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Modern Ghosts, Postmodern Shells (2002)

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An American Perspective on Contemporary Japanese Animation

Its Historical Development, Arrival, and Influences in the United States


This web site provides researched information about the historical development of Japanese animation from two perspectives: The emergence of animation as a mass-medium in Japan, from ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints), to manga (Japanese comics), to anime; and the incorporation and subsequent development in anime of elements and themes present in Japanese culture that establish these films as unique from other types of animation.

It also addresses the arrival of anime in the United States: Reasons for its popularity in America, the content and distribution of anime in the United States, and ways in which the increase in popularity of Japanese animation has begun an unstoppable positive cultural exchange.

Notes & Updates (14 October 2007)

This is the final edition of Japanimania Americana. This site will not be updated beyond the 1998 texts that exist here, neither will the site layout be updated. Click here to read a letter from the author on this topic.

The essay "Modern Ghosts, Postmodern Shells: Ghost in the Shell and the Death of the Human Subject" has been moved BACK to Japanimania Americana.

Click this link to read the essay in its entirety online.

I was surprised to learn this is also part of the "Wayback Internet Archive" and Wikipedia. Interesting, and I'm glad folks are getting some mileage out of it.

"Manga: Evolution" has been added to the repository. You can read the full text of this article on the RightStuf site.

The OLD address for this site, if you haven't already noticed, is no longer operational. Folks need to start trolling for dead links, cos this one's deader than a doornail: The Tokyo/Dojo address was part of the legacy Geocities system (prior to their absorption by Yahoo! ... wow that's super old news).

The NEW address is

I hope to move this information to a permanent domain in the near future, if only for the purpose of historical preservation. But somehow the Geocities machine keeps rolling on... for free... tee.

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