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Print this page and fill in EVERY PART. Mail with your $15.00 dues to

River Heritage Quilt Guild
P.O. Box 1905
Cape Girardeau, MO 63702-1905

The following is a list of our committees. Please indicate which committee(s)you would be willing to serve on or be a chair. If you would like to continue as chair or serve on the same committee, please indicate by marking as asterisk (*) by your notation.
Your name:
Committee Chair Member
Audit (Review Guild's financial books) __________ ________
Community Projects (Work on quilt projects to be given away, i.e. 1st baby of the New Year, trauma quilts) __________ ________
Hospitality (Coordinates refreshments at meeting and Christmas Dinner) __________ ________
Library (Operating library, assist with checking out books __________ ________
Membership (Keep the roll, door prizes, signing up new members __________ ________
Newletter/Yearbook (Put out monthly newsletter. Compile yearbook. ) __________ ________
Pattern of the Month (Presents members with monthly block pattern(s) ) __________ ________
Special Events (Coordinate workshops, seminars and/or lectures) __________ ________
Special projects (Planning and construction of fund raiser quilt) __________ ________
This information will be used for the Yearbook. Please DO NOT tear off half a page. Mail the ENTIRE page, completed, with your dues.

River Heritage Quilters Guild - Membership Dues
One Year Dues - $15.00 Renewal_______ or New ________



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