I guess someone will want to know a bit about me
I am 39, and intend to stay that way for a couple of years
I am 5'11", add 6" if you see me in stilletos and another 8" for the hair
Weight is 70kgs, yep slim, but no muscle mary, almost toned
Hair is short, sometimes no. 2 crop, sometimes blonde, sometimes just boring
I have my left nipple pierced and a pa, if you don't know what a pa is, email me and ask. Love to have some more but facial ones are out coz of work.
My partner is a wonderful guy who is my best friend as well as lover and he is the most important person in the world to me. I hope we make it to rocking chairs together.
I live with my partner in a Victorian weatherboard house in the seaside, inner Melbourne suburb, St Kilda. We have been here about 5 years and don't intend leaving.
I work full time, shift work, but the benefit is extra holidays. We are not poor, but sure not rich. Just enough to indulge ourselves a bit.
We have had two cats, long gone now, a West Highland White Terrier, who died last year at 10.
But our fave was a black bitzer mongrel, who we had from a pup and died in Feb, this year, 99, at nearly 16. Boy were we upset. Sob, sob.