Texas Medical Rangers at Work

Hurricane Katrina Shelter

Medical Care at Hurricane Shelters


Rio Grande Valley Free Clinics in the Summer

"Texans Helping Texans"

Texas Needs You:
  • Texas Medical Rangers serve only inside the State of Texas.
  • Officially we are the Medical Reserve Brigade of the Texas State Guard.
  • We are actively seeking physicians, nurses, veterinarians, mental health specialists, paramedics, EMT's and non-medical support personnel.. 
  • Unlike the National Guard, we only serve inside Texas.
  • Prior military service not required.  Desire to help Texans is required.
Join usYour few hours in training time each month will help Texans.
Our Application Page is here

For More Info in Brownsville contact:
  • LTC Eloisa Tamez, RN at 956-245-7119 or write eloisa.tamez@utb.edu
Links: FAQs
  • Wear the Texas military uniform [looks like U-S but with Texas insignia]
  • Train at one meeting per month plus three or more optional summer days
  • You decide which missions to respond to [on state goverment orders]
  • Honorarium and expenses paid on State Active Duty – drills are unpaid
  • Have sovereign immunity from lawsuit providing medical care on State Active Duty
  • Workman’s compensation coverage provided while on duty
  • Work for the Governor [rather than the President]
  • Some are military veteran members -  many are not
  • Can resign at any time
  • Make new friends while serving Texans
  • Serve your community as part of a military team
  • Prior service personnel may wear the uniform of their prior service - replacing US insignia with Texas Military Forces insignia