Rishi Baba

April 29, 2009: Well, Geocities is closing sometime this year, so the whole Karmen Ghia shootin' match is over at the original Tripod home. Long live Tripod! I hope. Karmen. PS. This really IS the last update here. Hochofedra. Live long and prosper.

Rishi Baba
By Karmen Ghia

A Garak/Bashir tale told in hypertext

'Remember, as much in exaltation as in suffering, that every interaction in this myriad existence is with god. Even in dreams and fantasy, creates a new reality with god. Therefore, we are responsible for all karma we incur everywhere and in everything. So do not ask, where have I sinned, where have I been virtuous; we cannot know or understand the unknowable mind of god, leave that to god and surrender to god.'
Rishi Baba, page 51.

Many thanks to Jane Skazi, Anita Kite and JA Chapman for the beta reads.

And a very respectful salaam to raku and hir Learning Curve for the hypertext narrative inspiration. I am merely following raku's exquisite footsteps in my own horrible sneakers.

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Karmen Ghia

This story contains m/m sex. If you are offended by this or under age, please move on.

Note on this story's format: In an effort to mirror the idea that reality is continuously branching off into infinite possibilities and progressing from there, this story branches off into different narratives at the end of each section. There are several narrative variations. It is up to the reader how many variations to explore. KG

Copyright 2000 by Karmen Ghia. This original work of amateur fiction based on Star Trek makes transformative use of Star Trek for noncommercial purposes. This work makes "fair use" of Star Trek copyrighted material; intended not to infringe on the intellectual property rights of Paramount, Viacom or other owners of Star Trek copyright or their assignees or licensees. Author's copyright extends only to the original material in this work.

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