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The Carpenter Monument of Cranston, RI in Pawtuxet. Photos taken by Joseph Craddock, 2002.

HISTORICAL CEMETERY #: CR056 BENJAMIN CARPENTER LOT CRANSTON RI Location: 30 ft northwest of LYNDON RD at TEL pole # 15 3 burials with 3 inscriptions from 1766 to 1801 50 ft x 50 ft in good condition no enclosure; sign ??? NOTE: Benns #897 Between house #115 and #123. A single monument inscribed: "Erected in 1860 by Earl Carpenter youngest son of Nathaniel in memory of his oldest brother Daniel b. 4 Jul 1773, d. 25 Dec 1775, his grandfather Benjamin a descendant of William one of the first settlers of Rhode Island died 16 Dec 1766 age 73 years and his grandmother Prudence died 29 Jul 1801 aged 87 years." James Arnold visited this lot 12 Sep 1891 (Vol 1, Pg 254) On the old Carpenter homestead in open lot yard graded and curbed. On the monument in the center of the yard: "Erected in 1860 by Earl Carpenter youngest son of Earl Carpenter." This cemetery has been recorded and checked.

Carpenter Family

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