The Brandts
Julie is working at C.D.S. and I am still working at Romech both in Red Oak. Little one is doing fine, really enjoys third grade.
As of July 26, 2002 I have a degree in the Appied science of Electro-Mechanical Technology.

  Little Rob was diagnosed with Juvinile Diabetes on Dec. 31 2003. He is currently doing his own blood tests but has a little trouble with doing his own shots as yet. We are still in what they call the honeymoon stage so his levels seem to soar then hit bottom at random. He is still no fan of shots but is doing much better than I would be if in his shoes.
We are all doing just fine with a few small bumps in the road. I guess those bumps are what keep us tough & vertical so we can't complain when their just little ones.

I am currently open to the notion of changing vocations. To check out my resume
click here.
Julie, & little Robby
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