The Snow White - Rose Red
(And Other Fabulous Fables Challenge)

Winners will be submitted for the
Ultimate Guild Challenge at
the 2005 Nashville AQS Quilt Show
  1. Rules:
  2. Must have red and white (ANY shades of each) clearly visible on quilt.
  3. ANY technique or embellishment
  4. If you use a traditional pattern, you must use a block pertaining to a fairytale or fable title somewhre in the quilt.
    For example, Corn & Beans for Jack and the Beanstalk, Hen and Checks for Little Red Hen, etc.
  5. MUST have a four inch pocket for hanging and quilter's name and TITLE on a label on a lower corner of the quilt.
  6. Due April 11, 2005 guild meeting
  7. Must be a minimum of 36 inches and maximum of 90 inches length of any one side. These rules are very strict or they will not be accepted in the Nashville challenge.
  8. The eight winning quilts are eligible for a $5000 grand prize, a $1500 first place prize, $1000 second place prize, and a $750 Third place prize
  9. Please put your best sewing and creativity into this quilt. All quilts in challenge will also be on display at our show in 2006.

Note: The Quilt Show 2006 Red and White Theme category has more restrictive color rules. For the quilt show, the rules are only true reds or reds on red (think Christmas red), and ideally pure white, white on white or maybe cream. No tans or brownish colors.The Snow White - Rose Red Challenge will hang separately at the 2006 show from the Theme category.

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