Welcome to my Home(page)!!!

My name is Rebecca J. Morse. I grew up on a farm in Plain City, Ohio. I fancy myself a Poet , Computer geek wanna-be, Craftsman, fledgling artist, and New Mom.

You can see Pictures of my babies at my husband's website, or look at their WishList on mine!

For a while, I kept a journal, but it was pretty darn boring, I gave up pretty quickly. Even my cat found it dull! My Wishlist Isn't much more interesting, but I promised my friends I'd post it.

I've travelled a bit in my time, to Europe, Argentina, China, and some of the good ol' USA. In my travels, I've learned the benefits of drinking Yerba Mate, made some wonderful friends, eaten a Scorpion, (Crunchy! It was deep fried and served on a little rice chip), and much, much, more!

I'm not going to find one of those cute little graphics that tells you "This page is under construction," because as soon as I do, I'll get bored with updating it, or have no time left, or make a million other excuses to not update my web page. I'll simply say that I'm learning HTML the old fashioned way, so forgive any mistakes or bugs, and for goodness' sake, let me know about them!

If you would like to know more about my "credentials,"take a look at my resume!

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