Height: 5’9”  Weight: 217 pounds 
Birthdate: 05/25/69
Hometown: Detroit City, Michigan
Date of Pro Debut: 07/27/92
Location: Riverside,RI.  Opponent: Thrash 
Outcome: Wolverine wins with DDT
Major Titles Held:
New England Wrestling Alliance 
Heavyweight Champion
Triple Crown Champion
Continental Champion (2) / RI. Champion (2) (once managed by Captain Lou Albano
Tag Team Champion (3)
(With “Danger Boy” Alfredo (2) and Inferno (1)  4 Battle Royal Championships
Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance
Heavyweight Champion / Television Champion / Tag Team Champion
(With “Danger Boy” Alfredo)
Major Feuds: Mael and Lord Davios
Promotions Worked For: Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance, New England Wrestling Alliance, Global Championship Wrestling, NWA - New Jersey, NWA -  New England, Everett Wrestling Federation, Hardcore Wrestling Federation, Ultimate Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation.
Signature Finishing Maneuver: DDT
Tag Team Partner: “Danger Boy” Alfredo
Name of Manager: Captain Lou Albano
Injuries Incurred During The Year: None
Rankings in Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine:
400 (1998), 380 (1999) and 415 (2000)

Biography:  Wolverine is the current Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance Television Champion.  He is a fan favorite and one of the most popular wrestlers in the Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance as voted by the fans.   He is one of the best technical wrestlers around. 
     Wolverine was the first wrestler to hold three titles at the same time in two different promotions: Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance (Heavyweight Champion and 1/2  Tag Team Champion) and the New England Wrestling Alliance Continental Championship. 
     Wolverine is the leader and the originator of the “Wolf  Pack”, the name that he had since 1992.  He is a trainer and is self- trained.  He has been wrestling for over nine years and wrestled over 200 matches.  He has done run-ins for Tito Santana, Greg Valentine and The Warlord.  While wrestling on a NWA - New Jersey / W.W.F. show, he was attacked by Pete Gas from the Mean Street Posse.  He is a main eventer and has wrestled against W.W.F. stars Virgil, Jake Roberts and others.
Wolverine and Danger Boy Alfredo wrestle on the East Coast and some of their Greatest Moments are:
-  Seen on Pay-Per-View, Video and DVD with the W.W.F. Fanatic Series entitled "HARDCORE" 2000.
- Appeared on Raw Is War with the W.W.F. in a bar fight with the Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) at the Friendly Tap in Cumberland, RI.
- Three pictures of them appeared in the January and September 2000 issues of Raw Magazine with the W.W.F. from the bar fight scene.
-  Appear in the Collector’s Edition W.W.F. “No Mercy” trading card set on card #73.
-  Appeared on Sunday Night Heat with the W.W.F. with the bar fight scene.  Also featured in the Rob Zombie music video and the "Slam of the Week".
-  Their picture is on the "Walls Of Fame" at the Friendly Tap from the first bar scene with the Acolytes.   
- Appeared on Smackdown with the W.W.F. in another bar fight with the Acolytes and the New Age Outlaws at the Friendly Tap. 
- Appeared on Raw Is War again with the W.W.F. as extras at the Friendly Tap for a skit with the Acolytes and Kaientai.
-  Featured in many Rhode Island newspapers such as the Providence Journal, Cranston Herald, Cranston Monthly, Johnston Observer, North Providence North Star, Ocean State Family, Federal Hill Gazette, Sports Extra and many others. 
-  Featured in many wrestling magazines, publications, newspapers and newsletters worldwide such as the Pro Wrestling Torch, Between the Ropes, Wrestling Then and Now, Wrestling Tribune, Pro Wrestling Illustrated 1999 and 2000 Wrestling Almanac, World of Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Wrestler and Wrestling Superstars.  They have also appeared on many wrestling cable shows on the East Coast.
-  Volunteer their time for the Rhode Island Special Olympics, Doris Day Animal Foundation and the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
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