rammed himself inside me until I was too bruised to cum. I know it sounds gay but this body had urges that countered my own mind. But I managed to rub my thighs together until I climaxed and that helped a bit.

I looked around this small town and wondered aloud. “Where did the wolves come from? The plagues should have killed them and the baitels. And these aren’t real wolves.” I lifted one head up and looked at it. “Look, the groove down the center of it’s face is there. That’s a domestic trait. Wild canines are smooth there. Plus their tails curve. Only domestic dog tails curve. These aren’t wolves, they are dogs bred for size and intelligence.” I was ranting but the intellectual discourse was calming me. Now I had a problem to solve and that always made me feel better.

Both Jean and Kitty were screaming something about me talking when they almost got killed but I ignored them as unimportant. I wanted a dress. And shoes, preferably with heels. I was tired of wearing man’s clothes and needed a bra. Something with support and lace. And a pink bow in the middle between my breasts. Perfume too. They didn’t understand how important this was to me. They had been born and raised a woman in a man’s world, yet essentially equal and allowed to wear whatever they wished. But me, I had spent half my life aboard starships with aliens or on earth in the Fifteenth Century and I was like this for only a couple days and wanted to look like a woman. Let them dress and act like men if they wanted. No wonder Kitty attracted Dykes and Jean abusive men. Maybe if they looked more female they’d attract a higher class of men and woman. “There has got to be a store around here.”

“What about these…”

I looked at the bodies, “They are dead and of no further concern. I’ll solve the problem of their origin and survival later but now I want to go shopping.” And left them arguing to follow or not. Hmm, was Pakistan hard-core Islamic by the time of the Rapture? But this was India, Islamic India but still India so a sari should be findable. But I didn’t want a sari, I was Irish, not Hindu or Moslem.

“Maybe we can get a car working?”

“Gasoline turns to shellac when left alone. All the gas you find will have hardened years ago. Also the tires have rotted away. Find me a horse or camel or even an elephant and we’ll talk.” I explained. But the town was too small and there were no stores worth looking into. We tried but no food or clothing was found so we had to move on, me depressed.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” demanded Jean.

“I wanted a dress, and perfume. It’s ok for you to dress and act like a guy but I’m different.” I was crying now. I couldn’t help it and couldn’t stop and my eyes were probably running so I looked like a raccoon. They just didn’t understand.

Eventually I stopped crying and got horny again. I wanted to stop and jill or have Kitty lick me out again but had to find something. I don’t know what it was but I’d know it when I found it. So, cranky and miserable, I moved on.

Just out of town we saw the sign. I couldn’t read the words written in both Hindi and Arabic but the drawing of an airplane was universal so I tried to memorize the words for future reference and turned up the road. Airports are usually near large cities and a few miles from town so this shouldn’t be too far away from either me or a large city.

We saw it long before any other sign. The tower was still upright but there were aircraft in rows, most with flattened tires and some forced open. But what struck my interest was the C-5 Galaxy crashed on the runway near the tower. Jean ran to it, “That has an American flag on the tail! What’s it doing here?”

The C-5 was an Air Force aircraft on permanent contract to the Army. If it’s here, that means the Army was invading this country. But why? Was it off course for Afghanistan or did America decide to invade Pakistan too? Near the end they invaded a lot of countries, even more than Hitler did. Panama, Haiti, Iraq, Grenada, Iraq again and a number more I couldn’t remember.

One set of wheels was down but the other not so the craft had landed, fallen and skidded to a stop. The cargo doors were too damaged to open but the crew doors were opened. We looked inside and saw tanks and Humm-Vees, most broken loose and crushing the troops trapped between them and the hull. I removed mt flash-light and went inside into the semi-darkness. “OUT!” I screamed as the Baitel let go and fell from the roof. There were dozens of them and I killed a dozen as we fled the aircraft.

They didn’t follow us into the sun for like their Hollywood brethren, they feared the sunlight. It wouldn’t kill then but it hurt their eyes and blinded them. “Well,” I suggested as I panted my breath back. “Did they move in after the crash or were they inside and caused the crash?” I cleaned my blade and moved into the shadows for magick works best in the darkness away from the harsh solar radiation.

“Janice, whatever you are doing, hurry up. Zombies are coming.”

My flares wouldn’t work out here and I couldn’t get inside to make one so … fuck! I ran to a wing and rammed my katana into a wing tank hoping for some JP-4 but nothing. It had evaporated or burned long ago. “How long can you run from them? I’m going to try something.”

I jumped into the aircraft and rolled under a tank. Then as the Baitel sought to crawl after me I formed my flare and sent it out to the swarm, hoping that the steel of the tank would protect me. I stabbed and then covered my eyes as it flared and the screams of the Baitel filled my ears. Then silence. I opened my eyes and saw one under the tank mouthing in pain, it’s bottom half gone in the flare, it’s head and chest protected by the mass of steel. Leaving it I crawled out and looked around. Just wreckage then I remembered the girls and left the aircraft to see the tarmac littered with rotting corpses. When their masters died, so did their slaves. Jean and Kitty were returning safe so I reentered the aircraft and checked the Galaxy. No bones but lots of shredded clothing and weapons and dried blood. I pulled an M-16 from a rack and cycled the bolt. It worked easily but there was no ammunition to use. One of the pallets had some ammo cans and opening them, found the wrong kind of ammo. Leave it to the military to pack the wrong ammo on the aircraft. It was probably some stupid anti-terrorist rule to prevent the passengers from loading the weapons and taking over so they wouldn’t go to die in some war in a country they couldn’t find on a map. Instead they were helpless when the Baitel attacked and slaughtered them.

“What happened?” they asked as they entered.

“I don’t know. But without proper bullets, these are useless,” and I tossed the rifle aside. The loadmaster should have a handgun with proper ammo but without bodies, I’d never find him.

The aircraft was huge, the largest ever made and you could put a space shuttle inside or play football, American or real football inside so it took some time to explore the craft which was designed to move tanks. The inside was filled with tanks, hum-vees and pallets and we examined every one. Some were locked down as if someone had gone inside and locked themselves in. Others were open and these we searched, finding weapons but no ammunition.

I used a bayonet I found to cut the straps from a pallet and then cut a duffle bag open and searched the contents. Desert Uniforms (DCM), underwear, all male, boots and some very few civilian clothing but nothing useful. After opening a dozen, I gave up and moved to the next pallet that contained back-packs. These would be more useful than the bags we were carrying our food in. But again, there was nothing of use inside these save an occasional canteen, bayonet or other gear useful in the field including chemical warfare clothes and gas masks, made for a war that never happened. But we did find boxes of MREs on the bottom. “Here, grab one and come with me.” I ordered as we went forward. I opened a door and found the latrine, like all military facilities, spotless. I pulled a lever and water flowed into the toilet. The tank was still full! Wonderful. “We have a clean and working toilet. With Toilet paper!”

The flight deck was open and empty so I showed the women how to use the MRE heater and as our lunch warmed up, “These may be the older ones that are referred to as ‘Meals Rejected by starving Ethiopians’ or they may be the newer ones that are actually edible. But take really small bites and taste before you swallow in case they are expired and spoiled.” Then I checked the hatches, using the bayonet to pry the locked ones open. I refused to damage my tanto but these bayonets were easily replaceable.

One was labeled ‘Captain Mathers’ and contained a b-2 bag and flight bag. These contained uniforms, some civilian clothes and a shaving kit. Again, interesting but hardly useful to me as I had no hair on my legs or armpits, though I wondered if Jean or Kitty needed a trim. But the third I opened caused me to cry out in joy. Opening the bag I tossed the uniforms aside and pulled a dress, probably for dancing and heels (2” though I prefer 4”) and all the gear a woman needs when experiencing the night-life of a foreign country. I stripped to my underpants and tried the bra as Jean laughed, “You are far too big for that!” Well she was right. The tag read 36-b so I tossed that and pulled the dress on. “If the bra is too small, what makes you think the dress will fit?”

“Just watch!” I slid it on then zipped the back as far as it would go. The shoulder straps wouldn’t go back and the front, made for her smaller chest mashed mine so I relaxed, breathed through my belly, focused on the fabric which was, fortunately, a cotton blend then pulled my shoulders back as the material reformed to my more generous curves. To them it was like a movie where someone forced air into a bra but the dress was reforming, not me. I rubbed my chest to settle the fabric then reached inside to adjust my breasts into the new cups and finished zipping up. “Well?”

“How did you do that?”

“Magick. The same stuff I was trying to teach you before you got all bitchy and started to…” I left it unsaid. I had a dress, heels and other treasures so was happy. The water tank was full and sealed so the drinking water was still potable so I used some to get the leather shoes damp inside and slowly forced my feet inside. I wouldn’t do this to my hiking shoes as I wanted my tarsials free in case I had to climb but these I could kick off in an instant so I used the same spell to reform the shoes to my size with the inner side bulging around my tarsial toe. Then I ran through her purse and removed the loose hair from her brush and worked on mine until I was satisfied. Finally I checked her make-up case, tossing most of the pancake and keeping only the lip and eye cosmetics. She even had a small vial of perfume that was mostly evaporated but there was some left so I added some to my wrists and neck and the cleavage of my breasts as Jean commented, “Too much. Subtle is best.”

“Really? Ok, next time then.”

“So were are you going dancing dressed like that?”

“Don’t know yet,” as I sat in the pilots chair with my treasure in my lap. I played with some switches, “batteries are dead and no fuel. Well we couldn’t lift off even if the thing worked.” then I checked the pilots maps, “Looks like they left Karachi and came here but was this their destination or was it the only option when they couldn’t reach Kabul?”

“What are you saying?” This from Kitty who probably couldn’t find either city on a map.

“When the Afghans drove the Russians out of Afghanistan and became free, they also drove the drug dealers and warlords out. Your country immediately invaded and forced the Taliban out because they supported Arab independence, even via terrorism and once they conquered Afghanistan, America invited the warlord slavers and drug-dealers back. Now Afghanistan is worse than before and drugs and slaves flow freely thanks to American ideals of capitalism. The US also wanted Pakistan and was forcing it to kiss ass when the Rapture happened. This aircraft landed in Karachi, which is a seaport on the Indian Ocean then headed north. Maybe it was bringing more troops into Afghanistan, maybe it was invading Pakistan. The flight records are gone but it landed here in India instead.

“The thing is, did the baitels enter in Karachi and attack the crew who had weapons but no ammunition then the C-5 diverted here for safety. Or was it driven here by Pakistani fighters to crash and later the vampires moved in. I don’t know and don’t wish to spend the time to find out. Wow! This chick was a wild girl!” I pulled two small balls from the bottom of the bag, clinking them together to hear the musical tones. “These are illegal in every Moslem and many christian states.”

“What? Chinese Exercise Balls? They sell them in drugstores.” Jean commented casually.

Kitty laughed and leaned over, “Ben-Wa Balls.”

I turned around, cleaned them, hiked my dress up and pulled my pants off. This wasn’t going to be easy. And as the women watched, both fascinated as Jean despite her prudish exterior was curious about perversion, I used a finger to stretch my hymen a bit. It was skin and skin is elastic enough to move aside. It hurt a bit but I was able to slide both balls inside my vagina, no ben-wa balls go in a pussy, I was able to carefully slide both balls past my maidenhood and into my pussy where they rested with considerable sensation. As I said, I am one of those fortunate one-in-five women who can easily achieve vaginal orgasms while the rest of my gender require some twenty minutes of clitoral stimulation. And with me, it doesn’t take much to get me hot, wet and when I climax, they continue forever. These were going to be fun! Then with both watching my still spread legs, I continued to search for a vibrator or something. I did find a small pink one but the battery acid had leaked and destroyed the thing. Damn! Even the flashlights were useless as the batteries had eroded over time.

We all heard the thing at the same time, Jean and Kitty rushing to hide as I pulled my katana and left the flight deck. Another minotaur only this one had tusks like a boar. It was naked and shaggy and the balls making music inside me were distracting but I did see the thing’s enormous penis, already erect. Maybe it smelled my perfume or the musk my pussy was making but it came to me.

I laughed, “Sorry big boy, but you’re not my type. Down.” Though I did admit that I did have fantasies, but being a virgin and human, almost, I was far too small to accommodate the thing even were I that casual a slut. I kicked my heels off and drew in preparation.

The thing then lowered it’s head and charged. Wonderful, reject a man and his words of love turn to violence. Typical red-neck! I waited, then leapt aside and cut upward, the force of it’s passage almost pulling my blade from my hands. It ran into the bulkhead and stopped, stunned, blood pouring from severed juggler and carotids, blood frothing it’s nostrils from severed windpipe but still it turned, it’s massive erection pointing the way and charged again. I was against another tank, one hand and tail above myself and then just before it struck, leapt up onto the tank as it slammed again into the tons of steel.

“Hey, big boy, up here!” I was taunting him but damn my pussy felt hot, wet and really nice. It wasn’t the thrusting feeling from a dildo or penis, just some gentle vibrations. Like the difference between being kissed hard and having lips just brush against mine. It was deliciously teasing.

The minotaur looked sat me, its chest covered with blood that was leaking now and stared, it’s erections still hard and firm and damn it was inviting. Then it deflated and died before me.

I climbed down, tempted to castrate it as a trophy but ignored the body and collected my pumps then returned to the flight deck to return to my chair and start my lunch. “We’ll repack the food, water and anything else we can use into those backpacks and leave after lunch. There are Stargates in Jordan. Japan and Java but I don’t know of any closer. Jordan is probably the closest but we’ll have to cross some 2500 miles of dangerous territory. That’s four months as the crow flies, maybe a year for us. I’d much rather find a closer one or better travel options.”


“Janice,” I corrected.

“That’s what I said, Janice! If we came here by stargate, couldn’t we go back the same way?”

“Normally yes, but those were one-way. I checked after arrival. I still don’t know how we got here either. You actually have to enter a Stargate and you have to activate the thing and you have to trigger it. The closest Stargate to where I left was a dozen miles away and it was destroyed decades ago by construction. The nearest working one was a hundred miles north.”

Eventually I’d find the solution but found that if I kept racking my brains I’d get nowhere so I forgot it, thought about something else and let my unconscious mull it over and the solution would come. So we packed three of the packs with all the food and water and medical kits we could find and left, the two women avoiding the minotaur and it’s blood.

We explored the airport terminal and found that it had been stripped long ago. Those aircraft I checked had empty tanks or the fuel had turned to shellac and their tires had rotted and the engine oil dried into tar. Well, no car, no plain, no train and no horse. 2500 miles in heels. Goddess my calves would be looking great by then.

There was one thing of note. I climaxed from my ben-wa balls before I even entered the terminal. It wasn’t one of those mind-blowing orgasms that I would get from riding a horse or from what a good woman would give me but I stopped, gasped and Jean asked, “Are you ok?” I gasped a couple more times, smiled and replied, “Fine, I’m really good.” Then waited a moment to calm down and continued. Goddess I felt good! Why didn’t all women do this all the time? I never wanted to leave the bedroom and stop only long enough to order more batteries.

Finally we left for the city, me hoping to reach it before dark. Along the way I sang another song, this time Jean and Kitty joining in and I loved to hear Jean’s voice as a part of me asked “where are the Baitel finding people to drain?” With humanity extinct, the vampires should have starved years ago. And why are the zombies hunting a deserted town? Did people survive and are they hiding nearby? It would take a large city to support the dozens of Baitel in that aircraft. Hmmm, it requires 7,000 people to support one chain grocery store. How many people does it take to support one Baitel vampire? How many to support as many as I killed in that aircraft? And where are they?

Like all modern cities, this one started small with isolated houses then the houses crowded and stores appeared then fields vanished to be replaced with asphalt, concrete and all the construction that plagues mankind. And as always, every house and building had been long ago broken into and ransacked by the survivors who had sought temporary survival through food and shelter. I could see signs (another climax left me staggering) that some had banded together but these had been broken into from outside though Baitel preferred to entice their prey. It’s that seduction thing vampires do. Werewolves would just break in and kill.

I was leaning against a wall enjoying another climax when Jean cried in anger, “Will you stop that! Is sex all you think about!”

When I could breathe again I thought, ‘she’s right. This is interfering’ so, regretfully, I hiked my dress, pulled my underpants aside and carefully fished inside to let the balls fall free. It took some doing but I have excellent kegels and so managed to push them down with the same muscles I used to hold them inside. I dropped them into a side pocket, intending to enjoy them later when we heard laughter.

Zombies don’t laugh and these men were armed. Unfortunately with modern rifles, probably taken from the Cargo plane though where they got the ammunition I had no idea. But my weapon was short range only though I did note that they carried fixed bayonets and old tulwars.

“May I help you gentlemen?” I asked in Hindi.

They approached and one said, “Who are you? No matter, where are your men and give us all your food and maybe, afterwards, we’ll let you live. That is if you please us.” And his friends laughed at his wit. “A woman with a sword. Hah!”

It was obvious that they held me in no regard, just another mattress for their lusts and frankly, I was getting tired of being manhandled. “Where is your base?” I demanded. I knew that these were seeking human prey as the Baitel sought them as prey.

“You’ll find out,” he was playing with my hair which I had spent too much time brushing. I needed a bath and shampoo and his dirty fingers weren’t doing me any good so I pulled my tanto and drove it into his armpit, severing the brachial artery.

He screamed and collapsed as I drew my sword and cut, opening another from collar to spine then turned and slashed to cut the intestines of the third free. Two more cuts in as many seconds and they were down before the women knew what had happened. Then kneeling I pulled my tanto free and asked, “Where?”

He coughed, said something obscene so I stabbed his crotch, “so be it” and wiped my blades on his shirt as he died. “At least we know someone survived. Now to find their lair and hope we can find other survivors.”

I walked off as they stared in shock, then they followed, Jean complaining about my violence.

I turned on her and demanded, angry, “Why are you here?”

“I don’t know!” she was rapidly loosing whatever composure she had forced herself to express the last few days.

“No, why are you still with me? You hate me, you think I’m a bitch and whore yet you follow me. Why?”

“Because without you we’ll die! Ok! I hate you but I need you.”

“And you,” I turned to Kitty, “No, don’t answer. I know the truth. You want this body. With you it’s pure lust and you hope that if you push enough, I’ll pay you attention and you can have another woman to notch your bed. You don’t like me any more than Jean and yet, you’re willing to bed me. At least I’m honest in my lusts.”

I strode away as Kitty broke down in tears. Goddess! How could I have ever card for that woman. Then I remembered and returned to strip the bodies. Unfortunately, the weapons had been recently fired and were void of ammunition. All were on ‘auto’ which was stupid. If one bullet won’t kill the monster, get a bigger gun and don’t waste ammo by spraying the enemy promiscuously. Their tulwars we decent but not as good as my katana so I left these and found nothing else of value in their pockets. For bandits they were terribly incompetent thieves.

Now where?

They came from the north so that means that their fortress was that way. Had they possessed loot, they’d be returning to it so I headed north. The thing about bandits is that they are so used to robbing civilians that they never had reason to improve their skills. So when faced by a real soldier with decent training and experiences, they were as helpless as their normal victims.

Ok, I was angry and lack of post-Shift sex was tearing me apart. I wasn’t an emotional roller coaster, I was a rocket, going straight up then crashing and then repeating over and over a dozen times a day. I’d settle down as I adjusted but not for weeks. In the meantime, there were monsters and bandits and vampires abound. Plus innocents who needed to be helped. Eventually whatever stored food they had collected would be gone and as they searched for more, they’d fall prey to whatever saw them as below on the food chain.

I wonder.. Baitel vampires can re-animate the dead to be their slaves. They use them to hunt for food and to protect their nest as they slept. But could they also change them into something no longer human? I was proof that junk DNA could be aroused and modified for my feet and tail came from my early primate ancestors a dozen million years ago. My antennae and lateral thumbs proved that DNA could be modified so could the Baitel somehow force human and animal DNA to merge into one wolfman or minotaur? That was a question worth pursuing.

Just north of Amritsar was a well-worn road, a road that was dirt but showed recent wear so I chose that one and after an hour of walking we saw the temple in the distance.

“What’s that?” Jean asked. So far our explorations hadn’t gone well and she was concerned.

“A Temple. Probably to Brahma since I don’t see any minarets to imply a mosque. But the road to it has been used recently so we’ll see what we see.”

“How do we know it wasn’t zombies that made this road? We could be walking into a trap.”

“Zombies, vampires, werewolves, they are all as wheat under my scythe.” I wasn’t happy with having removed my ben-wa balls but then, the orgasms I had every few minutes with them were distracting my ability to survive. So I was a bit cranky and wanted to kill something.

The temple itself was unusual for the Hindu. It was small but surrounded by a large ring of stones. I got the impression of a British Stone Circle with a building in the center. Weird. Stone circles were common all over the world, even Dr Leakey had found one in Africa dated a half-million years old and temple buildings were also common but rarely together.

Usually when the newer religions take over the older Circles, they destroy the Circles and use the stones for the new building. When the christians took over the Temple to Cernunnos in Paris, they used the original stones to build Notre Dame Cathedral so to see both, together, was weird.

When we approached, again the temple was unusual, being small for a nation that built on a massive scale to house hundreds of worshippers. Also instead of dozens of statues of the local god, this one had carvings of animals. All kinds of animals, most real like cattle, deer and tigers but some imaginary. But the carvings that flanked to door were what attracted my attention.


Kitty commented on it, “That looks like that carving on that cauldron, the one with all the gods. JBL sells a copy of it.”

“You mean the Gunderstrap Cauldron from Denmark. Yes, but this one is different, he has cow horns and not antlers. Plus he has three faces.” Jean added.

I snorted at them. “He’s Pashupati, the Lord of the Animals and ancestor to Shiva. He is also the foundation for Cernunnos, Herne, the Cerne Abbas Giant and perhaps even Pan. The three faces represent the Inseminator, He who keeps Mother Nature abundant, the Provider, He who sacrifices Himself that we all may eat and the Grim Reaper, He who gives release at the end of the being’s life. Here He is the Provider, the Green man, the Lord of the Hunt. I saw His main Temple in Katmandu when I climbed Everest a long time ago. You can see where the worshippers rubbed his phallus so much that it wore away.”

“So what are we doing here?”

“Who do the vampires eat if humanity is extinct? Who has been walking to this temple? Upon who do the bandits prey? There are people still alive, only they are hiding from us.” I explained, trying to be patient with the fools. Did they do a brain dump when they left me?

“Why are they hiding? We’re harmless.”

I snorted in disgust. “Look at me! Vampires and werewolves and zombies have been preying on them for years and I’m not human. They probably see me as another monster with you my zombie slaves. Plus I’m armed and after any disaster, looters fight each other and the winners become bandit warlords. No, someone survived and they are trying very hard to survive by hiding. Since they cannot farm and there’s nothing to hunt, food resources are failing and they are coming here to pray for The Horned God to feed them. Well, lets go in and see what’s happening.” I removed my shoes for it isn’t proper to meet a Nature God without touching His earth with bare feet.

Entering, the place was, as expected, empty. I know I should have left my swords outside but I was more afraid of vampires or whatever was using the temple than I was of desecrating a temple by bringing weapons inside. I did leave my backpack inside the door and the two women followed my example.

The room was large with no alcoves, just walls covered with carvings and faded paintings showing animals in the woods and plains and the sexual scenes so beloved by the Hindu religion. I looked at some of them, seeing sexual positions that I had never known existed and which seemed anatomically impossible. Then I observed the main altar area. The statue of Pashupati was larger than life, ithyphallic, and there was dried blood in his lap. His horns seemed to hold the roof and the altar upon which he sat held offerings, some near fresh but still days or weeks old. As we share with the Gods, so will the Gods share with us. They gave Him the best they had hoping that he’d reciprocate.

“What’s that blood on the statue?” Kitty asked.

“Sacrifice. All gods need a sacrifice to prime the pump for their blessings. Once you stop the sacrifice, they lose power and the miracles end. When was the last time the christian god appeared to grant a prayer?” I approached, checked around the back of the altar, looked into the rafters seeking Baitel and touched His erection. Like all Hindu Gods, it was large and polished from use but unlike the Japanese images, not unnaturally huge. On impulse I returned to my backpack and opened some of the MREs, seeking the chocolate that many contained as a quick source of energy. Then I placed the delight on the altar and stepped back.

“What are you doing,” Jean asked.

“Making an offering. Giving Him the best we have. People are coming here for a reason, I’d like to know why.”

A voice like rock grating penetrated our minds, bypassing our ears and giving us a splitting headache. “YOU QUESTION MY WILL!”

“oh shit,” Kitty swore as she moved away. We had all seen the movies where the stone idol comes to life to kill everyone but the hero who barely escapes, and here I was the hero while they not even the comical sidekicks.

“My Lord, Why?” I asked. It’s always best to be polite to a god, even if you don’t believe in them. They tend to have power in their temples and even if they don’t exist, they often have worshippers who do believe and who are more than willing to commit violence to punish a transgressor.


Each sound was a statement, not a question. He knew the answer for although few gods were omnipotent or omniscient, they did know more than we did and they did have powers we didn’t. Jean whispered in my ear, “I think now would be a good time for that red ball trick of yours.”

“My Lord, I quit from depression. I cannot do the job alone and…” I was cut off.


“My Lord, you underestimate human emotions and egos.”


He remained silent and as our headaches faded they asked, “What the hell is going on?”

“Apparently, the God brought us here so I could exterminate the local vermin. He’s not happy that I quit and walked away in the past. So we’re stuck here until we do what He wants.”

“Screw that. He’s not my god. I don’t have to do anything for him.” Jean insisted.

“Actually, dear, He IS your god. Just in another form and name. And He CAN keep us here until we do what He wants.” Then another, different grinding noise was heard. Dust fell as the statue moved. “Fuck!” Kitty swore.

“The Gods always need their sacrifice, GET OUT! Don’t come back until I call!” I ordered.

They ran for the door as I watched the statue move, leave His altar, the stone softening into flesh. In the movies… well, I was glad He was changing, stone hurts when it pounds you. I lay my swords aside and removed my dress as I didn’t want it ruined by what would happen. Idly, as I readied myself, I wondered what the women outside would think as they heard my screams. This was going to hurt… a lot! Then it approached, arrogant, masculine, His Horns and erection reaching to the stars as his arms reached for me.

I awoke hours? days? Years? Later, lying in a pool of my blood and His... fluids. I could feel the teeth marks on my shoulders, the bruises on my neck and mostly the aches down there. I tried to move, screamed and passed out.

Consciousness again. This time I lay there, hoping the smell of my blood wouldn’t attract the Baitel for I was in no shape to fight vampires now. I carefully rolled over, screaming again, then forced myself to my hands and knees. Ouch, my knees were scuffed from the stone floor. Someone should put padding in their temples. Keeping my legs as far apart, dragging my tail, I managed to crawl to the door. Then I collapsed, moans forced from my throat. Finally, an eternity later I got my canteen open and drank, cooling my throat, raw from an eternity of screaming. Then I sat against the wall and poured the rest over my body, washing away some of the blood and fluids.

“My god, what happened to you?” Even Jean was worried as they entered and saw me. “We heard the screams but the door had locked us out. You screamed for hours then nothing. We were afraid you were dead. Then after another few hours of silence you started to scream again and we got the door open and all this blood and... will you stop smiling! What the hell happened?”

Kitty was looking around, saw the fresh blood in the lap of the idol, again stone and on His altar then she looked at the mess on the floor and understood. “You… and he….?”

I moaned in another climax and managed to say, “Now you know. After a god, I find human men to be… inadequate.” And laughed at my joke. “The gods require a sacrifice but not all of them want a removed heart or flowers. He,” I tried to point, “Is also the Inseminator. He didn’t want my life, only my maidenhood.”

“Those hickeys are going to take forever to fade.”

“I’ll be ok. I just need to rest and recover. Food! I’m starving. At least He flushed this sexual frustration out so I can think again.” I managed to eat, small bites for my jaw ached from His member. I had vague memories of choking, trying to swallow and … Well, at least I knew now that all those illustrations on the wall WERE possible.

“Give me your ring,” I demanded, reaching for Jean.


“That gold ring, it’s mine. I didn’t recognize it at first but it’s one of the ones I lost when you …” I didn’t want to think about that. It would bring me down.

She held her hand, “This was given to me by… You mean he stole it from you and pretended that he bought it for me! That weasel.”

“And yet you kept the ring. Hand it over.”

She near threw it at me and I said, “Stand in the center of that circle in the floor. Don’t mind the semen, think of it as a blessing.” I tried to stand, climaxing again. Then forced myself to my feet. Walking stiff-legged, my hips were bruised from an eternity of pounding, I approached the altar. “I told you a Stargate needed a trigger. This is it! I had a dozen of them and they all vanished. When you get back to your time, try to get them back for me. And remember that I need your help to prevent this,” I motioned to the outside.

“Aren’t you coming with us?” Kitty asked this but Jean would have, I think.

“Can’t. I still have work here. The vampires, monsters and bandits need to be cleaned out so the locals can rebuild. Besides, it’ll be another two months before I can shift back to what I was. If I go back now, the government will put me in a lab or a zoo.”

“Wait!” Jean demanded. “So this whole thing was a set-up?”

“It was.” I was tired and wanted to sleep. “The Horned God wanted us to save the world from destruction but couldn’t because of you and your greed for attention. So He waited until you entered a Stargate and activated the ring to bring you here. Since the ring was keyed to me, it reached out and brought me too. This whole thing was a divine plot to save the world and you are pawns while I am the knight.”

“We can stay, help.”

“You cannot. You can’t even live here. Besides, your job is to get the community to like me, to support me, to help me stop the Rapture. I can’t do it, you said it yourself, I’m a bitch! Well, my dearest love, I am a soldier, not a politician. You can motivate people to help, I can do the work. Think about it.” And I set the ring into the keyhole and they vanished as I passed out, climaxing again. The previous times I was with the God it took days to stop climaxing when I moved. Good thing I was under His protection here so I could recover.

Then blissful blankness filled with erotic dreams and desires I’d never have with a human man or woman.


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