Japanese ladies-in-waiting play in the snow

Genji Monogatari by Mitsuoki Tosa (1617-1691)

Richaado no HOME-en

Welcome to the working homepage of Richard Murdey, sometimes known as Magellan, or Sid Wombat.

Build Audio:

My main site, for building audio equipment.

RJM Audio Cable

Miso Ramen Recipe:

How to make ramen noodle soup.

The Eriugena Papers:

Medieval Speculation can be fun... here are some of my own thoughts on the subject:

Only the Dinner Table
The Theophany of Infinite Subjectivity
Are You Skilled in the Art of Arithmetic?

Pictures I took of the Arashiyama and Gion areas around Kyoto, and a nice one of Nara.

Cool Marsupials:

My favourite Australian nocturnal marsupial mammal, the common wombat, Phascolomys ursinus. You can read about the adventures of Sid, the Wonder Wombat (my #1 Space Hero) in the Quantum Mechanical epic, The Trouble with Trillium.

Richard Murdey
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