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Welcome to the Warcraft 2 Preservation Tournament Page.


Hey Folks! Kingmage (MCAmsterdam) won the 1v1 Smurf tournament, by beating _Dark_, Kanuks, and finally bAsh. There is a 2v2 tournament in the works, that will likely feature both Even Faster and Fastest, aswell as several good Team maps. This will be announced in a few days, both on Axo's Forum, and on the Tournament Site. Just to let you know, THIS SITE IS BEING MOVED. NO LONGER WILL ANY NEW INFORMATION OR CONTENT BE POSTED HERE. THE NEW SITE HAS MUCH BETTER BANDWIDTH, AND NO ADDS!!!! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE NEW IMPROVED SITE! THERE ARE REPLAYS AND A BATTLE REPORT FROM THE SMURF TOURNY, ASWELL AS SOME FUNNY SS'S TAKEN IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS.


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