How It Works

Its pretty Simple. Give gently used children's clothing in exchange for gently
used clothing in return. As a reminder, We do not charge for items and we
do not pay for items. This is a Free hand-me-down service. All that we
require, is that you be willing to meet with us for pick up and drop off,
and exchange gently used clothing in return.

*In need of clothing*
Please visit our clothing section to see what is available. Then go to our request page and
enter your information. Please let us know which clothing bundle you would like by
giving us the number located underneath each bundle, and we will work with you to
get that ASAP. We have a limit of 1 regular bundle and 2 special items per month. All
bundles are first come basis. So if you do not get one you were asking about
please continue to check back. We do ask that you try to donate gently used clothing in
exchange for the bundle you request so we can continue to have clothing on hand and
available. We also know that sometimes it isnt possible, so please
let us know if you are unable to donate. Once someone has requested a bundle we will
remove it from the site, and check back for updates.

If you are wanting to simply donate clothing and you do not find anything availble for you
at this time, we would greatly appreciate it. We rely only on donations of gently used clothing.
Please contact me at if you would like to donate any clothing.

*Special Items*
We offer special items are are not bundled into our clothing sections. Those
items include Pajamas, Shoes, Blankets, Strollers, Jackets, and even Costumes.
Any Children items you may have that are not clothing. You are limited to 2
items from our Special Items section per month. We would like for you to consider
donating your Special Items as well when submitting your requests for Items.

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