Mini Quilt Makers

These women who donated a quilt for the mini quilt auction at the River Heritage Quilt Guild Show
October 1 and 2, 2004
These quilts were sold at a silent auction to raise over $1200 for breast cancer research and education. pink ribbon
Pictures will be available later

Alphabetical by first name
One anonymous quilter
Barb Reininger - bracelet
Becki Sanders
Betty Phillips
Bonnie Windisch
Caroline Tilghman
Carolyn Andrews (4 quilts)
Cheral Benthal
Clara Freise
Darla Snider
Darlene Jackson
Joan Meyer
Jocelyn Kasten (2 quilts)
Judy Robinson (2 quilts)
Karey Gay (1 quilt on own, worked on one with Marg Suedekum)
Linda Abernathy
Linda Tansil
Marcy Abernathy
Marg Suedekum (one quilt, and worked on one with Karen Gay)
Mary Belle Dohogne
Mary K. Reed (2 quilts)
Mary Lou McNair (2 quilts)
Mary Lou Rutherford (2 quilts)
Muriel LaMadrid (2 quilts)
Nancy East
Nancy Pleimann (2 quilts)
Nancy Ross
Phyllis Herbst
Terrie Olsen (2 quilts)
Thelma Stone (5 quilts)
Velda Keister (4 quilts)

THANK YOU for your generosity

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