1978  Chevrolet Corvette Silver Anniversary





Luci April 2001.




                         1-1-Chevrolet (GM Division)

                         2-Z-Corvette (Car line or series)   

                         3 & 4-87-Base Corvette 2 door Sport Coupe (Body Style)

                         5-4-(CMS) L82 350ci, 220hp, Automatic Transmission (Engine)

                         6-8-1978 (GM Model Year)

                         7-S-St. Louis (Assembly Plant/Location)

                         8 to13-42****-Production Sequence Number




TRIM-762-M/L (Mahogany Leather)

PAINT-13U07-Silver Anniversary (15,283 produced) *Currently Red

         The “Silver Anniversary” paint option consisted of two-tone silver, lighter silver upper surface and darker silver lower surface, divided by silver striping. Sport mirrors and aluminum wheels were required. 




Production: 40,274 coupe

                      6,502 coupe (pace car)

                    46,776 Total Production


Vehicle: 1z87L8s400001 to 1z87L8s440274

               1z87L8s900001 to 1z87L8s906502 (pace car)

                *5th digit varies: L-350ci, 175hp, 185hp

                                            4-350ci, 220hp


Suffix: CMS- L82 350ci, 220hp, Automatic Transmission

Block: 3970010 all, 376450.460703 uncertain usage

Head:   462624 all

Carburetor: Rochester Q-Jet #17058228: 350ci, 220hp, Auto, A/C

Distributor: 1103291

Alternator: 1102908 350ci, A/C or Rear Defrost, late production


1978 Options




1YZ87              Base Corvette Sport Coupe   40,274       $9,351.89

A31                  Power Windows                       6,502            130.00

B2Z                  Silver Anniversary Paint          15,283            399.00

C49                 Rear Window Defogger          30,912              95.00

C60                 Air Conditioning                       37,638            605.00

D35                 Sport Mirrors                           38,405              40.00

FE7                 Gymkhana Suspension          12,590              41.00

K30                  Cruise Control                         31,608              99.00

L82                  350ci, 220hp engine                12,739            525.00

MX1                 Automatic Transmission         38,614                0.00

N37                  Tilt-Telescoping Steering        37,858            175.00

QBS                Wht Ltr SBR Tires                                                     

                             P255/60R15                       18,296            216.32

UA1                 Heavy Duty Battery                 28,243              18.00

UM2                 AM/FM with 8-Track                20,899            419.00

U75                  Power Antenna                       23,069              49.00

U81                  Dual Rear Speakers               12,340              49.00

YJ8                  Aluminum Wheels(4)              28,008            340.00

ZX2                  Convenience Group                37,222               84.00

   *ZX2 included dome light delay, headlight warning buzzer, underhood wipers, and right side visor mirror.


1978 Colors


13-07 Silver Anniversary-15,283-Silver Wheels-Mahogany Leather interior(Code 762)





My Handsome son Draven back in 1997 and Luci.



Luci’s Specs:

*Purchased Luci on October 13th, 1996.

*Currently has non original, Removable Glass Roof Panels from a 1979 Corvette o:p>

*Currently Red Exterior/Interior.

*Currently has Sony CDX-600dsp cd player, 2 10” MTX 1000W Thundercast subwoofers bridged feeding from a MTX RT4180 (400w+), Alpine 4x6 dash plates, 4x6 Kickpanel plates, and, 6x9 rear-feeding from 400w Profile Amp.

*15x10 Outlaw I Solid Aluminum (Feb 2, 2000) on 225/40/R15 BFGoodrich T/A’s (Oct 18, 2000). When car was purchased it had 15 x7 wire wheels on 255/60R15.


New or Rebuilt

*New front bearings and seals (Jan 26,1999)

*Rebuilt Carburetor , Rewire Starter wiring, new power steering pressure and return hoses (Sept 21, 1999)

*Replaced Steering Column with a donor one from a 1979.(Summer 1999)

*Engine Rebuilt at 64,094 Miles (Jan 4, 2000)

   -Mobil One 15w-50 Synthetic/Mobil One Synthetic Oil Filter (every 4000miles)

*New waterpump, new power steering valve, motor mounts, front brakes (Jan 4, 2000)

*Transmission rebuilt at 64,094 miles, Power Steering pump (Jan 27, 2000)

*Duralast Gold 8year Battery (Feb 19, 2000)

*New Master Cylinder (Aug 31, 2000)

*New Power Steering Cylinder (Sept 20, 2000)

*Bosch Platinum Spark Plugs and Double Silicone Wires 68,900 miles (Oct 10, 2000)

*Complete Front End Rebuild inc. shocks, bushing, etc. and Alignment (Nov 3,2000)

*New Radiator expansion tank ($20) (Nov 12, 2000)

*New rear calipers, rear brake service (Mar 8, 2001)

*New rear shocks (Mar 15, 2001)

*Air filter and Breather 10/10/00,4/16/01,10/16/01

*Air Conditioner Serviced and Recharged

*New Mufflers and Dual Chrome Tips


Luci April 16, 2001.




Me and My Beautiful Wife Heather out on the town in May 2001.




Original Exterior color scheme for Luci.


I used to own a 1964 Chevy Impala that I had almost completed prior to buying Luci. but when the opportunity came up to own the car of my dreams I couldnt pass it up especially at the price! The car had been sitting for a few years until I bought it. She was pretty rough. The interior was OK for the most part. Her engine was about to go as was the carb, suspension, etc.…I owned Luci for almost 2 years before I had any time (and money) to commit to her so she sat covered in the shade until January 1999. Which  I pretty much described above. And she still needs a few more items.


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Dec 2001

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