Operation Homefront
A joint effort of the Sewing Basket and Bernina
Organized by Becki Sanders
Next meeting: August 23, 2004
10:00 to 12:00 at the Sewing Basket

Thereafter, will meet on the fourth Mondays (September 27, October 25,...)
Come prepared to sew.
If you cannot come, you can participate in various ways. Donate fabric in patriotic colors and themes, use some of the donated fabric to make blocks or even a top. Patterns will be made available soon for your convenience, or use one of your own in a patriotic theme.
Operation Homefront homepage--has pictures of quilts that have already been sent. You don't need to send your contributions away. Our local operation will take care of that.

(Please, no July 4th themes! rockets, firecrackers, fireworks, celebration-type, etc.)

Size: Either 40 by 60 inches, or 50 by 70 inches.
Pictures of the finished quilt, together with the maker(s) and the Bernina dealer (Judy, I suppose) need to be taken as part of the gift to the family of a fallen soldier.

The Sewing Basket has generously offered to provide the backing and batting for these quilts, and fill in with background fabrics as needed. One of her sponsor's sites has a picture of Jessica.

530 quilts have been made. As of August 1, 2004, 909 are sadly needed.

More details will be provided here soon. Email me if you want to be kept informed of updates.

Here's the one like I will make. It looks easy, and I have a flag panel already for the center.