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This page is dedicated to those people who drive Ford's "other" performance car.

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If Ford had made the Probe GT to perform as well as it looked, they would never have sold another Mustang! That's why they put an anemic 164 HP V6 in it. I guess that amount of power isn't too bad for a six cylinder engine, but I think that something around 250 280 horses would better match the Probe's sporty looks.

How exactly do you go about getting more horsepower out of your Probe? I asked myself this question and after some research and some saving, I have started on the road to higher performance for the Probe GT.

News and Information

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For anyone interested, check out my Talon TSi AWD Performance Page.  It's not like this site, but I have a decent amount of information on it including my mods and time slips.  Being an I-4, I have delved into mods that I never would've considered doing on the 2.5L V6....namely porting the head. 

I will still try to update with new products and info that I come across.  Also, not that I have been timely with e-mail responses lately either, but from now on, I suggest that you check with the Lists for questions not answered on this site.  

Yes, the turbo was sold prior to trading in the car so don't ask! 

Have a look at my photo gallery section while you're here to see the last photos taken of my car.

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