Welcome to Port Moseby the Home Planet of the RIPx. We are a band of Mercenary that evolves around 2 main game type. BattleZone (BZ) was our first discovery of the world of warfare then we chose Mechwarrior Registry (MR), wich is more a universe than just warfare. Here you will find all you need for your registration, trainning exercise facility and teaching school, the news feed from our main office, the Roster of our unit and many more options. You will also be able to post your registration form and your callsign to join our unit.

I am Brigadier General Parkensis, and i will escort you in Gambit's web site. You will find at the bottom left of this page a button (Help me!) that will provide you with all the information you need. I hope you will enjoy your playing experience and Gambit, myself and the rest of the unit is looking foward to meet you in the battlefield, hopefully as a fellow RIPx, else we will... kill you! Unless you are a costumer of our unit and wish to contract us for employment of course.

This is the Welcome page, here you will read about the RIPx playing experience. Go and explore this web site you should find some helpfull information for both the RIPx members and the recruits who has just joined our unit. For those your care at what appends to our home world click on the Planetary system Radar or the sectors Radar to see if we are unders attack. You can also see if we are attacking a new world or old ennemies in the computer room.

For a period of about ten days (you can see the time left go by in the commander's room) you will be able to go true the site with a temporary login and PWD.
Login : "guest" pwd : "gents"

Thy honor shall be thy life, thy life shall then be remembered.

Bribgadier General Parkensis
Commander of Dragon, Mike and Foxtrot Company