by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

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Before you can understand the Weir Race, you need to know a bit about Demon and Human history.
The Demons reached intelligence some 50,000,000 years ago but their technical development was hindered by their vegetarian diet, total pacifism, unified race and socialistic society. But what technology they developed was perfect. No pollution. Lasted forever. Did what you wanted it to do. No bugs.

Shortly after the Norman Conquest on Earth, A faire was being held in Southern England that attracted not only the local Angles and Saxons, but Celts, Fairies and Norman too. At that time a Demon ship arrived, detected a large concentration of varied biologicals and simply abducted the entire town.
The Normans called their alien abductors Demons and the planet where they set down Hell and the names stuck to this day. The Demons then cured all the human diseases and released them to live among the Demon spaces.
However, human hatreds die hard and the Diaspora occurred where the various races separated and spread out among the stars. The Fairies isolated themselves and because of their limited gene pool and new environment, changed into the S’tyr. Many of the Celts moved to Kentaurus and faced with an iron-poor world, were engineered by the Demons from red iron-based blood to green copper-based blood and an olive skin that could survive the solar radiation. The christians considered this abduction to be gods punishment and formed their own empire leaving the pagan races to separate or mix as they would.

500 years ago, the Holy Empire sent a fleet of 12 BattleStars to destroy the planet Hell and exterminate the Demon and pagans and so the Kris wars began.
Over the next couple centuries, the Kris pushed the Demons and pagan humans back to the brink of extinction until the Demons engineered themselves into meat-eating aggressive fighters. So successful was this that the Demons did the same to their human allies thus forming the Mon race. Mon being nine feet tall with enhanced strength, speed and intelligence. Between the new Demon Breeds and the Mon, the Kris were pushed back to a half dozen systems.

It was at this time that the Demons began to concern themselves with Earth, feeling that if the Terrans could develop space travel, they might ally themselves with the Kris so Demons began to visit Earth and found that Earth History had followed their own, only technical development on Earth had been slowed by the rigid Cast System in Asia and by christian repression in Europe. Earth then, was barely into the space age and had only recently managed to send manned flights into low orbits.

It was at this time the Demons abducted a young Irishman who had been an IRA terrorist and a treasure hunter in Africa and it is his story that concerns us now.

Jason Obrien quickly realized that his only chance to survive past the month they gave him was to be very polite, very honest and very useful. Three years later he was still alive.
The Demons understood the need for star flight, they just didn’t like doing it themselves so when they had possession of their newest abductee, they began to engineer him into a form that could survive and operate their star ships. Over the years they gave him a prehensile tail as a third hand, tarsial thumbs on his feet for gripping, enhanced eyes and ears for expanded vision and hearing, antennae for esp and converted his smallest finger into a second thumb. Internal adaptions followed. The result was the first Weir and so successful was this that when the subject of this experiment was released and eventually settled on Gaea, those Terrans who immigrated to that world were engineered by the Demons so that their grandchildren would be born as Weir.
This then, is a basic anatomy of the Weir race.

The most striking aspect of the Weir is their tail which causes some to call a Weir “monkey man”. The tail was developed to give the person an additional hand when repairing a star ship and to grasp projections in zero gravity.
The tail is an extension of the caudal vertebrae which in humans ends in the coccyx, and is composed of a number of caudal phalanges similar to finger bones which change from thick and long to short and thin as they approach the distal end. The tail is about three feet long and the first one third is heavily muscled, the middle one third lightly muscled with the latter one third narrow and controlled by ligaments only. The tip of the distal phalange has a sensitive pad with a unique tail print and is as sensitive as a finger tip.
The tail can be curled tightly in a forward manner as can be the fingers of the hand but a reverse curl is limited to almost one circular loop. It also has some limited sideways curl as well.

The large toe of the feet has been released from the meta-tarsial bones and has become a tarsial thumb to allow grasping and a strong grip. In made Weir, the fourth toe remains but in born Weir, only three toes and the tarsial remain the fourth toe being residual and buried.
This was developed because magnetic boots are useful only with a ferrous hull which is never used by Mon or Demons and so another way of holding on to the hull was needed. Plus when in zero-g, the tarsial can be used to grip projections and thus prevent the Weir from drifting off.

The small finger opposite the thumb as been converted to a secondary thumb. This was intended to provide a stronger grip but it is unknown if this intention succeeded or was a dead end.

< img src="w-ear.jpg" align=left> The ears were pointed to cup sounds more efficiently and the inner ear was expanded to higher and lower frequencies to hear machinery malfunctions. The Weir hearing is not very much more sensitive than the human so a whisper to a human is the same volume as to the Weir.

The eyes had a closing membrane to provide additional light control giving the Weir the appearance of a cats’ eye. Internally, the Weir have the usual rod and cones but these are more sensitive to UV and IR allowing the Weir to see into Infra-red and Ultra-Violet. To the Weir, UV is a colour that is similar to violet but more intense as red is similar to orange but more intense. IR shows as brightness in the dark so warm objects seem to glow . Night vision, though excellent, is still black & white only.

The weir also possess a pair of antennae that grow from their forehead near the bridge of the nose. These antennae are sensitive to long-wave EM along the 100km band and so can detect and transmit telepathy. The Weir use the verb ‘estann’ to indicate this perception. These antennae are very sensitive and so are retracted into the skull when threatened as the eyelids close to protect the eye when this is threatened.

In humans, the internal breast is composed of two separate parts, milk glands that are attached to the blood system and convert food from the blood into milk and fatty tissue. It is this fatty tissue that gives the female breast its size and shape. The more fat, the larger the breast.
In Weir, with the infant’s greater demands for food, normal breast milk is inadequate so the Weir breast fat is intensely concentrated protean and fats which takes some years to grow. This fat contains far more food value than normal fat and takes years to produce. This fat is grown by blood flow and the milk glands are attached to this fatty tissue and not the blood system.
Because of the intense nutritional requirements of the Weir infant, the mother needs far more milk and this milk must be more nutritious than human milk, thus the more breast fat the mother possess, the greater the more milk the child can consume. Thus Weir breasts are larger and firmer than their human counterparts. It is said that a 50 year old Weir who has nursed four children has a better looking body than most 20 year old humans.

Like humans, Weir sexual organs are comparable to humans in size, shape and appearance. Weir men, therefore, are no larger than a human male.
Unlike humans the Weir are born without foreskin or maidenhead.

Weir reach puberty around 15 years and develop slowly for a year after that. Thus a 14 year old weir resembles a 12 year old human. By 16 or 17, the Weir catch up with humans and are similar in development. However, they don’t fully mature until 25 when their reproductive organs mature and they are able to produce children. The Weir womb requires regular entry of the same sperm before fertilization can take place. If sperm from multiple partners enters, the womb generates an environment that kills them off. Thus the female Weir must be faithful to one partner in order for ovulation, fertilization and gestation to take place. The Weir male produces three types of sperm: Entanglement which creates nets to catch other sperm, Combat which attack sperm of a differing chemical response and Fertilization which fertilizes the egg. When in a monogamous relationship, the Entanglement and Combat sperm cease to be produced which allows the fertilization sperm free access to the womb.

Weir don’t produce much body fat. The exception is that a female Weir will prepare for pregnancy by growing extra fat on hips and thighs. This fat is then moved to the breasts and converted to breast fat to feed the child or used to supplement the food that the mother consumes.

When the Demons engineered the first Weir, they didn’t understand human needs and hormones fully so when the Weir were created with enhanced strength and reflexes, their desires were also enhanced thus increasing the Weir sex drive. In Weir, regular sex is required or they suffer irritability, headaches and other symptoms that lead to death. Because of Weir openness towards sexuality, these symptoms are very rare.

Weir males are as capable of multiple orgasms as are Weir females. Provided the male replaces the lost fluids, they can climax indefinitely though failure to eat and drink will result in a ‘dry climax’ where nothing is ejaculated.

The Weir heart is the major circulating organ in the body but not the only one. There are simple muscular bulges that surround the major arteries at neck, hips and shoulders. If the main heart is damaged, the blood is diverted around the heart and the secondary muscles kick in to keep the Weir alive until the Weir’s healing abilities work.

BODY SIZE Weir are a race created by the Demons as a slave-race to work aboard their starships. Therefore Weir physiology is determined by Demon Needs. Smaller bodies to crawl inside close confines, greater strength to move and repair ships, tarsal feet for grip in zero-gravity, prehensile tail for extra hand, enhanced senses to see/hear/estann problems.

Weir height chart

Average stats:
  1. Male = 5’ 10”, female 5’ 4”. But shorter is common
    It is unheard of to find a Weir that is 6’ tall despite the statistics.
  2. Strength = 3x Human
  3. Reactions = ½ Human
  4. I.Q. = 125 average with 140 common.
  5. Visual = Infra-red to Ultra-violet
  6. Hearing = wider range but as sensitive
  7. Smell = normal compared to humans as Demons saw no reason to enhance this sense.

Loosely speaking, Humans born on Earth possess DNA composed of 23 pairs of Chromosomes (48 total) which contain some 25,000 genes that determine everything from hair color to which sex you will be to how to digest a tomato. Many of these genes are called ‘junk DNA’ and are remnants of human ancestry. A fetus will possess a tail and gills because it contains DNA from an ancestor that possessed a tail or gills.
However, these aspects are lost as the fetus matures even though the body retains those genes.

Sex in Humans is mostly determined by the 23rd pair of Sex Chromosomes which are labeled X and Y. Normally males have XY chromosomes and females have XX chromosomes.

This is not the normal way for different animals possess different numbers of chromosomes and different ways to determine gender.
List of Animals and # chromosomes:

  1. Mosquito 6
  2. Fruit fly 8
  3. Pea 14
  4. Sunflower 34
  5. Pig 38
  6. Cat 38
  7. Mouse 40
  8. Human 46
  9. Gorilla 48
  10. Chimpanzee 48
  11. Dog 78
  12. Goldfish 94
  13. Butterfly 380

Also different animals will use different ways to determine gender.
List of Animal gender and chromosomes that determine gender:

  1. Human- male = XY, female = XX
  2. Grasshopper- male = Xo, female = XX
  3. Bird- male = XY or Xo, female = XY
  4. Butterfly- male = XY or Xo, female = XY
  5. Moth- male = XY or Xo, female = XY

Gender is determined by the gene on the sex chromosome, not the chromosome itself.

When the Demons adapted the first Humans into Weir, they added a 24th pair of chromosomes and activated and modified junk-DNA to produce the effects they wished.
When Drakonis was founded, the agreement with the Demons included the conversion of any colonist to add an extra chromosome that is dormant. Under normal conditions in Humans, any extra chromosome will result in birth defects such as Down’s Syndrome. Gaean-Humans possess this extra chromosome with no effect.

There are three races on Drakonis to produce two possible forms of children, Gaean-Human or Weir:

Earth-Human + Earth-Human = Gaean-Human
Earth-Human + Gaean-Human = Gaean or Weir
*1st child has 50% chance of being Human or Weir.
*If 1st child is Weir, all children will be Weir.
*If 1st child is human, 2nd child has 50% chance of being Human or Weir.
*3rd and following children will always be Weir.
Earth-Human + Weir = Weir
Gaean-Human + Gaean-Human = Weir
Weir + anything = Weir

EARTH HUMAN GAEAN HUMAN WEIR EARTH HUMAN Gaean Human 1st 50% human or Weir if human, 2nd 50% human or Weir if Weir, all others will be Weir 3rd and rest of the children always Weir Weir GAEAN HUMAN / See diagonal box / Weir Weir WEIR Weir Weir Weir

Gender in all Humans is determined by XY chromosomes: XX = female, XY = male.

All Weir are XX so gender is determined by genes on that chromosome plus hormone level. Adding testosterone will change any female of any age into a male, Estrogen will change any male of any age into a female. Thus Weir can change sex. If so, this change is total and complete and the observer cannot determine if the person was born that gender or changed. Weir who change gender are still fertile and can sire or bear normal children.
When a Weir changes gender it will usually happen at puberty. The incidence of this is about 1 : 1000 or 0.1%.
Occasionally, massive physical injury may trigger the change.

When the Change occurs, it is best o allow it to happen (the process taking less than a week) then when complete wait a few months for the body to settle in. At this point (abut 3-6 months) the individual may remain their new gender or Change back. Hormone therapy will initiate the change to the other gender.

Age: Although the Weir lifespan is currently unknown, the Demons estimate that the Weir will reach physical maturity around 25 years and cease to age or to age very slowly until 450 years at which time the aging process will start again and the Weir will die of old age around 500 years.

Blood: The Weir blood is primarily iron-based but under stress, the blood will switch to copper-based. This may be a lack of iron in the diet resulting in anemia or a disease that thrives in normal blood but will be killed in copper blood.

Brain: The Weir brain is the same size as the human but increased blood flow and vessels within the brain allow more to be used. This increases memory, mathematical and cognitive skills and raises the IQ of the Weir to far above human normal.

Birth development: When born by a human, the Weir will remain in the womb for 4-6 months. When born by another Weir, this period drops to four months. Thus the Weir infant is born small and resembles a premature child. The Weir infant then does little more than eat, sleep and excrete until six months later. At this time, the Weir begins to remain awake and develop normally. Human women who bear Weir children require alternative nursing sources as a human cannot produce enough milk of the quality and quantity needed to keep a Weir child alive. Thus, Humans who bear Weir children generally keep a Rundi handy or purchase mass quantities of Rundi milk to feed the child.

Healing: Weir are engineered to survive. Thus they heal quickly and can even regrow lost limbs. Killing a Weir is an effort! Weir cannot pierce their bodies or tattoo as the body heals too fast and rejects the ink.

Reflexes & Strength: Weir were engineered to be stronger and faster than normal humans.

To contact me or to request topics to be covered, send to RikJohnson@juno.com
by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

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