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Update 5/26/05: Holy shit, this whole site needs to be torn apart, fed to wolves and rebuilt. Coming soon, not that I think one person has been here in the intervening 6 months.

Update 11/02/04: A few minor alterations and additions.

Update 10/27/04: Rewrote my page and added LoW archive. Moved old content from here to Steve's page..

Update 9/25/04: Added some more stuff to Steve's page.

Update 9/22/04: Added lots of content to Steve's page.

Update 9/19/04: People have now seen the site. This proves that it really exists. Up until now I wasn't sure if I wasn't just a brain floating in a jar somewhere imagining that I built a website...also I added some links to my own page.

Link of the Week: Bucketheadland

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Once there was a guy named Steve, and he asked a guy named Eric to make a website. This is that website. There isn't really anything much here right now, but there probably will be in good time. Not that you likely care.

If you don't know who Billy is, you don't belong here and should go away.

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