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This is the personal webpage of Roberto J. Dohnert, for those of you That dont have a clue that is me. I started this page to show the things that I like in life duly pointing out there is more in life than computers.  I do have a page for computer related topics for those that are interested but that is not the focus of this site

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There are several ways to contact me, the most notable is my e-mail address:

Main E-Mail address

If you want to blame me for the state of the world or you think my site sucks and you just gotta vent contact me here

If you really hate me, I mean you cannot stand me.  I get on your nerves so bad you want to make a voodoo doll of me and beat the hell out of it and burn it to oblivion.  If you think the best place for me to stand is in front of the working end of an MP5 submachine gun and if you wanna stab me 150 times in the groin with a butter knife the best place for you to go is here


April 1, 2006 -- Added new blog Links to both the Tech blog and my own personal blog and updated the e-mail link

Sept 3, 2005 -- Once again I did a

site redesign.  

Apr 13, 2004 --

Updated the appearance of the website will be changing other parts soon.


For listening and downloading music I recommend Apple iTunes.  It is a free download and very comparable if not superior to MusicMatch         





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