Jessica Fridrich's Last Layer Method for Solving the Rubik's Cube

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Step 1: Rotate pieces so the top color points upward
Step 2: Shift the pieces to their correct location
Description of Fixes: Orientation 1b should end with (L F L') not (L' F L'). Pages did not use full width and allocate proper room for columns, so it would not print or display as well as it could. Removed br's to allow proper formatting. Added permuation names. Changed some superscript 2's to regular 2 for half twist, to distinguish it better from single quote. Put a space between "f" and single quote so the quote can be seen. [Chris says he saw my changes and might update his site when he has the time.]

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How to perform finger tricks
Description of Fixes: Change table backgrounds from black to #acdbdc so black text can be seen. [Resolved by Bob Burton]

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