This is a 1994 Probe GT that was in attendance at the 1996 IASCA World Finals. These photos were taken from the JL Audio website.

The owner of this fine Probe is no longer a mystery! Ron Schwartz of Sonic Solutions came across this page and decided to claim the credit for this car! According to Ron the car placed 6th in the 601+ watt class (he didn't mention if it was Pro, Amateur, Novice, etc.)

The equipment used to gain this prestigious award was a Kenwood KDC-PS 905 with 4V PGT Kickpanelpre-outs and a handy remote to control it. From there, signal went to a pair of Audiocontrol EQTs that were mounted in the backs of the front seats. An Audiocontrol 2XS crossover was used to divide the frequencies to the proper drivers. Power is derived from a trio of Soundstream Reference 500 amplifiers.

MB Quart 5.25 components sets were mounted in the kick panels in a very cool fashion, but the creme-de-la-creme has to be the JL Audio 10W8s mounted in the floor pans! Moving further towards rear of the car, a pair of MB Quart 6.5" midbass drivers are mounted in the rear in their own custom fiberglass enclosures.

PGT Hatch Bottom end is handled via a trio of 10W6 10" subwoofers mounted in a fiberglass enclosure that utilizes the spare tire well. This type of setup takes up the least amount of space and offers a stealth look when all components are covered. Notice the flush-mounted Soundstream amps, the Audio Control components in the back of the rear seats, and the toolkit in the corner of the hatch floor.

All of the components are all ergonomically and aesthetically laid out, the finishing job is immaculate, and I can only imagine that it sounds awesome! It is easy to see how this Probe made it to the World Finals. Congrats to Ron!

Ron did mention that this Probe is long since gone. Not to worry, however as he assured me that this one was replaced with another one! As of his e-mail, the new Probe was gutted and in the shop ready for the install. He noted that the car is highly chromed between the engine compartment and audio components and that he will be utilizing all Soundstream components this time (including 5 Reference Class A amps capable of over 1,000 watts @ 1 ohm!)

If this install is any indication of what is to come, Ron should do well in the up-coming year. Good luck!

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