I hope they will allow me to put their pictures here, but I have not asked them as yet.
Max and Ray and their friends in Thailand, Nok and Dio. We have know these guys for sooooo long and by not testing the friendship too hard we shall remain so for a long time yet. There are not too many people you can travel with but we have with them.
David and Ranjan who live nearby and are very hospitable guys. David used to be a policeman in Northern Territory as well as elected to the inaugural NT Parliament. Ranjan is originally from Fiji and now is an Australian citizen and works at a City law firm. Watch out for David's auto biography coming out later this year.
Carlos, one hot guy and there would hardly be a person in Melbourne who has been to the Peel, Exchange, 3 Faces who would not know of Carlos. Put in a great performance on stage at Mardi Gras this year.
Arthur with whom I used to work. He now lives in a small country town called Derrinallum......bit of a change for a guy who is used to inner London, Amsterdam and Melbourne. If you patronized the Laird Hotel 10 to 15 years ago you may well remember him.
Jarren who used to live in Melbourne and now lives in Sydney. I hold him almost entirely for turning me onto rice. He is the one of the smartest and instinctive guys I know, which belies his young age. He has been a great help to me with the computer stuff. Very cute too.
Who could forget one's workmates. They are from all over the world and have been a wonderful cultural education. They are mostly str8 (ish) but then I am not hetrophobic.
Of course we do know some girls too.....Kris, Virginia, Vikki, Trudy.....all hot chickie babes.