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Elsa I. Rodriguez Viera

If you are Camille Medina, or Camille Marie Medina, or Camille M. Medina, daughter of Rosa Torres (deceased), from Puerto Rico, Ambar and I are looking for you. Please write!

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 Welcome to Ambar's Christian Crochet Page


Should you wish to access my free patterns, go here:

River Glorious' Multiply Blog

or here:

River Glorious' World (at blogspot)

I will be adding all of my patterns slowly, but surely.

About the crochet patterns, I have a few for beginners, and if you care to see them, go right ahead.  You DO need to know a few things, though.  First, the patterns are copyrighted.  Don't claim them as your own.  They are mine!  I'm not claiming the concept, just the instructions I've written out. THAT work is mine. If you're Anas_______, I forgive you for stealing my instructions, but please don't do it anymore. It's not right, and it's certainly not nice. 

Please don't try signing my guestbook just to get a free advertisement for your company.  I approve all submissions and I'll just keep on deleting your posts.  Give up already!

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