Quakers in Oak Lawn

From an article which appeared in the Corners and Characters of Rhode Island, in the Providence Evening Bulletin, Monday, February 16th, 1925.

George Fox, who found the Society of Friends, otherwise designated as Quakers, traditionally is believed to have preached in this Quaker Meeting House at Oak Lawn, which was built in its present form in 1730.

The old Quaker Meeting House in Oak Lawn
The old Quaker Meeting House, c. 1940. The Quaker Meeting House was the first church of any kind to be built in Cranston,. It was built by the Society of Friends in 1726 and used until 1866. Later on the Baptist built a new church on the land and the old Meeting House was moved to the rear of new church used for May breakfasts and social gatherings. The meeting house was torn down in the 1950's.

Oak Lawn Baptist Church, Wilbur Avenue, c. 1900. A Union Benevolent Society was formed about 1866 to provide financial aid for a church building fund. In 1876 the church was organized with eighteen members. H. S. Latham was the first pastor. This church was built in 1882.

Oak Lawn Library, c. 1900. Across the street from the Baptist Church, the library building served as a school until 1895. In 1913 the library owned 6,401 journals. The library extension truck was the bookmobile of its day. In 1922 it loaned 100 books to the farmers of Oak Lawn.

Old Quaker Meeting House and Baptist Church

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