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--The Norrbottenspets and my newest site are found at: Bramblewood. If my bandwidth runs out, I will still have the files here (but it takes longer for me to upload them)

--Treeing Walker finally posted. Norrbottenspets was also accepted but I'm currently putting color variations in.

Looking for a Bramblewood or Kitsufox file? Or a Zodiac sheep file? Well, look no further! We have those breed files here! If you are looking for Bramblewood files, click on 'my own' above. Clicking on 'hosted' takes you to files from other hexers that don't have them on the hexer's site. And then 'hosting' is some information about exactly how hosting a file works here. I hope you find what you are looking for. 8)

Quick Info: Site might go down if too many people download or just come check the site out in the same hour. That is what happens with free Geocities as a host. Please bare with me on that. Right now I'm stuck with just this site until I either buy my own web space (which I eventually hope to) or Daffer hosting me again, once that is up. ;)

Curlies -- LSAPC

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