.:Welcome:. Hello this is the newest version with the new layout ! And I'm come back!!! This is the Angel Wings V.2 (oh yes!). I hope you enjoy!!!!!

This site is about Rinoa Heartilly a character of Final Fantasy VIII,a famous game series.Final Fantasy and Rinoa is belongs to SquareSoft. If you have any comment for my site please leave your message in my G.Book or send me an e-mail!

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>3 January 2003 Add more fanart & Wallpaper in Media page!

>7 December 2002
Start build V.2 of Angel Wings!

>18 October 2002 New Gallery ! In M.e.d.i.a page!!!

>15 October 2002 I have add link to FF8Database.This is a great site check it now!!!!!

> 3 October 2002 I have add stat , triple triad and limit break
at R.i.n.o.a page let go see it!!!!

>from Rinoa Room I've try to add something new like new content,
better layout and I did it!!!!!!

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