Humanities 7
Week One: Latin American Studies
Component A:

The first site I went to was Encarta. I do not know all that much about Latin American Culture so I figured that this was a good place to start This site was a brief overview of the history of Latin America from Columbus to present day.It gives the geographical definition of Latin America as well as going into the British influence and even the Shining Path guerrilla movement in Peru.This is a great fact based sit.
The next web site I visited was latinamericalinks.This was a wonderful site if you want to go country by country. It has links to generalized information as well. You can can lookup the economy, education, government, humanities, libraries, social issues geography, culture and much more. You can choose to view this information for specific countries or Latin America in general.The only problem that I      had was that there was no specific information on El Salvador or Nicaragua
The third web site I visited was lanic.This site has some really good information.As a Criminal Justice major, I found the article about prisons in Latin America fascinating.What you have heard on the tv about these prisons seems to be true. In 1997 there were 200 riots in the Sao Paulo prisons alone. Thousands of inmates went on a hunger strike to protest the s lowness of the judicial system and the favoritism that happens with the parole board. Some went so far as to sew their mouth shut.I recommend you check out this article.

Component B:

   The family is an institution that cuts across every nation and culture.
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