of the Ritz family from Drissa and Miory, Belarus
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Mira (Mary) Ritz   Israel Eidus
Born August 1, 1879   (aka Isidore Adus)
Miory, Belarus   Born August 19, 1905
  Died March 15, 1934   Dvinsk, Latvia
  Brooklyn, NY     Died November 9, 1970
  Married Dvinsk, Latvia   Brooklyn, NY
Abram RITZ     Zlate Eidus
born Drissa, Belarus   (aka Jenny Adus)
  Born circa April 1908
Riva KIRSCHNER Chiam EIDUS Dvinsk, Latvia
  (aka Hyman Adus) Died: unknown
  Born circa 1878
  Dvinsk, Latvia
  Died July 5, 1959
  Mongaup Valley, NY
  Dora Ritz   Roy Brodsky
    (wrote the song "Red Roses for a Blue Lady")
  May Ritz
  Born circa 1894
  Miory, Belarus
  Fannie Ritz   Owned Fox Lumber
    Brooklyn, NY
  Yankel Ritz
Born circa 1890
Miory, Belarus
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