by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

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Please note that every one of these was requested by a specific woman so blame them.


By Rick Johnson

Did you know that I brew mead? That's honey wine. The last Fall Festival in Tucson I donated a bottle and it sold at auction for $40. True story. I've had women offer me their bodies for my lust potion mead because I have a talent for sex magick and lust spells.

So, after learning this, you decide to try a bottle. You dress in that special outfit to bribe me into giving you a bottle. You spend some time making yourself up. You shower and touch yourself to get hot then dress in a push up platform bra that shows off your breasts to their best. A garter belt and crotchless panties and a dress that is so tight you can hardly breathe. Then, as an afterthought, you try on a pair of 5" heels. It's difficult to walk in them but they make you feel so sexy they are worth the discomfort. Finally red nail polish and slutty red lipstick because you know I like that color. Now you are ready.

You show up at my place only to discover that I am in the back yard working on some woodworking project because I like to make things... toys.

You walk up to me quietly because I am so engrossed in my work that I can't hear or see you. I am in short shorts because I believe that if my cheeks don't show, my shorts are too long. And I don't wear a shirt because it gets too dirty working so I am covered with sawdust. My best feature, you notice, is my tight ass. You watch for a while as I cut oak boards and clamp them into a long platform. It's in sections but you look aside and notice the frame is almost six feet long and has eye bolts at one end and a winch at the other. I'm making a rack for a lecture I teach on the inquisition and you fantasize about how it would be to be harnessed to the thing, forced to beg for release, to offer anything for freedom and you notice that you are getting really wet.

Maybe later when it is finished.....

But for now, you watch me work, my tight ass peeking from my shorts as I work and your hand creeps to your breasts, unnoticed until you realize that you are pinching your nipples until they hurt. That's when you make your move.

Embarrassed, you clear your throat and call my name. At first I don't hear because I am so involved with my work but then you touch me and I am startled. Startled enough to loose my concentration and the wood I am cutting gets caught in the table saw and is thrown into my belly.

I'm angry and scream, "SHIT!" then I notice you there, afraid of my anger. My stomach is bleeding from a mild cut caused when the wood flew into my stomach and I yell, "Look at this! An hours work ruined!" So I turn off my saw and notice that I am bleeding so I storm into the house to wash myself off.

You wonder if you should follow and apologize or leave but all the work you did making yourself up decides you and you enter after me to find me in the bathroom wiping my stomach with a wash rag. I am still angry and you ask if there is anything you can do.

That's when I notice how you are dressed. I drop the cloth, blood still seeping from my cut stomach. Pain is unimportant when compared with the sight of you. "Come with me!" I order and I go to my bedroom where I order you to drop to your knees.

Terrified, you do so. You had only planned to ask for a bottle of mead and you try to explain that but I cut you short. "How are you going to fix what you did!" I demand, not expecting a reply. You see some leather manacles on the dresser, manacles that are for the rack and you get more afraid. And your fear makes you wetter than you have ever been before.

"I'm sorry.." You stammer then you look up to me and hesitantly reach up to me. You touch my stomach, still covered with sawdust and seeping blood and you kiss the cut. The blood tastes salty and the sawdust makes you sneeze and you start to stand up, to leave.

But I grab your head and force you back to your knees. "Service me!" I demand and you are so afraid you try to pull away. I hold your hair with one hand and reach over to my dresser with the other for a whip you didn't see. I lift your head with the whip and turn it to the dresser. "Put them on" I order and you know what I mean.

You start to stand but I snap the whip across your buttocks. The sharp pain makes you drop back to your knees and you, in anticipation of what is to come, crawl to the dresser and pick up the manacles. There is no lock to them. You wrap them around your wrists and notice that they have a simple fastener. Two square steel 'rings' with the overlap possessing a number of slots and one leather strip. You wrap them around your wrist and as the 'rings' fit through the overlap, you slide the strip through the rings. Simple but an effective locking mechanism that makes it impossible for you to escape.

There is no chain but the leather itself makes you realize that you are a prisoner. And I am standing before you.

"Please me!" I order again.

You see the bulge in my shorts and you slowly pull my shorts down to reveal my hardness. You've given blow jobs before but never like this so you slide your hands up my legs to hold my ass and place your lips over my stomach, tasting again the blood that you caused me to lose. Then, slowly, you lick the head of my penis, slowly running your lips down the shaft, trying to give pleasure but I will have none of it.

"That's NOT what I mean!" I demand. "If I wanted to be sucked, I'd have said so." So I grab your hair and turn your head up to mine. I am still angry and you can see it in my eyes. Then I force your face down and the end of my dick is pressing against your face. You try to turn away but I order you to open your mouth. You try to say 'no' but when you try, I take advantage of this and ram my cock into your partially open mouth.

You gag because you aren't prepared but I shove my hard cock in deeper until you are choking. Again and again I ram my hard cock into your mouth and you realize that you are getting wetter with each thrust.

"How can this be?" you think. Your mouth is being raped. You can still smell my blood as I ram my belly against your face with each thrust and you are so hot you think that you'll die. You rub your legs together as I fuck your throat, trying to make yourself cum but as close as you get, all that happens is that your pussy juice runs down your legs and makes them slide against your nylons.

Finally, just when you can't take me any more, when you think that you are going to die, I cum.

Fountains and fountains of my seed fill your mouth. It is as salty and unpleasant as the blood you still smell and you are about to gag but you have no choice. My cock is buried deep in your mouth. Your nose is mashed against my pubic hair and you can't breathe so you have to swallow. and swallow. and swallow.


Finally I let you go and you collapse onto the floor. trying to gag but the smell and taste and the power of what just happened makes you realize that, more than anything else, you want me. You want to cum. You want to cum with my hard dick ramming into your cunt as hard as it rammed in you mouth.

I sit down, breathing heavily with my orgasm and you realize that I had the best blow job I ever had and secretly, you smile with that knowledge.

"Why are you here?" I ask and you can see that even with my balls empty, I am still angry. So you, hesitantly, tell me that you wanted a bottle of mead. It sounds stupid and asinine now with you seeing my shorts around my ankles and the feel of my cum sliding down your chin but what else can you say?

I laugh and stand up, kicking my shorts aside. I am still hard and even though you can see my balls are tight, you realize that I can still fuck. still want to fuck you. This knowledge make you wetter again as I order you to stand up.

I stalk around you then rip your dress down to your ankles. You are startled and stand there knowing that your nipples are hard and exposed, your thighs are slick with your juice. And knowing that I know what made you so wet and hot.

"So, you want a bottle of mead?" I ask, laughing. You nod yes.

I reach out and pinch your left nipple and you moan in pleasure, not pain and I laugh. "You're a hot little bitch. What do you really want? Do you want my cock here?" I demand as I reach out and grab your pussy.

You gasp and try to say, "yes" as my finger slides so easily into your cunt hole. Still inside, I pull you with that finger to the bed. You stumble as your dress catches in your heels but I won't let you fall. My other hand raps around the back of your neck and I tilt your head back so that you are looking up to me. Then, suddenly, I kiss you, passionately, my tongue raping your mouth as hard and as wonderfully as my dick did a minute ago.

I let you go and you pant, gasping for breath then I push you back onto the bed.

Before you realize it, I am on top of you, my hard cock pressing against your belly. You try to wiggle up, to get your pussy higher so my cock will slide into your cunt. Oh, god, do you want me to fuck you but then you realize that I have other things on my mind.

I'm forcing your hands up and away and you hear the click of steel and realize that you can't move your arms. While you were trying to fuck, to be fucked, I had chained your leather manacles to the headboard. I get off now and you don't know what to do. Beg me to rape you or try to free yourself.

While these desires are fighting within you, I fasten two more to your ankles. You are bound to my bed, your pussy and breasts exposed and helpless.

"So, you want mead, do you?" I laugh and leave the room.


By Rick Johnson

i just love your erotic mails. i can sit in front of the PC , read and mails and pleasure myself. i fantasize a lot about what you can do. Gives me pleasure.
Hey i can even cum in front of the PC. Don't try to tease me, ok?? I'm already getting wet

Young lady, I can tease you as much as I desire. Want to do this right? OK, Right now go get four belts. Stop reading and get them now!

Back? good. I'm writing this story nude as I sit here. I took off my pants and am drinking a glass of mead as I think about the last part and wondering what I am going to do/write next. So... strap the belts around your ankles. Then tie them to the chair legs. That's right... so your legs are tied to the chair. Are you naked as well? I hope so. it will make that all the much easier. Now tie the remaining belts to your wrists. My manhood is hard, thinking about what I am going to do/write next. So many possibilities. Tie one hand to the chair so it can't move. You will need the other one free to scroll down as you read, and to touch yourself. Do it now!

I'm stroking myself as i write this but I won't allow myself to cum until the end, whenever that is. So if i get too excited, this will be short. If I have control, I will come twice as I write. I'm different from most men that way. I can come many times without getting soft if the woman excites me.

Now, where were we? As I recall, I had just raped your mouth and tied you to my bed. You are so hot your juices are running down the crack of your ass as you wait for me to return. My finger was just a taste of what you want. You NEED my cock in your cunt. my body crushing yours. my mouth on yours. "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?!" you scream. "FUCK ME, PLEASE! I NEED YOU! PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!!"

Then I return and you notice that Iím still hard. You gave me a blow job that would make any other boy soft for a week and I am still ready to fuck. What the hell does it take to satisfy me?

I have a bottle and a plate. I set the plate next to you and you notice that it has cherries on it. Almost a joke. Your cherry has been gone for so long and here you are seeing them. How poetic. You almost laugh with the irony of it. Almost, you wish, you had saved yourself for this day. What would it feel like to be tied to this bed, still a virgin, staring at that dick, as it tore through your maidenhead. Would it hurt? Or would the pleasure you are feeling overcome any pain?

That's when you notice that I am reaching between your legs. "Good" you think. "Finally he's going to finger me off again. Another pain makes you realize that I am forcing my finger into your asshole. "You missed," you want to say, but I pull you up off the bed that way. You arch your back and stretch your legs to relieve the pressure and when I pull out, you realize that I've placed a pillow under your ass. Not your hips, but your ass. Somehow that word seems more appropriate in this situation.

"God, isn't he ever going to get soft?"

I take the bottle and pour some mead into your mouth. It's so sweet. Wine that is made from honey. Sticky but delicious. You want more.

But I am sitting there, next to you munching on the cherries. Or at least you think I am. I put one cherry into my mouth, holding the stem then pull the stem, leaving the cherry inside. You can see it, being held between my teeth.

Then I bend down between your legs and place my mouth to your oh so wet pussy. You move with passion but you feel me push the cherry deep into yourself with my tongue. You can feel it inside of you. What am I going to do? tease you to death?

I put another cherry in my mouth and repeat the process. Again bending down and forcing it into your wet cunt hole. And again with a third cherry. You can feel them inside you. Hard but not big or long enough. And they don't move. That's when you see me pop all three cherry stems into my mouth.

You can see me chew them as my jaw and cheeks work. "What kind of shit is this?" you wonder then I suddenly snap the whip across your breasts.

"Pay attention" I mumble, still chewing.

You glance down and see the red marks across your breasts. They hurt, but somehow, they feel so sensitive, more sensitive than ever before. You want to beg me to kiss them, to suck them, to bite them but you are still afraid. Every time you come to your senses, I do something painful to remind you that I am still in charge. Then I remove the stems.

There they are, three of them, braided. I braided three cherry stems with my tongue! Your breathing gets heavier and your pussy pours out fluid. God, if he can do THAT, what else can he do?

I take a drink of mead and then fall onto you. You can't breathe with the weight and I force my mouth onto yours. You kiss me back only to find your mouth filling with mead from mine. You choke but swallow, getting a buzz from the alcohol.

I move down to your breasts, kissing the nipples and sucking them long and hard. It feels like your entire body is a tit and all your nerves are being sucked into my mouth. Somehow, you know that if this continues, you will come from having your nipples sucked. Somehow I push them both together and suck both nipples into my mouth.

You try to arch your chest, to force your entire breasts into my mouth but I pull away holding your nipples between my teeth. Finally, I suck them so hard that as I lift off, I stretch your breasts until they hurt, but it is a delicious hurt. Then I let go and you collapse.

I laugh then kneel between your legs, still hard. You can see your pubic mound in the air as your hips are forced upwards by the pillow underneath. I take another drink of mead then lower myself between your legs. "Please eat me," you beg. "Eat my pussy. I'm so hot I need you to eat me so bad. Please eat me, please fuck me" you beg, not really understanding what you are saying. Knowing only that you've had the most intense orgasm of your life and you want more.

So I place my mouth between your legs and you feel my tongue lick your clit. You can feel it grow, get hard and pressing between your lips to be kissed, stroked, sucked... But I move down and before you realize what I am doing, I've squirted mead deep into your pussy.

The feeling is... different. You can still feel the cherries inside but it's wet there. A different wet. You know you want to squeeze and pee but at the same time you want to feel it still there.

I am leaning over you, my lips glistening with your slickness and the mead. Then I lean down and kiss you again, this time you taste only the sweetness of the honey in my mouth... And you feel me ram my cock into your waiting cunt.

Oh, how good it feels. A hard cock shoved deep into your open and wet pussy, still full of mead and the cherries. You can feel the mead being forced out with each thrust, you can hear it squirt past my dick as I fuck you. And you can feel my cock head pushing the cherries up to your cervix. It hurts but you never want it to stop. And I never stop kissing you. My hands holding your shoulders from underneath as I ram my dick again and again into your hot and sweet pussy.

You moan as best you can with my mouth on yours and somewhere in the back of your mind it occurs to you that you really do have a sweet tasting pussy.

Again and again I thrust. You thought that having your mouth fucked took forever, this time, my second cum, takes even longer. You try to move your hips to make it feel better but the manacles and my weight make that impossible so you simply give up. You let the pleasure flow. You let it build.

Suddenly, without warning, you cum, again and again but still I thrust. "Please come," you try to beg. "I want to feel you come inside me." but my mouth is still on yours, my tongue doing to your mouth what my dick is doing to your cunt.

It's beginning to hurt, you are cumming so often but still I pound at your pussy. Faster and faster until suddenly I shudder. And you feel me squirt into you again. You feel so much being pushed into you, you don't know if it is all cum or cum mixed with mead. Almost, you are afraid of getting pregnant but if so, so be it. It's a story you will never be able to tell your children.

Then I relax and sigh. You now notice the weight on top of you. I came twice but you lost track of your own orgasms. I lift up, still inside of you and laugh.

"I'm hungry, I say and move down to your waiting and oh so sore pussy.

You feel my tongue licking your sore clit and then around your vaginal lips. Curious. A few minutes ago, they were cunt lips, now it's a vagina. Then the juices flow again. Oh no! the moaning starts again. And you try to push the cherries out. You can't cum again. It's too much. Maybe if you give me the cherries, I'll stop. There, you can feel them move. Then my tongue reaches in and finds one. Your cunt itself is fine, it's the outside that is sore from all that pounding.

Finally I get the last cherry. I stand up, still munching and you hear me say, "well, two down, two to go." And you see that I am still hard.....


By Rick Johnson

I think I'd like to take you out shopping. You'd wear a slinky dress and heels and no panties, as usual.

The first thing I'd do would be to pull your dress down to expose your breasts. No bra so they can bounce freely. I'd take one nipple on my mouth and twirl it with my tongue and feel it get hard, then I'd suck it hard until it begins to hurt. Then I'd roll it between my teeth to make certain that it was really hard and erect.

Then I'd do the same for the other one. Once they were both hard, I'd push your breasts together and suck both nipples at the same time and all the while I would be fingering your clit as you moaned in pleasure.

Then I'd stop before you came.

Now I'd take out a little gold braid I have with loops on either end. I'd fasten a loop over each hard nipple and tighten them so your nipples couldn't relax. I'd shorten the braid so that when standing, the braid has just a little slack but when you walked, your breasts would bob and pull on the string and the loops would tease your nipples all the time.

Then I'd lay you down and eat you out some. But while you are on your back, your breasts would try to slide apart but they couldn't because of the braid which would keep them together.

I'd lick your pussy and get your juices all over my face. I'd tease and lick your clit and finally bite it so that it hurts a little but I'd not stop sucking it. And just as you were about to cum again, I'd stop.

You would be begging me to fuck you but I'd just stand over you and unzip my pants to show you my waiting cock pointing at the ceiling. I'd tell you to suck me hard and you'd try to do it but I'd grab your hair and rape your mouth. I'd ram my hard dick again and again into your mouth, gagging you until I was about to cum then I'd pull out and you'd beg me to cum all over your face. You'd beg me to suck your hard nipples and squirt my cum over your breasts and rub the juice into the creamy skin.

But I wouldn't because I'd roll you over and slide my cock into your hot, wet pussy. You'd be on your hands and knees, your tits swinging with each stroke, the braid controlling them as I fuck you hard and long. You'd be on the verge of an orgasm but I'd cum first and fill your pussy with my hot cum. Then I'd pull out, leaving you gasping with frustration and need.

That's why I'd make you suck me first, to make certain that I came soon.

You'd be laying there, holding your cunt open for me to see my white seed inside, begging me to make you cum but instead, I'd pull out a set of vibrating ben-wa balls. They'd be two of them, steel and cold and hard with a cord attached to one.

I'd slide one into your pussy and you'd moan with pleasure as it stretched you open. Then I'd slide the other one in and make you stand up. You'd be so hot that you will think that you will die if I don't help you orgasm but that's not my plan.

I'd make you straighten your dress and I'd slide the battery case into your belt so no one could see what it was. Then we'd leave.

Once in the car, I would reach over and turn on the remote and you'd gasp as the vibrating balls send thrills up and down your woman-ness. You'd moan and reach down to touch yourself but I'd slap your hands away and tell you to play with your tits instead. You'd try to cross your legs to intensify the feeling as you rubbed your breasts, knowing that the braid isn't letting them relax.

Finally we'd get to the mall and I'd make you walk with me into the mall. You'd be staggering a little bit and occasionally moan softly as the vibrations intensified with your walking. You would feel my cum running down your thighs but I wouldn't let you clean it up. Instead, I'd make you walk along the concourse, looking in one window after another and you'd try to kiss me and fondle me and beg me to finish you right there in public.

Finally after an eternity of this teasing, with your pussy so on fire that you will die, I'd take you into a resturaunt where we'd sit in a dark secluded corner. While we were waiting for our order, I'd sit next to you and reach down to press your mound and clit down to your pussy hole. I'd press your clit in and the vibrations from the balls would be so intense you'd almost scream.

I'd tell you to be quiet or else and you'd have to bite your lips hard to stifle the screams that you so desperately wanted to expel. You'd have to take your napkin and bite it hard to smother your sounds but the other customers would know what was happening by your shaking body.

Then, after what seemed like a hundred orgasms, I'd let you go and you'd collapse with exhaustion.

I'd comment that you were a hot little bitch and you'd reply that you've never been this hot before. So I'd cool you off by taking a piece of ice and sliding it under your dress and into your pussy. You'd gasp with the sensation and reach down to jack me off in public. I'd stop you and tell you to come with me.

We'd go to another store that had furniture and you'd ask me to fuck you on the beds in front of everyone. But all I'd do would be to turn up the vibrations.

I'd find a secluded area of the store where no one was and I'd bend you over again and take my dick and slide it into your cunt. It would be crowded there with two ben-wa balls being banged further up by my hard cock. Each stroke would smash the balls together and you'd feel like they had broken free and were bouncing around inside your belly. Finally I'd cum again but by then you'd have had another dozen orgasms and the only thing stopping you from falling from the weakness would be my still hard cock holding you up by your pussy.

I'd pull out then and my cum would add more lubricant for the balls. I'd make you stand up and the balls would be so wet inside your newly fucked pussy that they'd start to fall out. You'd try to walk with your legs together but I'd pull you along faster so you'd have to almost run to keep up. The only way to keep them inside would be to clench your pussy muscles hard to close your cunt opening.

By now, your orgasms would be comming every five minutes and you would no longer care what people thought. So I'd take you into a storage room and lay you on a box. "Yes," you'd beg. "Fuck me hard, ram your blessed cock into my hot hole."

Instead I'd take out a tube of KY jelly and slide it onto my hard dick. I'd then lay on top of you and you'd reach down to guide my into you waiting opening. But I'd move down and enter your asshole instead.

As I fucked your asshole, my weight on top of you would press your belly and intensify the vibrations. My weight on your chest would cause your breasts to flatten and the braid would stretch your nipples more.

By then, you'd not know or care what hurt because the hurt would be so delicious. you'd be cumming and cumming and cumming as I slowly fucked your asshole then I'd lift up without exiting and sit down pulling you down onto my lap. I'd make you keep fucking me and you'd do so wildly and crazily like the whore you want to be.

Your ass would be stretched and your cunt would be on fire from the vibrating balls and all you would want would be for me to cum again. Your clit would be rubbing up and down my belly and pubic hair as you butt-fucked my dick and finally you would feel it get really hard and then I'd spurt into you again for the third time tonight.

I'd make you get off then and straighten your dress and we'd then leave the mall. You'd be dizzy from the balls and the fucking so I'd have to help you to the car and take you home. As we enter your house, you would be so relaxed that the balls would simply fall out onto the floor. You would have man cream leaking from cunt and ass and I'd take your dress off you because you would be too weak to do it yourself.

Then I'd lay you onto bed and before you could say anything, I'd slide into you again and fuck you slowly. You would be so weak and tired you'd fall asleep with me still on top and still thrusting slow and long in your well fucked pussy. You'd have little orgasms continuously, the kind you can't stop and finally you would pass out with me still working on my fourth.


By Rick Johnson

When are we gonna meet ??? I hope u meet with my expectations!!

Isn't that a bit difficult with me here in Arizona and you ... wherever you are. All I know about you is that you are 31, married, 5'4" or 5'5" and weigh 103 lbs but wear a size 27 jeans (whatever that means). Aside from that, I have no idea of what you look like. But the idea does get me hard. I tend to sit here at the keyboard, naked from the waist down as I write these especially for you. Since I have no idea of what to write or how it will turn out, I stop every paragraph or so and rub my hardness, thinking of you as I do so. But I don't allow myself to orgasm until the end of the story. It would be so much easier if I had a picture of you next to the computer to inspire me but I guess that will be later....

So, come on over love. Wear something slutty for me. Push-up platform bra that gives you cleavage under your tight dress but will expose your nipples when I remove your clothing. No underpants at all but high heels. The kind that people call "fuck me shoes." Paint your nails red and play with your pussy while you drive over to my place. Get nice and hot and wet for me.

If you have a cell phone, call me on the way over and tell me what you are doing and how good it feels. How much you wish it were my fingers sliding in and out. How you can't wait and will die if you don't get my cock inside you tonight.

So, the doorbell rings and when I answer, you are standing there, breathing heavily with desire, your thighs slick with your own juices. Even in heels, I have to look down at you and I can see your creamy breasts heaving with every breath.

You are just standing there, looking at me and I smile slightly, thinking of what I am going to do tonight. You glance down and see the bulge in my pants and you know that this is for you.

Without a word, I open the door and you enter. The door isn't even closed before I grab you and kiss you hard, bruising your lips with my mouth, raping your throat with my tongue. You can't breathe but I don't stop. I'm holding the back of your head with one hand and your hips with the other, pressing your hips into mine and you feel my hardness crushing your belly.

Finally I let you go and you collapse against the door, trying to catch your breath. I look at you and leer, then I slowly run my fingers up the insides of your thighs and you moan as they lightly caress your pubic area through the dress. Then I'm leaning against the door myself, supporting myself with one hand as I run the fingers of the other up your belly to your breasts. I circle your nipples through the cloth, first the right, then the left and you reach out to touch my hardness.

Then, before you can stop me, I grab the dress at your neckline and rip the cloth apart.

You are standing there in the rags of your dress, wondering what you will tell your husband, not even noticing that I am staring at your exposed nipples, peeking over the platform of your bra.

I grab your nipples, one in each hand and I roll them between my fingers and thumb, making them harder still.

You moan and your eyes close, your hands frantically working my belt and zipper open until you finally free my dick, hard and erect and surprisingly soft of skin.

"Enough," I say and I turn you around quickly and force you to bend over. You barely have time to reach out and grab the chair next to the door when you feel me ram my cock into your waiting pussy.

It slides in so easily you gasp as my belly bangs against your buttocks. I had entered completely in one quick thrust. Your knees give away but my hardness inside you prevents you from falling and then I am holding you by your hips as I pull out and thrust again and again. I'm ramming my hard cock into your cunt over and over and over, not caring what you feel, thinking only of my own pleasure in finally fucking this woman with whom I had been sharing so many fantasies.

But, far from an unpleasant experience, you are so excited you never want me to stop. You want to reach between your legs and play with your clit but I'm so rough with you that if you let go of the chair with even one hand, you'd fall forward, so you endure and focus on how good I'm making you feel.

You try to clench your pussy muscles, to give me as good a fucking as I am giving you and your hips move to meet mine. You can feel your breasts fall free of your bra and swing wildly with every thrust. You try to tell me to touch them but you can't catch your breath long enough to get even one word out.

You are building up to a climax and the roughness of my assault only makes you wetter and hotter. You can feel yourself about to climax but you try to hold it off as long as you can. You never want this rape to end.

Finally, after an eternity of pounding, of feeling my hard cock enter and leave your cunt, your lips stretch and relax, your clit rubbing the length of my dick, you feel me shudder and then, as you get so much wetter with my spurts, you relax and allow your own orgasm to go. You scream with the intensity of your orgasm as waves and waves flow through your body, your clit becoming so sensitive it almost hurts.

You finally allow your knees to collapse but my hard cock still inside you holds you up and prevents you from falling. I'm still hard, even after that orgasm and I run my hands to your breasts, cupping them and raising you upright. You try to curve your hips back so I will still be inside you and you turn your head to kiss me again. A long, slow passionate kiss where our tongues explore each other slowly and sensuously.

You are breathing hard as I continue to fondle your breasts and you twist your body and I pop out of you. You are disappointed but I smile and tell you to come with me and I take your hand and lead you into my bedroom.

My cum is running down your legs, starting out hot but cooling as it dries on your thighs.

Inside my bedroom, you notice that the computer is on and I had been cruising the porn sites. There is a picture on the screen of a redhead with the largest breasts you have ever seen. You wonder how she walks with those and you are a bit angry with me. How dare I want to look at her after you have given me such a great fuck.

"I have to finish some mail and will be done soon. Why don't you sit here and give me a blow job until I am done." I command.

"The hell I will," you retort. "I suck you off while you are thinking of some plastic slut!"

Then I grab you and throw you over my lap, you haven't been in a position like this since you were a child and I begin to spank your bare ass. With each wack, you cry out and the rest of my jism is pushed out of your cunt and begins to cover your ass cheeks. From dry slaps they turn to squishy slaps as my cum covers and coats your ass and you begin to get hot again.

You are about to cum again from the spanking when I stop.

"Please don't stop," you beg. "I'm almost over the edge again."

"Fine," I reply, "sit there and suck me off!"

You see the stern look and realize that I mean it so you kneel under the desk and begin to suck my cock. It never went soft and you marvel at the taste of your juices mixed with my cum. You slowly lick the length of my cock, lapping and kissing then you deep throat me. You decide to give me the best blow job ever, to do such a good job that I mess up on the computer and have to fuck you again.

Over and over again, you suck me, kiss and lick my hardness. You think about jacking me off, holding my dick so you can't go down too far and choke but you never do. Instead you finger yourself harder and harder, rubbing your clit in circles until you cum again and again. With each wave of orgasm, you suck all of me, feeling my head at the back of your throat muffling your cries.

Finally, you are spent and pull off, kissing it and looking at my cock with desire, wanting it inside you again.

"Ok, I'm finished. Let's surf for awhile."

"What?" you ask incredulously. "Is that all you want? What about me?"

"What about you?" I ask, "Sit here and we'll surf together." as I pat my lap.

You are angry again but start to sit there sideways.

"Not like that, " I state, "Like this," as I turn you around so you are facing the screen, your legs around mine and your back to my chest. Then as I settle you in place, I lift you up and slide my dick into your pussy again. You moan slightly as I easily enter and this time you start to move your hips.

"Slowly," I order. "Make it last. Move with long, slow strokes. Feel every inch and notice the feeling of your lips and clit rub and slide. Take your time, we have all night." I am rubbing your breasts again and you feel your nipples get hard again, your pussy get even wetter.

"Do you like her?" you ask touching the breasts of the redhead on the screen.

"I'm a breast man. I love breasts, touching them, sucking them, playing with them. I can make a woman cum just by sucking her nipples. Of course I like big ones, but I also like what I have now."

You can feel yourself getting wetter and more excited as I play with your tits. You wonder what it would be like to have such big tits, to have men walk into walls whenever you are out on the street. To be so large that tit-fucking any cock would be so easy.

You reach out to the mouse and back click to find the index page. Now you see another thumbnail and click on it to reveal another woman with huge breasts sitting on a man's lap just as you are. I'm fondling your breasts and you know that I'm not looking at the screen but am engrossed in you instead. Here is every man's dream and your lover is too interested in your own tits to notice.

I reach down with one hand and finger your clit, getting my finger wet with your juices on my dick and then rubbing your clit in circles. You look down and watch my cock slide in and out, hidden by your pubic hair then exposed with each rocking move you do.

You click again and look at another picture, another big titted woman being fucked doggie style. You remember how you felt a few minutes ago and you speed up your moves your attention now engrossed on your clit that is being rubbed and pressed inward.

Without warning, you climax again, crying out with pleasure as you try to pull my fingers away to no avail. Again and again you cum and I won't stop jilling you off even though the feelings are too intense.

"Don't stop. I'm almost there again."

Suddenly you break free and jump off, turning around and taking my harder than ever cock into your mouth. You suck and suck and finally I come, sending eruptions of salty cum into your mouth. You almost choke but you manage to swallow most of it. How could I have so much cum this time when it seemed like I had filled you to overflowing before.

Finally I stop spurting and you rest again as I run my fingers through your hair. Then I lift you up and kiss you again. Perversely, you use your tongue to push the last of my cum from your mouth into mine. I take it and swallow then reach down and slide my finger into your pussy and lift you up again.

I settle you onto my lap, this time facing me and you begin to fuck me again as we kiss face to face. It won't take you long to cum again but you know that my third orgasm will take forever to happen, just long enough for you to have another half-dozen orgasms as I pinch your nipples while we kiss and fuck.

The Visit

By Rick Johnson

Then there is a knock at the door.

"Enter," I say, a glass of mead in hand, and who should be there but you. I had called you because I was horny. You didn't want to come, couldn't come because your husband was home but I demanded and you are here.

You just stood there, all 5'4" and 103 pounds of Asian beauty leaning against the door jam, one leg up, looking at me and fondling the buttons on your white dress.

I get to my feet and strode over to you, to grab you, the little slut that we both want you to be.

Your eyes glazed over for a minute then you gasped, "Are you going to let me go or rape me?" I took a deep breath and let you go. I was so hard with desire that I was shaking and had to sit down.

I ordered you to poured me another glass of wine and to entertain me.

My stereo was playing Laura Brannigan but you say "This is such a downer. What else do you have?" And you looked through my collection.

"I like Brannigam. She sings how I feel...."

"Which is exactly why we need to change it. Ah, here's something. Madonna."

"I bought it for you a while ago," I replied. "Before..." I trailed off.

"Just relax, let me care for you." You said as the music began. You know that I can hurt you if you don't please me but you also know that this is a game we play. Me pretending to be angry, you pretending to be submissive and fearful. Tonight you needed to make me happy. So you swayed back and forth, lifting your hair and letting it fall as you stared into my eyes.

You then caressed your body through your clothes making love to the music. I had never seen you dance. But this was something new for you to do for me.

Slowly, your eyes never leaving mine, you unbuttoned your dress. Never stopping your moves, you danced there, your dress open to your crotch, your bra and panties showing. You ran your hands up your sides and cupped your small breasts. Breasts you had always complained about because they were so small when you know I like them large. You squeezed them with an intake of breath, arching your neck and closing your eyes for the first time. Then you let your dress fall to the floor, now dancing in your underwear.

You began to stare at me again with a look that made me understand how this tiny woman could do for me what she would never do for anyone else, including her husband. Then you unsnapped your bra in front, leaving it still covering them but threatening release at any move. Your hands slid into your panties and you gasped again, staring at me all the time. I wanted to rape the shit out of you and still may.

Then you turned around and bent over, sliding your panties to the floor, your vagina lips showing between your legs. I could even see that gold ring you had there. You stepped out of your panties and turned around, your trimmed pubic hair exposed but your hands covering your breasts, your bra pushed aside. You continued to dance, moving sensually and you finally whispered, "We can't fuck tonight, but I can make you feel good."

You were massaging your breasts by then. Then one hand slid down to your crotch, rubbing while the other pinched your nipple. "Do you like this? Does it get you hard watching me play with myself? I'm so wet my juices are running down my legs." And you proved it by touching my lips with her wet finger.

I reached for you then but you laughed and moved back with a grace that showed years of experience. Then you reached out for me. "Stand up, my love."

Taking your hands, I stood, my excitement obvious. You rubbed your body almost up against mine, teasing me, goading me to see how far you could go before I tied you down and had my way with you. Then you released my hands and began to unbutton my shirt, never loosing eye contact. I reached for your breasts and you wouldn't allow that. You refused me then, so I forced you to submit. I massaged them, fondled them, rubbed your nipples between my fingers, enjoying the feel of a woman who enjoyed my touch.

By the time I noticed, you had dropped to your knees and began to work on my pants. Undoing my belt and zipper and pulling my pants to the ground.

"Lay down," you gasped as you rubbed the insides of my thighs. I practically fell to the ground and you pulled my pants off. You started to remove my bikini undershorts but I took your hands and said, "Not yet."

Then you stood over me, still moving to the music allowing me to see up into your wet pussy. Your lips opening and closing with every move, the gold ring glinting in the lamplight. It was somehow erotic to see this girl playing with her breasts, seeing them from below as you pushed them together and apart, pinching them and twisting your nipples. I was about to cum in my shorts. I could see the wetness cover your pussy as you moved, obviously hot yourself. So I reached up and slid one finger into your pussy. It was wet and went in with nothing more than a moan of pleasure. You moved faster, no longer in time with the music. fucking my finger. fucking your own breasts. Then you shuddered and came.

Collapsing on top of me you sat on my crotch and smiled. I could feel your wetness even through my bikinis. "Nice," you said as you took my hands and moved them up past my head. "But we're not done yet. Are you hard? So hard you're going to pop? So hard you want to fuck my hot cunt? The same cunt that smeared pussy juice all over your face last week?"

By now you were rubbing your crotch over mine, the only thing separating us being a thin layer of cloth. You teasing me to see how far I'd allow you to go.

You bent down and kissed me. A long, lingering kiss. Nibbling my lip and pulling away when I tried to slip my tongue into your mouth. So I grabbed your hair and kissed you hard, raping your mouth with my tongue. Gasping, you slid down and pulled my bikinis off, your hands taking them down but your hair caressing my dick as you continued to stare at me.

You began to caress my hardness with your erect nipples. Leaning down and allowing one breast to push my erection aside as it traveled the outside of your breast to the nipple which caught for a moment then released as the process repeated with the other one.

You then began to slowly move down until your face was almost hid by my erection. You ran your tongue up the length of the shaft then took the head into your mouth. I could feel the saliva building up inside your mouth then you slid down, taking me completely into your mouth. You rose up and down for a dozen times, giving me a blow job, slowly, teasing more than satisfying me.

I could feel myself build up to a climax and you could too as I got harder so you stopped and before I could say anything, you kissed me again. I tried to move my hips up, to enter you but you only replied, "Remember, we can't fuck tonight. I wish we could. I really want to feel you inside me, feel that hard cock pump away at me. Feel your cum fill my hot wet pussy."

"Then do something," I said "before I flip you over and rape you."

You smiled then, "I know you want to so very much. And if you did, I'd have to fight you as hard as I could. I can't fuck you no matter how much we want . So please relax and let me make you feel good."

You now got up and sat on my crotch, my hardness being held down by your pussy. You began to rub me slowly. Your pussy rubbing my cock and getting it wet. I could feel my head striking your clit with each stroke but never getting to a position where I could enter you.

You began to moan again and I reached up to your breasts, rubbing and playing with them. "Pinch them. Pinch my hard nipples. Harder!" And you grabbed my hands and pressed them into your breasts, flattening them.

Then you pulled my hands a way and leaned down, never stopping your stroking. Your breasts were in my face and you begged, "Bite them! Please hurt them. Hurt me." So I did.

Not as hard as you obviously wanted for fear of causing damage but I tried. You screamed then and lifted up off my dick. You smiled and settled down around my dick then. As your pussy lips wrapped around the head, you slowly fucked the head of my dick.

"It would be soooo easy. Me sliding down inch by inch, your cock sliding into my hot, wet cunt. I wish we could. I want you to fuck me so much it hurts."

I tried to lift my hips up but as I did so, so did you. Always keeping my cock head inside but no more. I relaxed and plopped to the floor then rammed up but you were expecting that. "I told you, we can't fuck tonight even though I wish we could."

And you went back to rubbing yourself along my length, allowing my head to beat on your clit. Your breathing became as hard and fast as your movements, mine joining yours.

Finally I could take it no longer. I was bigger and stronger than you were. Fine! If you wouldn't fuck me I'd get something from you. I grabbed your hips and pulled you up and off my cock, then reaching around, I slid my finger to your asshole, then I placed my cock at your nether opening and began to slid in. It wasn't as hard as I thought, my dick was wet with her saliva and cunt juice.

And she helped a bit too.

"Oh god, it hurts." she gasped. "I'm a virgin there, my love. No man has ever put his dick into my ass. Please don't"

I kept sliding it in slowly, a little at a time. And, despite your protests, you moved in time with me, slowly taking more with each thrust until you were sitting on my crotch, my entire length inside your ass.

"Stop! Please stop. Let me relax. It feels like I need to shit." You began to rub your clit then, slowly in circles then your hips moving as well. I reached up and grabbed your nipples and pulled you to me. The pressure pulled you halfway off my cock then I pushed up with my hips burying myself again. You got the message. You slowly began to lift up and down, fucking my cock with your virgin cunt. You were telling the truth. You were too tight to be anything other than a virgin.

You began to move faster and faster, fucking my cock as you jilled herself off. Moaning in pain and pleasure.

Finally I couldn't take any more and came, filling you with so much semen that I thought my balls would collapse.

You must have felt it as well because you rubbed especially hard and screamed yourself.

Then you collapsed on top of me, both spent. "I've never felt like that before but I really need to shit," you said.

I wouldn't let you go and held you close. A thousand things came to mind to say. Anger, desperation, desire, all fighting for release. I was relaxed but wanted more sex. I wanted to fuck you up but at the same time I wanted to make love to you slowly. I didn't know what to do so I just held you hoping that this time would never end.

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