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When the Demons took the first humans from Earth and allowed them to spread across Demon Space, human history changed and became more complicated. Calendars no longer coincided and it became difficult to know if it was yesterday, today or tomorrow on a nearby world. An entire indistry sprang up whose sole purpose was to calculate time across the galaxy.

Note: all dates in this timeline are approximate due to relativity. Ex: If two ships leave point A at the same time with clocks set to the same time but one travels at a higher velocity than the other or if one has a different mass than the other, then when they arrive at point B,

  1. their on-board clocks will show different times.
  2. Their arrival time will vary by as much as centuries. Relativity Compensators can reduce this to days. Not all Demon ships care to operate their Compensators. Not all Compensators work as well as others.

In the absence of instantaneous communication across hundreds or thousands of light years, it is impossible to keep accurate track of time and so any calendar is local only. Thus time and distance are calculated in both Standard (based on the base-12 Metric System of Planet Hell) and Local (using whatever measuring system the local inhabitants like but based on the current planetary day/year).

However, because both Demon and Human thrive on a stony-iron planet with a temperature within a hundred degrees of the freezing point of water (class-M), and these planets form best around G-Type stars at a set distance, most Class-M worlds have a similar year (usually within months of 360 days) and so if Dr = 1, then C = 1.007 and ce = 1.03.

(Note: a Class-M planet is a stony-iron planet with a mass within 10% of Earth. Temperature is determined by distance from sun and size of sun so stars with Sol’s mass will have a Class-M world at about 93 million miles distance (+ or - 5%) and a year of around 365 days (+ or – 20%) with a day of around 24 hours (+ or – 15%). If the planet is closer, the year is shorter but the temp is higher. Too hot and it becomes Class-L. Too far and the temperature drops, the year is longer and it becomes Class-N. Both these are habitable but uncomfortable, like living in the artic or a hot-house. There are better places to colonize.)

Here I will give the approximate Terran Date for the initial Local Calendar but if the local year can range from 300 to 450 days and the local days range from 20 to 30 hours, then dates will be inaccurate.

  1. Bce = Before the Common Era. Earth Scientists prefer this to ‘before christ’.
  2. Ce = Common Era. Earth scientists prefer this to ‘anno domini.’
    Note that bce = bc and ce = ad in the Terran calendar.
    Not every nation on Earth uses the christian calendar.
  3. C. = Commonwealth times based on Hell local. Commonwealth = Standard.
  4. Dr. = Drakonan Calendar. Marks time from Independence.
    Prior to this, Gaea used Commonwealth calendar.
  5. c. before a date means the date is very approximate.

Rough time relations are:

  1. 1100 ce = 1 C.
  2. 1400 ce = 300 C. (this is a guess and may be off by years)
  3. 2002 ce = 954 C. (this is a guess and may be off by decades)
  4. 2008 ce = 962 C. = 1 Dr. (this is a guess and may be off by years)

Also, lacking accurate archaeological and historical study, many dates are conjecture only based on best-guess from the available evidence.

Time incident

50,000,000 bce
Demons develop intelligence. Demons are six-limbed, warm-blooded ‘reptiles’ who live in a socialistic, peaceful, vegetarian society. Thus they have no greed or war to spur on technology.

c. 23,000,000 bce
Barsoom is a lush living world.

20,000,000 bce
Demons develop star travel. Their casual attitude towards exploration causes them to expand slowly.

c. 1,000,000- 500,000 bce
Barsoom begins to dry up and die.

c. 900,000 bce
Orovars found Horz on Barsoom.

c. 100,000 bce
Humans are abducted by an unknown species.
These humans revolt and capture advanced technology, or are released and are given advanced technology, or are abandoned and locate or develop advanced technology.
Due to the limited gene pool of the original abductees, random mutations and genetic problems spread throughout the entire population. These humans quickly become ‘alphas’ or ‘grays’ and they seek out Earth and other human populations to perform breeding experiments to increase their own genetic diversity to stave off extinction.

Unknown but probably less than 5,000 years ago
Green Men from Barsoom are abducted by an unknown species. The Green Men quickly overcome their captors and take advanced technology for themselves. They retain their innate aggressiveness and cruelty but abandon the thoat and sword in favor of blasters and starships. The increased gravity of their new home causes them to become more massive and stronger. Green Pirates now live off raiding neighboring systems and passing ships, making war among themselves and torturing captives. Green Man psychology prevents them from improving their own technology and forces them to steal advanced technology from their victims.
Green Pirates are a very real danger but not a threat. (Diary of Ayiesha Penaut)

1100 ce or 1 C.
A Demon ship discovers Earth and abducts a town in northern England to collect a variety of biologicals to determine future colonization. This town is having a Faire and so is filled with Norman, Saxon, Celt, Fairy. Plus christian, Odinist, Pagan, etc.
The christian humans name the aliens ‘Demons’ and the first Demon Planet visited, ‘Hell’.
Demons cure all human illnesses and diseases then release them into Demon space.

20 C.
DIASPORA happens.
Many Celts migrate to Kentaurus where the desert and low iron force them to be engineered to copper-blood (green) and olive skin to resist UV.
Many Saxons migrate to Vanthi to form an isolated saxon/odinist society.
All Fairies migrate to S’tyr and the limited gene pool causes adaptions to create the S’tyr race.
Fundamental christians migrate to form the Holy Empire of God in Christ and resist any alterations including plastic surgery or transplants because god made man in his own image.
Most humans remain in Demon Space and live among the Demons in peace.

300 C.
A fleet of 12 christian Battlestars enter Demon Space and destroy Hell. This starts the Kris Wars.

600 C.
With the Kris military rapidly exterminating the pagan humans and Demons, the Demons engineer the Humans into the Mon (9’ Soldiers) and themselves into an aggressive carnivorous form of their earlier species. They then begin to push the Kris back.

900 C.
Demons meet with the Skree, an advanced insectoid race. War ensues and the Skree win distance fights but are exterminated when boarded by Demons. The Skree quickly become tired of war and seek peace repeatedly until the Demons agree.

c. 1000 ce
Air travel is developed on Barsoom.

C. 1480 ce
Janice Obrien is cursed by the Sarmatian god. (Conversion)

c. 1485 ce
Janice Obrien is assisted by Diane Winters and Fiona O’Neill to rescue her daughter in Japan. (Recovery)

1866 ce.
John Carter travels to Barsoom for the first time.

1930 ce.
Barsoom develops space travel and ‘computers’.

c. 1950 ce.
Morgors from Garobus invade Barsoom. After the war ends with the destruction of the Morgor by external attacks by Barsoom and internal slave revolts by Savators, a large fleet of Morgor ships leaves Garobus. Somehow they reach Drakonis in 48 Dr. causing the Morgor War which results in their extermination by Lanai.

1970 ce
Demons abduct Jason Obrien and engineer him into the first Weir. They appear to have abandoned the idea but follow through later on Drakonis with the colonists.

c. 1980? ce
As-Tan leaves Pal-ul-Don on the Amber Hope. (The Visit)

c. 2005 ce.
George Wagner returns to Earth to visit his family. (Homecoming)

950 C.
The Kris Wars officially end with the conquest of Kentaurus following the mass suicide of the christian population.

954 C.
Obrien moves to Gaea then arrainges for people from Earth to immigrate. These are modified by the Demons to produce Weir grandchildren.

962 C. or 1 Dr.
Drakonis is granted independence from the Commonwealth because of it’s value as a buffer-state. The first Gaean-born humans are about 5 years old. There are about 175 Lanai created, most of which are assigned to the Yossarian, the first Medium-class Battle Cruiser purchased from the Demons.

5 Dr.
The first Devil at Drakonis is executed for being too greedy. His head is placed on a pike in the town square of Caer Cyprian as an example to others.

10 Dr.
The Vespasian is comissioned. There are about 400 Lanai in Drakonis.

12 Dr.
The Alpha race discovers Gaea and begins to abduct the humans for breeding experiments. The Yossarian captures the Alpha ship then executes the crew whose heads are piked. The Alpha homeworld sends a fleet to punish the Drakonians. The Alpha War is short-lived but forces the Alphas to ignore Drakonis.

15 Dr.
Kimama, a Commanche woman from Texas is elected Third Devil at Drakonis.

18 Dr
The Cassavian is commissioned. There are 800 Lanai now.

24 Dr.
The first Weir are born on Gaea.

25 Dr.
The Kalkis is purchased. This is a front-line Battleship. There are 1500 Weir now.

26 Dr.
Barney Holtzman is born (Journey Among the Don, Collections I)
Pauline is born.

36 Dr. (c. mid 1970s ce)
George Wagner colonizes. (Homecoming)

37 Dr (c. 10 bce)
Marcus Flavius Colonizes.

38 Dr.
Marcus Flavius joins Starfleet.

40 Dr.
First Shitai War.

41 Dr.
The Ilthmar is commissioned as a new Battleship. There are now about 2200 Lanai.

42 Dr.
Ayiesha Penaut is born. (Diary of Ayiesha Penaut, A Maiden on Barsoom, Weir-Lu of Caspak)

44 Dr.
Pauline joins Starfleet to meet Marcus Flavius.

48 Dr.
The Morgors invade Paradys after the fall of Garobus. This starts the Morgor War.
The Kzinti invade Gaea to start the Kzinti War.

49 Dr.
Michael Wagner born. (Homecoming)

50 Dr.
The first second generation Weir are born.

51 Dr.
The Second Shitai War occurs.
Drakonis expands to four dozen systems.

52 Dr.
Pauline (26 years) and Marcus Flavius (80) marry.
The Flavian, Polarian and Koshkarian are commissioned. There are now 3000 Lanai.

53 Dr.
The Derlin is comissioned. There are now 4000 Lanai

54 Dr.
The Altarian, Corragian and Dunnarian are commissioned. There are now 10,000 Lanai.
The Commonwealth is getting concerned with the expansion of Drakonian space and military.
Kos considers revoking their independence to keep them under control.

56 Dr.
The Sheellarian, Tiborian and Raskarian are commissioned. There are now 11,000 Lanai.

58 Dr.
George Wagner joins the Crew of the Amber Hope and divorces his wife. (Homecoming)

60 Dr.
Ayiesha Penaut and George Wagner join Starfleet. (Diary of Ayiesha Panaut, Homecoming)

61 Dr.
The Commonwealth drives the pirates from their territory after a multi-year war. The pirates settle on Reteif think that they will be safe there. The Pirate War ensues and Marcus Flavius dies in this war.

62 Dr.
Third Shitai War. Most of the fighting is on Sothis. (Diary of Ayiesha Penaut) This one war convinces the Commonwealth to leave Drakonis alone. They aren’t afraid, but realize the value of such a dangerous nation that has no empirical ambitions or political connections and so the Commonwealth cannot be accused of anything Drakonis does.
George Wagner resigns from Starfleet and buys the Amber Hope. (Homecoming)
Barbara Chin and Barney Holtzman study the Don of Pal-ul-Don c. 1940? (Journey Among the Don)

63 Dr.
Ayiesha Penaut recovers at her parents farm and is transported to Barsoom. (A Maiden on Barsoom).

65 Dr. c. 2005ce
SummerIsle is built on Earth. (Weir-Lu of Caspak)

66 Dr.
Ayiesha Penaut takes assignment on SummerIsle and helps Jason Obrien to rescue Ga-Lu women from Oh-oh. (Weir-Lu of Caspak)

c. late 20th to early 21st Century ce.
A cataclism decimates earth. Much of California slides into the ocean. Large areas are rendered radioactive and 90+% of the planetary population dies within the first 24 hours. 90% of the survivors die over the next year. Christianity calls it Revelations or The Rapture, Odinists call it Ragnarok, Moslems call it the Hammer of Allah. Everyone thinks it is the end of the world and blame each other.

c. 22nd century ce
Demons return Jason Obrien to Earth. He takes a job with British Intelligence and is sent to Barsoom. He is about 22 years old. (Spy)

c. 22nd century ce
A miscalculation with a stargate sends Jason Obrien, Diane Winters and Fiona O’Neill to the Congo Lake and then to Pal-ul-Don. (Drying Out in a Humid World)

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