Ricardo Villalba Pedreros
Teacher of English
Hi ,
Here I am in front of the OWHEO Building. It belongs to the Dunedin College of Education in Dunedin New Zealand.
OWHEO is a Maori word and the WH letters sound /f/. It was a great experience to spend a couple of months in such a wonderful country.
Hi fellows,
The present page has been created to show you what an ordinary chilean teacher can do with effort and faith.
My "Pasantia" to New Zealand
During 1999, I got a scholarship from the Education Ministry. I went to the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.
It was an amazing experience where the main goal was to learn some new techniques and strategies to teach English as Foreign Language.
An outline of English Literature
My project in NZ
Did you know that every person has the right to speak any language?
Well, it is true and there are more that you can find out here in Language Rights.
You are the visitor number
An outline of English Literature
My project in NZ
Language Rights
My Fulbright Scholarship
I received a new Scholarship. Now sponsored by The Fulbright Comission. I will be teaching at Oak Park High School, Kansas City Missouri for the 2002-2003 school period.
Language Rights
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Here I am with Mr. John Krueger, Principal at Oak Park High School.
Temperature & Time in Iquique, Chile
My Fulbright Experience