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Hindi song lyrics -Itrans songbook- Rajiv Sridhar's Mirror - Navin Kabra's site - A.R. Rahman's song lyrics - ISB in Hindi
RMIM: rec.music.indian.misc newsgroup - RMIM FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for RMIM
Hindi audio -Teenstation - India stereo - Desimusic- Rare Old hindi Songs
Movies - Ottawa movies - Hindi movies in the city
RAMLI: rec.arts.movies.local.indian newsgroup.
Astrology - Susan Miller - Jagjit Uppal

Comics- Dilbert - Marmaduke - Archie - tintin - Asterix
Indian Currency Notes - new Rs.1000 note - Indian Currencies and notes
RBI Monetary Museum
Canadian Bills- Canadian money tracker - Numismatic network Canada - Canadian Paper Money Errors- Royal Canadian Mint - Millenium 25 set coins
Currency Museum of Bank of Canada and their Gallery

Currency Museum of Japan- Shuichi Yamashita's links
World Paper Money and Banknotes - Tracey Lee's site if you wanna buy
Banknote links

Japan Information Network
Rima's Resume

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