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My White Shih Tzus

I love my White Shih Tzus!
They are so lovable and sweet!
Here are photos of my first litter.  

I had 4 beautiful white and gold female UKC registered puppies which have all left for their new loving homes.

I came to own my first white and gold Shih Tzu (Kritter) simply by fate and fell in love!  I spent the next three years searching before I finally found a white and gold female Shih Tzu companion for my beloved little boy.
I am not a professional breeder or a puppy mill.  I am an animal lover who adores my Shih Tzus so very much that I felt I had to share the love.   This is my little Angel's first litter ever.
If you are interested in a little white ball of love of your own, please email or IM me.
Email US!
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New Babies born 12/4/05!         Click here & See Below...
Fun Facts:
These puppies are some kind of spoiled!  We all live on a boat and they just go crazy at the words, "Wanta go for a boat ride?"!  My babies love playing on the sandbars and in the water.  Kritter is so cute on the sandbar.  He loves to dig at the edge of the water and sling sand like crazy!  We haven't figured out if he's looking for something or if he just likes the feel of the water and sand on his belly, but either way, it is a sight to behold!

For more recent pictures, click on a puppy!

More Puppy Pictures
Baby WildChild Angel








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Born December 4 & 5, 2005

1 Male & 1 Female

20 Hours old

  More Photos and info here!!!

More info to come soon!


I have enjoyed this experience of having babies 

and meeting new Shih Tzu lover friends so very much!

Thank you all for all the great letters and photos.  

I plan to post more of your photos very soon!

Here are a few photos of the first litter in their new homes...








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