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This is a personal website that deals with subject matter pertaining to Satanism and therefore may contain information that some individuals may find offensive to their established belief system.

The purpose of this site is to educate and inform friends, family and associates of mine to whom I have made myself known as a Satanist on what Satanism is and its' core belief system in a very basic format. The best sources for information on Satanism is The Satanic Bible by Anton S. LaVey and The Church of Satan website. However, for some individuals there is a certain hesitancy to buy or borrow a Satanic Bible or even visit an official Satanic Website . So for all those people who want to know more but are hesitant to venture into unknown waters; I have created this website.

This website and the opinions expressed in it are my own and in no way represent the views or official position of the Church of Satan , nor is this website intended to recruit or convert anyone from a belief system that they are comfortable with.


I offer you no dark, diabolical imagery of devils or demons because your own mind is much more capable of offering such images with the ability to scare the hell into you! - IRI

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