Lifestyle in Algeria
There are a lot of similarities in the every day lifestyles of Algerians and the people of the United States. However, there are also some differences. The people in Algeria listen to a lot of music that is unfamiliar to us. Some of the music is live and sometimes people listen to the radio or own a stereo. The music is different, because of the instruments and rhythms. Some commmonly played instruments are drums and flutes. Algerian people also watch television. Think about being in the desert and watching television. Wouldn't that be awesome? Algerian people also enjoy poetry and reading for entertainment. The culture puts a very high value on hard work. Their family values are very old fashioned. The mothers stay home and take care of the family. The fathers help by working and providing food. So do you understand why living there would be different? You should try it sometime.
The food that people prepare in Algeria is different from the food we eat in the United States. They  cook it differently, using spices and seasonings that Americans don't use very often. However, some foods are the same, like grain, corn, and fruit. Some Algerians cannot afford groceries so their diet is limited, or they have to grow or hunt their food themselves. Meat is one thing people in Algeria eat, and sometimes the people hunt for it. The meat they might hunt for could be deer, bird, or other big animals like buffalo. Imagine having to hunt for our meals in America! We really are lucky to have so many good things to eat.   
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This is a picture of some Algerian people walking by a big building or temple

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This is a desert where a little town is located near big dunes and mountains
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