Date: May/1999
From: Mandolin Brothers
Martin 2-20 (1937)

Martin 2-20 (1937)
Martin 2-20 (1937)
Martin 2-20
13-8488 C F Martin 1937 Model 2-20 mandolin, l6336, sunburst, vg+, OH. This is similar to the mandolin pictured on page l96 of the book Martin Guitars, A History by Longworth. It has the two body points and two f-holes, a deep sunburst finish, engraved scalloped tailpiece cover and is missing its pickguard. This one has a tear in the tailpiece bottom, which we will braise or replace. Nonetheless it remains one of the most majestic concert quality mandolins that Martin ever made, and they made few: only 106 total from l936 (first year) to l942. It reminds one of the Lyon & Healy Style A Professional or a two-point D'Angelico. **$ 3087
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