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Picture of the Moment!Welcome to my feeble attempt at a website.Over the last few years I've been trying to put together something that reflects who I am & what my interests are.

I was a Journalism Major in college, so I have displayed some of my favorite stories and articles I wrote for my classes at Penn State.

I also write a log at times on my thoughts and feelings that I call the Weekly Brainscan, although the weekly part isn't always true. Now check out my new LiveJournal link which will eventually replace the Weekly Brainscan.

Down below you will find the links to all my pages, including links to some of my friends pages and other sites on the net that I find interesting.

The picture on the right is a picture that I will change every once in a while. It is called the Picture of the Moment. Usually it's just a picture I find to be interesting or funny. Enjoy the site!

Email me with comments or suggestions at

CD of the Week!

Toadies - No Deliverance; Gza - Pro Tools; Jewel - Perfectly Clear

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He-Man Season 2 Part 1

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Guitar Hero III


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Books I'm Currently Reading
Tick Tock- Dean Koontz; Firestarter- Stephen King

Coming Soon:
My Personal Inventories on my Video Collection and the rest of my Comic Collection

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