Scripta Planorum

Ripped-off from several Authoritative Sources


  1. Geography of the Planes

    1. Sigil
      1. All about Sigil,the city at the Heart of the multiverse
      2. Wererat Ward
      3. The Mazeworks
      4. Streets of Sigil
      5. Districts and barrios of the Cage


    2. The Outlands
      1. Automata
      2. Bedlam
      3. Glorium
      4. Xaos
      5. Tradegate
      6. Hopeless
      7. Ribcage
      8. Rigus
      9. Fortitude
      10. Excelsior
      11. Ecstasy
      12. Faunel
      13. Sylvania
      14. Plague-Mort
      15. New Shrak'tLor
      16. Mischief
      17. Not a Town But a Bun (Liarville)
      18. New Ortho, Where the Harmonium has been less than successful
      19. Toward Geometry, Where the Attempt to become Modron Has Yet To Reach A Conclusion
      20. Lhaos, Where Law and Chaos Meet
      21. Torch, Home of Thieves and things from the swamp


    3. The Great Ring
      1. A grand tour of the Outer Planes
      2. Arcadia, the Garden Plane
      3. The Windsept Depths of Pandemonium
      4. The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
      5. The Infernal Battlefield of Acheron
      6. Baator, the Pit of Darkness
      7. The Bleak Eternity of Gehenna
      8. The Gray Waste of Hades
      9. The Tarterian Depths of Carceri
      10. The Infinite Hatred of the Abyss
      11. The Windsept Depths of Pandemonium
      12. The Ever-changing Limbo of Chaos
      13. The Heroic Domains of Ysgard
      14. The Olympian Glades of Arborea
      15. The archetypal Wilderness of the Beastlands
      16. The Blessed Fields of Elysium
      17. The Twin Paradises of Eutopia
      18. Celestia, Mountain of Light
      1.The Celestial Time Police


    4. The Inner Planes
      1. The Plane of Vacuum
      2. The Plane of Negative Energy
      3. The Plane of Salt
      4. The Plane of Ash
      5. The Plane of Dust
      6. The Yang Planes
      7. The Elemental Plane of Earth

    1. Transitive Planes
      1. The Ethereal Plane
      2. Deep Ethereal
      3. Infinite Ethereal Demiplanes
      4. Shadow
      5. The Astral Void
      6. Nature and secrets of the Far Realm


  3. Denizens of the Planes
    1. The Yugoloths
    2. Guardinals
    3. Bariniths
    4. devilkind
    5. rakshasas
    6. salamanders
    7. The oni and ogre magi
    8. All about Eladrins
    9. Strange Choirs
      A History of the Eladrins

    10. slaadi
    11. Seasons of the Slaadi Spawning Stone

    12. Archons
    13. Githyanki
    14. Githzerai
    15. Demonium
    16. Kalmari
    17. Devourers
    18. Phirblas
    19. Dabus
    20. Rilmani
    21. mercane
    22. The Windsept Depths of Pandemonium
    23. Plane-touched
    24. Tso
    25. Formians
    26. Ethergaunts
    27. Nathri
    28. Words
    29. Notions
    30. Gnolls
    31. Ghouls
    32. Wights
    33. Rats
    34. Khaasta
    35. Bariaurs
    36. Orcs
    37. Bladelings
    38. Others


  4. Powers of the Planes
    1. The Lady of Pain
    2. The Gods of the Oerth
    3. The Gods of the Dwarves
    4. The Nature of the Powers
    5. Gods and Cosmologies adapted to the PS setting


  5. Language and Etiquette of the Planes
    1. Languages of the Planes


  6. Philosophers with Clubs
    1. The Mind's Eye: Signers and Godsmen
    2. The Book of the Harmonium
    3. The Faith of the Doomguard
    4. The Dustmen Evangelists
    5. The Amazing Rowan Darkwood Saga
    6. Factol Hashkar
    7. Factol Karan
    8. The Planar Trade Consortium
    9. New sects

  7. Other Dimensions
    1. Everway
    2. Unknown Armies
    3. Gaiman
    4. DiTerlizzi
    5. Realms of Evil
    6. Realms of Evil Planescape Forum

    7. Bone-Box Rattler

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