Rolf Rimbutt
Sorry to say, neither of the above guys is me: neither Rimmer nor Rimmee (wouldn't I wish!!!)
What can I say - I looooove to rim! I am HIV- and want my playmates to be the same. I'v turned 62 years old by now and have no idea how I got "here" - where did all the time go? I feel so much younger and I'm told, I don't really look my age either. I have become a bit complacent, though, about the shape I'm in (particularly around the 'middle') butt I'm working on it, or so my excuses go. My friends say that I'm quite easy-going and laid-back (quite literally, too, no doubt)and personally, I believe I have some sense of humour and definitely a dirty mind (very dirty). 
Besides having my tongue up some guy's clean butt, I love a nice glass of wine or a cool beer and relaxed conversations with my friends, good music of any kind, travel, and everything related to history and geography. I live in downtown Toronto, and would like to meet gay guys as friends in person, as sex-partners, or as co-correspondents via e-mail.
My main 'hobby' is sex, particularly oral sex, and my specialty is rimming a guy's butt (or more guy's butts, of course) preferably smooth or shaven, but always clean - very clean. (Not "squeaky" clean, nobody really wants a butt that sqeaks, do they??
Anyone who's interested in mutual play, please contact me. It'll be fun, I promise you! You can e-mail me at - age, race etc. of no importance, just be a nice person, comfortable to be with, and, last but certainly not least, fun in bed!!


There is not much to describe - my family is in Europe (Germany), my friends are scattered all over Canada, some in California, Florida or N.Carolina, as well as in the UK and other ASS-orted countries. 
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