Riot in Paradise
Power and Culture at the World Trade Organization Protests, Cancun
Elizabeth Venable

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Riot in Paradise

Christian Guerrero
Tabitha Dodson
Sue Hilderbrand
Luis Fernandez
Heather Ajani
Tana Chy Bruhns
Keith McHenry
Sonya Diehn
Brice Smith
Riot in Paradise is an oral history project documenting the protests of the World Trade Organization in Cancun in September, 2003. The purpose was to look at the ways that Americans of many backgrounds, as well as political, cultural, and ethnic identities, looked at the protests. The purpose was also to describe the meshing of the many backgrounds and cultures that happened in the event itself, as well as the power dynamics, and to analytically document what happened there. All but one of the persons interviewed live or have lived in Arizona and have been mildly to intensely politically involved there. The participants range in ideology from anarchist, to pagan, to anti-capitalist, to just being concerned citizens. The project was composed for presentation at the annual conference of the International Oral History Association in Rome, 2004.

The paper was composed in January of 2004.

All Photographs Courtesy of Tana Chy Bruhns, taken in Cancun, 2003.

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