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  Myst and Riven
are two great games from Cyan.  In these games you play as "The Stranger", and work your way through many puzzles and challenges.  Don't forget to stop and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and graphics in Riven, as well as some great technology
In this site you'll find:

Characters - A list of characters
and what you need to do for them
in the game.  Also some cool
pictures and interesting facts on all
Riven creatures from the Sunners
to the Wahrk.

Help - Some easy to understand
clues and hints to help you through some of the tougher puzzels. NO SPOILERS!!.  Also you can ask me if you have any questions about other parts of the game such as the Tank/Submarine controls.

Easter Eggs - The official riddles given out by Cyan to help you find the keys to activate the Easter Eggs, as well as a few clues and interpretations if you want them.