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We're located halfway between Dallas and Houston at the intersection of State Highway 79 and I-45 in the little town of Buffalo, Texas.

We are in the process of improving our little herd by buying additional registered Nubian goats.  Though we will retain our original unregistered goats, we will begin to "phase out" unregistered goat.

Nubians are a dairy breed that originate from an area in Africa near/in Egypt called Nubia; thus, the name Nubian. 

We go to great lengths to feed our goats grain that contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (or GMO's).

For more on GMO's, click this link.
Goats for Sale
Our cat, Gina, playing "Hide-and-Sleep"
Sarah-Danielle Axtell's cat, Gina, 2001.
(Banot's Goats)
Yaffè and Chaveev (aka Airplane Baby)
Sarah-Danielle holding Chaveev
Ready for take-off!
Who needs a puppy?!
Raphaela and Gabriela Axtell
P.O. Box 709
Buffalo, TX 75831
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Home: 903-322-5856; Office: 903-322-5569
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